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  1. New Member, Voice-Over Services Offered

    Here's a link to the Project Reality C12 Tournament trailer I voiced: www.dropbox.com/s/grzhkyrhdo6hsfj/Project_Reality_C12_Promo.mp4?dl=0 Great work by Paul_onesix and everyone who worked on this! I was honored to be tapped to voice this work.
  2. Sorry, this topic can be deleted. t turns out the Mongo DB backend for Discord was having trouble yesterday
  3. paul_onesix's Videos!

    Paul makes some good stuff! I did the voiceover for a tournament trailer (a different game) as well as "acted" (in-game body) in it as well. He makes good stuff!
  4. Does anyone know why phone validation on Discord is failing? I'm getting the 500 Return/Error Code (internal server error)
  5. Hey all! Rushowr here, not anyone you should know but you might like to know me. I'm a fan of Squad and I also happen to do voice-over/acting for videos. If you want some ADR work done for a video project, I don't charge for my services as I'm currently trying to build up my portfolio of recordings. Give me a yell through here, through Discord, etc.