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  1. Phantom Squadron | Learn and Play | [USA] [ENG] SERVER RULES AND GUIDELINES SERVER DISCORD https://discord.gg/82AnktH SERVER RULES AND GUIDELINES 1.No conversation or any other ill-willed form of communication shall be conveyed towards any other individual on the server or stated in any other way. 2.Squadleads should use a microphone to effectively communicate with their squad members and other squad leaders. 3.Do not camp main base if your team has advanced to that point. 4.Do not lock a squad unless it has a specific purpose Ex. Support mortars, Logitruck runner. If your squad is locked for another reason make sure too tell an admin before hand and have the reason apporved. Always apologize for TK, DO NOT RETALIATE for TKs. 5.Squad leads can remove players for any reason. 6.Any racism, sexism, advertising, spamming, griefing will result in a ban! 7.No locked 1 man squads unless approved by an admin. 8.Respect all Staff. 9.Keep Squad/player names reasonable. 10.Follow seeding rules until the server is populated. This includes only advancing the game to a mid point, no use of armored and weaponized vehicles other than for transportation purposes, Not digging or camping the enemy's FOB. *********ALL OF THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE VIA GAME SERVER ADMINISTRATION GUIDLINES AND ALSO SERVER ADMINISTRATION STAFF*********