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  1. Colorblind

    The v13 has gotten so much more colorfull on vegetation and alot of other things. Dont know if it was made with the colorblind in mind, but there is so much more different nuances, and with Window 10 coloblind filter, nvidia color option, its become a whole new game for me. Its so beautiful that you probebly will see me running around, like someone who dropped some heavy acid, and got some serious color trip, looking for elves and smurfs under the bushes muhahaha. (actualy could be funny if for example have granateshock, you see some funny things) Like the funny toilet sound, ive been looking for other small devpranks without any luck.. ((please make more funny stuf)) Ok last note for now.. I def look forward to look a bit deeper in to the game, cause you guys did a real good job i must say. ps. Im thinking about buying Enchroma glasses. They say its a whole new colorful world..
  2. Medic bug: Played on test server, and we had a point where two guys got shot out of a vic. I was medic, and i tried revive but the patch stopped like it was cut of. We had it a few times in the former versions, perhaps you know what i am talking about. We tried to let a non medic revive, and it worked. Might be something related to the Med Kit... I might add, that wee could only see their guns on the road, usually you can revive by finding their guns, but not the medic this time.. Leaning: Another thing i found, was at some point i couldnt lean at all. I know in former versions, it tended to to it if you where close to an object, usually bushes. But this was not related to anything, that i could find. The problem got fixed, by getting in to a vic and out again.. Hope you can use the feedback...... My opinion for now: Running.. I cant stop smile when i run.. Its like playing a movie in fast forward. This should def be cut down a bit. Its like seeing small minions running arround, and make the game look like a cheap something game, that Squad def should not wind op to be. Waaaaaaaaaaay to fast, allmost like Insurgency or rising storm, or even speed hack in Roblox.. Please fix this:-) And last but not least: What ever you do, stay away from the yellow ones. DO NOT eat those suckers, they are a hazard to your health.. (insight joke disregard that last part muhahaha) From your one and only special maniac Zaa Nuzzi The 1st PS: We need more funny small hidden things in the game, like the guy inside the toilets, who has a serious party, with exploding diaria. PPS: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz;-p
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Very constructive i must say. Think if you say that socks suck too, the devs have all they need to make it sypæærr....
  4. Squad community is people who dont mind pay what it costs cause its a hoby not just a game....................
  5. only for Milfs and old 80+ people. and worms especialy raignworms and snails with ptsd..
  6. Afterburner causing crashes?

    happy it wasnt my tea then
  7. About Shadows and FPS

    try lower shadows and foliage and set distant shadows on and ad some contrast..
  8. Afterburner causing crashes?

    try evga samwise dit you pee in you morning tea.. afterburner=Gpu not cpu if i remember corectly, or dit i pee in mine;-p
  9. Veteran Skins

    Why not make it a csgo, fortnite ect.... so we drown in people bying crap.. serious guys dont ruin the game with this nonsens..
  10. razer cortex not optimizing SQUAD

    Cortex tend to make Squad crash, you are better of with no optimizing software atall.. runs just "fine" without (exept v12 cause "read the recap") just close all unnesseary crap people tend to run in background.. Or get nonpotato edition hardware from you local nearddealer haha;-p
  11. How Does Squad Do on Ryzen 5 2600X?

    i ran r 2600 for the better part of half a year, with 1070 and 4k with fine results, i now run 2700x and 1080ti 11gb, with 2 cores parked i run 80-100+fps. ryzen need the mt turned of to run best from my experiense. But keep r cool and the run best,, About the ram generel its a good cpu on high ram speeds, but squad hmmmm no further coment on that hahah. btw dont use the xmp profiles, they might work bot are not made for ryzen.. use ryzen ramcalculator if you absolute need to tingle with it..... Spoilerallert.... Might wanna tap into your nabors power supply cause its some hungry walteaters those suckers haha i will advise you to go 2600 over 2600x cause you can get more juice if you like to mess arround in bios.. know its an semiold threat but wake all night (usually spell alot worse) and you know me, i tend to do some off things from time to time so the jokes on me, hmmmm or was it on my body, behind the tree or just CAN WE GET A RALLY MEDIC;-p Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Seriously Zzzzz
  12. People who played v12 !?

    80-90 fps epic and game lags anyway. Not just for one player cause almost everybody agree at the same time in the same game. Saying people have potato this and potardo that.. stop the nonsens.. Almost a year ago it ran with 130+fps with lesser hardware.. Conklusion on my end.. Tryed dif ram speed. Squad dont like ramspeed to be tweaked with.. Since its not just on one person but several at the same game same time.. Tels me there is something waaaaay past just a potatogeeg who wants to brag and talk down to this threadstarter and others.. And look at other problems.. Nuzz
  13. Colorblind

    Its more the map markers, names ect. Since v12 it is realy hard to see some markers, and its realy confusing in many situations. If there could be an ekstra map feature, where tweaking the colors of the markers would be possible, then it will help alot in my case. Dont know how many colorblind squids there is, and if its even worth for devs to look in to. But it will be worth alot for me. For the gameplay and camo bushes ect. there is a feature in windows that can help a bit, and nvidia manual settings can be tweaked. But the markers and so. Nvidia have a program Freestyle, with a colorblind function, but sadly Squad is not supported. Maby that could be a solution..
  14. FPS: 70-120(G-sync on) After v12 it dips to 3-20 sometimes (anoyingly) MB: MSI x470 Gaming Pro CPU: r2700x - 4-4.35ghz Watercooled max 60 celcius GPU: 1080tioc max 70 celcius RAM: 16GB-3466mhz... Game crash if i go higher than 3200mhz (only game i have to lower hz) RES: 3440x1440 120hz G-Sync Settings: epic (small maps supersamp 1.5x and FOV 108) Fully load texture: ON
  15. Game constantly freezing

    r 2700x even tryed diff setups, coreparking ect.. 16gb 3200mhz ram, also tryed upp the ramspeed (ram is 3400mhz from fac) 1080ti oc 100/1000 broadband net I have the same issue.. After v12 patch its at a point where ######################################...... I know devs are doing a fantastic job, but this bommer needs attention.. soon... now.. sooner.. yesterday if possible;-p