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  1. People who played v12 !?

    80-90 fps epic and game lags anyway. Not just for one player cause almost everybody agree at the same time in the same game. Saying people have potato this and potardo that.. stop the nonsens.. Almost a year ago it ran with 130+fps with lesser hardware.. Conklusion on my end.. Tryed dif ram speed. Squad dont like ramspeed to be tweaked with.. Since its not just on one person but several at the same game same time.. Tels me there is something waaaaay past just a potatogeeg who wants to brag and talk down to this threadstarter and others.. And look at other problems.. Nuzz
  2. Colorblind

    Its more the map markers, names ect. Since v12 it is realy hard to see some markers, and its realy confusing in many situations. If there could be an ekstra map feature, where tweaking the colors of the markers would be possible, then it will help alot in my case. Dont know how many colorblind squids there is, and if its even worth for devs to look in to. But it will be worth alot for me. For the gameplay and camo bushes ect. there is a feature in windows that can help a bit, and nvidia manual settings can be tweaked. But the markers and so. Nvidia have a program Freestyle, with a colorblind function, but sadly Squad is not supported. Maby that could be a solution..
  3. FPS: 70-120(G-sync on) After v12 it dips to 3-20 sometimes (anoyingly) MB: MSI x470 Gaming Pro CPU: r2700x - 4-4.35ghz Watercooled max 60 celcius GPU: 1080tioc max 70 celcius RAM: 16GB-3466mhz... Game crash if i go higher than 3200mhz (only game i have to lower hz) RES: 3440x1440 120hz G-Sync Settings: epic (small maps supersamp 1.5x and FOV 108) Fully load texture: ON
  4. Game constantly freezing

    r 2700x even tryed diff setups, coreparking ect.. 16gb 3200mhz ram, also tryed upp the ramspeed (ram is 3400mhz from fac) 1080ti oc 100/1000 broadband net I have the same issue.. After v12 patch its at a point where ######################################...... I know devs are doing a fantastic job, but this bommer needs attention.. soon... now.. sooner.. yesterday if possible;-p
  5. Colorblind

    Ello Squids..... As a colorblind "person" in this community, i have some disadvantages in many situations. The cammoflage is a motherf#####, and have to rely on my skills to se changes in the area, its actual a thing i have getting used to. Then there is the many "call outs" (enemy in the green house) ect... And the cap, the map markers ect.. ect... I know its alot to ask, but when it gets to colors, it could be nice, if there was some settings involved changing colors of the different markers in game.. It could be alot of help to many things, that you non colorblind never think about... see you when i kill you next game Muhahahahahahaha
  6. Random Squad crashes

    Same here.. The thing is, that the game crashes some days, even strait "vanilla" no background apps at all, cache deleted and everything... And then some other days it can run with everything tweaked.. There is no pattern what so ever, and its getting to a point, where you grow gray hair out off your nose omfg.... if someone can solve a problem that show no pattern of why the problem exist, they must be like IQ of asshooole mutch..
  7. So.... When are the devs looking at the crash report we send every god damn time the game crashes... -There is no pattern at all, for how and why the game crash.. -Tried everything I can possibly do, close all apps running in the background, clear usercache ect.. ect……………….. And I have a 1000/60 mbit internet, so it deff is not that part crashing it... Its f'ing annoying cause some days I can run with, colorblind filter, modified ultrawide on normal screen, gpu overclocking tools, the whoooole sjabang and then some. And the game game runs like a dream... its sad to wake up on your free weekend, and then use the whole f'ing day trying to play... Hope devs gonna fix this soooooooon Your crasy ass.... Nuzzi :-p
  8. game keeps crashing

    Try to tinckle a bit with your pagefile settings in Windows.
  9. Hey When you flip while driving, you should make a reset funktion, to flip it back on wheels again.. Wee aaaal wish that...
  10. Bug report

    Hello.. I foun a bug with the placable mg with the scope. When you get shot and get revived by medic. Then after you wake up, you still have the scope vision, even tho you are not in the gun anymore.. You can not respawn or du anything, other than restart the whole game.. Hope you can fix it.. Yours Zaa Nuzzi...
  11. Crashing out of Games

    Gtx 1070, ryzen 5 1600, 8gb 3000mhz ram, sd, and have the same issue after 11.1 plus the biggest lag spikes, even tho im running 50-60fps. If its not the spikes, then it just crashes the game, even in the times when the game is not lagging.