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  1. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Awesome work guys, really loving the animations as always!
  2. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Awesome stuff guys, loving the new weapons, map and animations + motion capture as always, no one better than master Chuc when it comes to animations! On your Fallujah concept, however, I would have liked it if you guys stuck more with the layout of the real city, ideally more so than Duckhunt did where you can too. I'm guessing you've made this fictional layout since you guys were having problems trying to work out exactly what part of the city the PR version was based on, if any, since it is pretty hard to find since Duckhunt didn't realise he had screwed up the orientation of the map until it was too late, since BF2 heightmaps are all inverted etc and by the time he realised, he had already placed down a bunch of statics and wasn't worth redoing everything just to fix that since no one would notice unless they tried to match it with the real city The map however is based on the NW corner of the city here: Now I've flipped the GE pic horizontally to be the same as the ingame, flipping it back to be correct and it is like this, although please note, North is till down: And here it is in relation to the entire city (north is still down) And here it is with North being up: And ye, I would possibly suggest something like this area, if your going with 2km by 2km map, afaik the train station was an area of intense fighting too but not sure on that: Hope that helps
  3. Devblog - Out and About

    Just need to do a photogrammetry of the entire city first, and then a Wasp class LHD
  4. Devblog - Out and About

    Awesome cheers, might give it a shot at some point in the future. Ye the lighting is a tricky one, seen examples where they re-create the environment with chrome balls included in every shot that reflect the env, but really you kinda want to drive the tank into a dark room and have artificial lighting from every angle I guess hehe. Will you be using these models for a High Poly bake or just as references?
  5. Devblog - Out and About

    Pretty awesome update, loved the photogrammetry part. BTW how do you track the location and direction of the camera while taking each shot, or does the software work that bit out while stitching together all the images? One small thing thou, Eggman isn't the founder of PR, Requiem is, Eggman joined PR at v0.2 iirc. Would however call him the founder of the modern PR gameplay with things such as deployable, logistics system etc largely coming from him http://www.realitymod.com/history http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/53559-history-project-reality.html
  6. Map Ideas.

    OMG not Muttrah, worst map ever... Just so boring with always the same thing every time you play it and who ever made it should be hung from the clock tower! Oh sh*t, wait!.... On a serious note however, as I posted here awhile back: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1515-remake/page-2#entry30390 Although that was posted when Squad was still in the crowd funding stages and the game has come way since then but all of it still applies, but maybe in time it could be looked into :)
  7. PR Player from v0.2, PR Developer from v0.3 (2006) and still working on PR somehow Not one for playing alpha/beta stuff but should be playing a bit of Squad this weekend with a bunch of mates PS. good to see you again eggman and are you still working at DICE?
  8. Project Reality 1.3 Released

    I love how you consider PR with only active "US/EU Servers", "Dead" Indeed, we have already had more unique players play PR in the first 5 days of this month, than we did in the entire first month of v1.0's release. It is not only it being standalone that has done this, but also Squad has rekindled a lot desire for old players to come back, as well as a lot of new players to come and try it to see what it is like. I see PR going very strong for some time yet, at least until Squad is released but then I still expect to see a few players still playing PR regularly due to the sheer content and features it still offers which it will take Squad quite a few years of development to match.
  9. Project Reality 1.3 Released

    Funny thing is, I remember you saying not so long ago in reply to Zeno: I laughed so hard. Good to see BigD back in business!
  10. Remake

    Ye pretty much what Murkey said, many PR players are simply sick of Muttrah since its played so much, but it is still the most played map in PR even so TBH Muttrah isn't a very good choice for a remake, at least not in the short term for Squad, since it really requires five things that Squad will need to make from scratch. The USMC faction, or some other Conventional Amphibious Assault Force, complete with an Assault Ship to launch from. Helicopters, without them Muttrah simply wouldn't work. A whole new range of Middle Eastern City buildings since the Afghan Buildings simply wouldn't work, not even for the outer suburbs/slums of the city. A Conventional Middle Eastern Force (MEC / Iran) defending the city. Could put Insurgents in it but wouldn't play like the old map. APCs and AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicles) to really help get around the city and help support the infantry.Would take a lot for Squad to get all of those things made and really isn't worth it for one map, which I feel the community could really do with a break from for a bit When Squad is perhaps fully released and much more developed with a solid foundation and everyone has started to miss the map would be a good time to remake it, but for now, think its better its left out Cheers, Rhino - guy who made Muttrah City for PR:BF2
  11. Project Reality 1.3 Released

    Cheers for the warm welcome guys I'm unsure on the exact state of PR:WW2 since its somewhat separate from the main PR development but its main is unlikely to happen in v1.4 afaik, but in the mean time you will probaly see some small releases and community events for it lol, took me ~10 years on the PR forums I see players still playing PR some time after Squad's release simply due to the fact that PR has so much more content and factions that it will take Squad quite a bit of time to catch up to but eventually it will most likley fully replace PR once its got its full combined arms content and features in hehe, well I joined the forums back July 2014 if you look at my profile, just haven't posted till now And I've already given some feedback to the Squad devs just over private channels
  12. Project Reality 1.3 Released

    Hi guys, first post on these forums even thou I've been around here for some time and glad most of you are excited about PR v1.3 but I felt I really needed to reply to some of these posts. The focus in v1.3 has been very much bug and performance issues, as well as improving balance where we can. So far there is only the encoded change log, full one will be released "soon", but you can see the amount of issues that have been address in it: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/134684-pr-bf2-1-3-encoded-changelog.html One thing that might be hard to understand for someone who hasn't been involved in any game development is that the people who work on new content, aka the artists in the team, are not necessarily the same people who work on, or can even work on, fixing "bugs or balance issues" as you put it, since it simply isn't part of their skill set. As such while the coders etc are working on fixing the bugs, the artists in the team need to be doing something and working on new content and in some cases, gameplay features is only good on the whole and it also keeps the community engaged in the mod, which is one of the big reasons why PR is still going strong after 10 years. EDIT: One good point you might be able to relate to Rolling since afaik, your Australian or live somewhere in that part of the world, that the Australian Forces community faction never materialised as that would have made our Australian community much stronger which unfortunately currently, is pretty much non-existent I will admit, at least when talking about servers in that area although there are still a few hardcore players down-under wiling to play with massive pings But we have in fact left out a hell of a lot of content in v1.3 that we could have included, simply because we want v1.3 to be a really stable foundation to build v1.4 and future releases on, which will feature a lot more content and features but our main focus with v1.3, has been to get as many bugs and performance issues fixed. Any new content that has gone into v1.3 has been as thoroughly tested as we can with a small testing team to ensure its all good for release. Ye, PR:Falklands will be one of the main features in v1.4, with the Type 21 Frigate and many other features inside, and outside of PR:F