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  1. Customizeable Weapons

    Yeah i posted this before i read the other post about the same topic.
  2. Another feature you can add to the game is customization of not only weapons, but vehicles too. You can maybe use the same principal as to Insurgency uses, like the point system. Different attachments cost different amounts of points. You can add things like Suppressors, flashlights, lasers sights, holos, red dots, grips, launchers and all sorts of things you can think of. The way you can acumulate points is by capturing positions, taking out enemies, or healing one of your teammates. This would be amazing to see on the day it comes out.
  3. Adding different countries into he game will spread the experience. One of the countries that i am hoping for is Poland. Not am I Polish but the Polish forces and GROM are in the NATO working close with America in the world's hot spots. If adding the Polish/GROM in here are some things you can consider: - H&K MP7 - Daniel Defense M4 - Gear That the Polish use, Helmets, Patches, Uniform - Calling things out in Polish - Vehicles unique to the Polish force Well thats all i have to add. Hope this will bring you guys some new ideas