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  1. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    Play testing was fun, and now thanks too the amazing developers I can finally play V12 in it's entirety! -One other question, I saw a "Aircraft" In the controls, is there going to be possible aircraft next maybe far-Updates.
  2. The Wrench - September 2018

  3. Realistic blood and gore!

    Hello boys! I wanted to make a suggestion for realistic blood and gore overhaul The first thing I think should be added for realism is blood pooling. Wherever someone is hit they will start dripping blood, if the player make the dissension to not "Bandage" That persons blood will start pouring more, and if he does not still bandage! Well the person well fall and make a blood pool en till someone makes the good dissension too help the poor guy out! Second four me would be brain matter, I know, it's Grizzly. But highly realistic, when a Human gets shot in the skull are head (Well let's say, opens up a lot.) Flinging brain matter and tissue out of the skull. Now I could send a picture but then I would get band for something. But Human skulls can not take that kind of beating, there for... Well, our brain matter flies every were. Third and final is dismemberment; Now when a IED goes off next to let say "Joan" He well not be in chunks, but he well be Molecules. Because the power of the bomb is so admence he would be nothing but ash. But for like let's say a "30mm" His body parts would explode, well killing him instantly. I think those are the best ways too make the game even more adrenaline inducing. But I one-hundred% Understand if this is not possible, just a thought!