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  1. Please (Read!) Helicopter use.

    Helicopters are like tanks right now. There isn't a lot you can do to take one out that is flying above your head apart from using an APC with enough gun elevation. If helicopters where less tankie people wouldn't dare to resupply a defensive FOB but right now it is a legitimate tactic.
  2. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    @Uelz No, they have to lead by example. The SL should just be as much in the fight as his Squad. The tracers are there to call out targets but that isn't really useful in Squad and for mg's, it is to lead in your own shots but that is just as useless if you are using a scope and firing at ground targets.
  3. Shooting from vehicles

    If it is coming to the game I would like to have it limited to your main gun and bandaging.
  4. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    I would like to see something as you have with the PPSH, where you have 2 different options for your magazines so you would have a tracer mag and your normal mags in different slots. If you need to point something out you can quickly reload to tracers.
  5. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    Put helicopters on a timer so it won't be used in the early game to rush the insurgents. After the start of the game, helicopters will not be any problem for the unconventional factions (with their ZSU's and techies).
  6. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    Well, this gets basically posted every week on Reddit and down here from time to time. The BMP-2M (which I think is confirmed) has an AGS-30 so I think this makes the MK.19 very possible.
  7. Climb the radio towers

    I can't wait to see all the marksmen of 1 team on the same tower 1km away from the objective.
  8. My ideas where to give one of the INS FOB's a steady supply of build and ammo (from the locals) (only one FOB's to stop people from spaming them on every point and come back with a fully supplied FOB when needed). Giving the Scout an SVD as an option since it is basically a marksman with mines at the moment. There should still be more SKS's then SVD's for the scout this can give the dev's the option to reduce the Marsmans to 1 or 2 per team. The specialist squad does all the non front line work while the others defend or attack so they don't need a marksman in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Deployable mine fields?

    You only need 1 mine in the middle of the road to be effective. If you place them all in one spot they will a get spotted or you get a kill and the other mines stay in place en everyone is going around the destroyed vehicle so nobody get killed by the other mines.
  10. [WIP] BMPT "Terminator-2" Tank Support Vehicle Mod

    Totally not OP "Anthem of the Soviet union playing in the back ground".
  11. Fuel, Food & Water

    you do not need food water or fuel every 30 min so this sounds very unneeded.
  12. The random vehicle names in game

    BTR when it has more then 4 weals Tank when it has tracks HUMMV when it has 4 weals.
  13. V12 Feedback

    I think the ability for everyone to revive is a great as I find myself being to only one in the squad that picked medic. if this happens I just stop reviving if it isn't vital for or squads survival until we get a second medic. I am sick with people that rather play ****ing scope less rifleman that are just medics that can't heal instead of actually playing a medic if you don't reviving a player after bandaging him there is just no point in doing so because players will just give up after some time has passed. I you get revived without getting healed you are useless until you find a medic to heal you in critical situations normal classes should revive and the medic needs to heal everyone that got revived it takes to long in some situations for a medic to heal everyone after a revive.
  14. I already made this post on Reddit but I will make a more complete version. I lately realized how powerful unopposed tanks can be and how important the first tank battle can be for the next 30min of the game. the only good counter against a tank is an other tanks.infantry hold anti-tank weapons don't deal a lot of enough damage to kill a tank they they can only be used to make them less effective by taking out components this gives tankers the ability to get very close with the enemy infantry. This allows them to take down FOB's this makes attacking very difficult if your team has the armor disadvantage. defence will also become a problem if the tanks get the possibility to clear out the objective if you build a good FOB this should not be a problem. ATGM's are the most effective at long ranges and but aren't really useful as a defensive tool since you need more than 1 shot to kill a tank you will probably get killed while reloading at close range. my main problem with this is that 3 people have a very big impact if the fun of the 40 other people on the enemy team. possible solutions are: ATGM vehicles: A lot of vehicles currently in game have variants that can carry ATGM's these vehicles would work like a mobile ATGM FOB and can be used by the tank squad. the Bradly can sort of do the job but at the same time it needs to transport and support infantry and it only has 2 missiles what is very limited. Buffing LAT and HAT: Make portable AT weapons more deadly at the side and rear of a tank they should not do a lot against the front. this will discourage tankers from getting to close to a FOB. make it easier to damage components and add more of them like tracks this will completely immobile the tank so if they get stuck inside the enemy FOB good luck repairing. Attack helicopters: I heard people saying that attack helicopters should fill this role but I think they may be to powerful they can be countered by AA but what is going to stop them from sniping from 3KM away with ATGM's at the same time they will have very good anti infantry capabilities. Lower tank respawn timer: not all the nerfs need to be against tanks, tanks counter tanks so if you can get the counter out quicker the enemy has less time to use its tank against infantry witch is my main problem with tanks at the moment they get used as anti-infantry when they have no vehicles to shoot at. buffing ATGM's: lowering the ammo cost for firing one but still not keep it high enough so it doesn't become a sniper rifle giving bigger FOB's a second TOW can be an option but only after it has spent an X amount of building points so it won't be an option to put to ATGM's on some mountain. I want to see tanks as an tool to kill other vehicles at short to medium ranges not to do WW1 like unsupported tank charges to disable enemy defenses so the cavalry can save the day. There biggest counters will be long range ATGM's and infantry hold AT weapons at close range and urban environments.