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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Awesome, thank you! Now we just need our in-game camos and emblems.
  2. Release: Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

    How do founders acquire the soundtrack? Edit: Nevermind, jumped the gun.
  3. Fools Road.. Enough said.

    >Join Fools Road Game >Look At Screen
  4. Closed Alpha Version 3

  5. It's called Nvidia Turf Effects guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLVa0NOFdwM Also, Prone wasn't a problem in Project Reality, so it's hard to imagine it would be here..

  7. Weekend Preparations!

    Made sure I wouldn't be bothered by family, and locked myself in my room just to be sure.. Also, bought an unnecessarily abundant amount of Nutter Butters and IBC Root bear
  8. So basically, I just ended up spending about half an hour on your youtube channel... Laughing like crazy. Welcome to Squad, and have fun!
  9. Proud CS:GO Supreme, recently went low to Eagle. I've also been getting back into Operation Arrowhead!
  10. Hey guys, Slim joins the battle! I've picked up Commander tier, and posses a distinct obsession for strategy games. Not to mention Counter Strike is currently eating up much of my High School life I hope to see you all in the Closed Pre-Alpha, and meet many new people! I'm just a nobody, and hopefully I can meet more nobodies! Hit me up on Steam and let me know what you're from, and hopefully we can Squad Up!
  11. Shakenbake Checking In...Cheers!

    Shake!! I've been a LONG time lurker of your Youtube channel off an on, roughly since the Planet Explorer videos.. I come from a background that includes but is not limited to, Counter Strike, Battlefield (Mostly BC2 and BF3), Red Orchestra, And much more! I hope to see you in the Closed Pre-Alpha soon! Although I'm a fan of similar games, I'm significantly younger than you, and somewhat of a fan nonetheless. ~Senpai~ Have a good one, Slim
  12. M249

    Even though this is fairly old, I still love looking at it from time to time, and now I can share how awesome I think it looks.
  13. Those are some NICE renders. I really love the attention to detail of scratches on the Stock, an other wooden features!
  14. I think the changes are absolutely amazing! I still hope there are more wooded areas that provide as dense cover as the original version though, but I appreciate the clearings. Name: Splinter Plain