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    I have to give this issue +1 I have same problem. Hardly can make out off anything from those town names! This issue has allways been same for me. Im using 55" Sony TV for playing on my living room. Full HD 1080. GTX1060 6G. Maybe 2 meters distance to the couch.

  3. Million respawns and ridiculous rushing. Needs to be much more restricted / limited. Some maximum count, after that, you are dead permanently. People need to be "afraid" to die. This game sadly reminds sometimes BF or those COD games I though this game is about tactics and REALISM? So bring it more in, Please. Dont turn this game slowly just a another kiddiegame. Even though some people here is asking it. I dont get it.There's tons of nonrealistic games out there. But, there's lots of positive things on Squad. Keep it that way. You are doing great and hard job on this!
  4. Spotting enemies?

    Gotta say that I have a same problem. Feels like all enemies can spot me from at 2-300 meters and I dont see no one! Playing 1080p at 55" TV! FOV is normal.
  5. Constanlty Crashing

    Well I didnt noticed any high temps on AMD FX. But cant remember, how high they where, but that old rig was quite dust free. Now on intel temps are around 55-62 celcius.
  6. Now I have changed my rig to Intel and BOOM problems gone! At least after couple day of testing. Now I dont have any crashes, any interrupts, nothing. Just a quite nice gaming experiement. Amazing performance boost from 0-40fps to 70-95fps. And I even lift up settings to EPIC execpt those special checkboxes underneath are off, Bloom etc. Motion blur on. i7 and 16Gb mem. So for me, I can say, every problem what I stumbled on, was AMD FX related.
  7. Constanlty Crashing

    On my part this clearly AMD issue. Now I have changed my rig to Intel and BOOM problems gone! At least after couple day testing.
  8. Constanlty Crashing

    I have a exacly same issue. Plus couple of more. I think this started after 10.1. Not 100% sure. But i get crashes approx 1 per 2 hours. And my FPS allso are hopeless basicly on every map. 25-40 on low settings and sometimes even 0. Ok, totally different game but and smaller maps, i get with this FX constant 80-90FPS on Americas Army PG. I guess its on same engine. Rig currently: AMD FX 6350 @ 4.2Ghz (Yea I know ) 8Gb mem GTX 1060 SSD Caches are cleared. Steam has verifyed game files. Latest nvidia drivers. Just "fresh" installed Windows 10 and Squad. I am just updating my CPU to intel. Also memory to 16Gb
  9. I Messed up with different anti-aliasing setting and quality settings was High. New data where audio quality is dropped low. Before it was high. Kohat again: FPS: 36.13 Frame: 29.47 Game: 23.07 Draw: 13.23 GPU: 28.65 T+FXAA ON All Epic checks off (Bloom etc.) FPS: 34.77 Frame: 28.59 Game: 24.02 Draw: 10.62 GPU: 28.69 T+FXAA ON Distance epic All other mid checks off (Bloom etc.) FPS: 33.94 Frame: 30.02 Game: 25.72 Draw: 7.86 GPU: 29.96 T+FXAA ON Distance epic All other Low checks off (Bloom etc.) I dont know.. Seem sometimes getting higher FPS when settings are higher Of course there is 1million variations on this. Where u at on map. How much firefights goining nearby etc.
  10. Stat Unit: FPS: 32.35 Frame: 33.19 Game: 25,84 Draw: 12.95 GPU: 33.35 Littlebit different graphics settings: Stat Unit: FPS: 54 Frame: 18.95 Game: 16.64 Draw: 7.41 GPU: 19.06 Map: Kokan valley AAS v1 GPU usage: 30-55% GPU memory usage about 2gigs CPU usage 40-55% Computer Memory usage about 5gigs Kohat Toi River: FPS: 32.35 Frame: 33.19 Game: 25.84 Draw: 12.95 GPU: 33.35 GPU usage: 75% GPU memory usage about 4 gigs CPU usage 60-70% Computer Memory usage about 5.5 gig No battle or players near. But one thing what I noticed, all CPU cores are in use!
  11. Yea, I know FX are problem. But now just comparing with this GPU change. And to me it's bit wierd, that I put in at least 3x faster GPU and BOOM, nothing happens. I use both of those; stat fps, stat unit. I will check what Stat Unit says now..
  12. Ok. I purchased that MSI GTX 1060 Gaming 6gb. But now.. Seems really wierd.. I get time to time lower FPS reading (stat count Goes yellow) than that really old Radeon HD 7850 2gb? My FX CPU runs about 50% level and new GTX only on something 20-40%. I am kinda lost here now And I DIDNT even lift up any details on graphics settings. I have cleared my game cache from game. GTX is on gaming mode. I will update at some point rest of the rig allso. But for now, what to do? I Did except some performance gain, when I bought about 3-4 time faster GPU. Oh, and Squad are installed on SSD. Like windows 10 also.
  13. Of Course cannot say what it will be on near future. 4K
  14. Thanks! Mainly its for gaming. Time to time could be some video editing, but its not a thing. But how about that different GPU memory; RX uses 8Gb vs GTX only 6Gb? And yea, I have noticed that also memory have to change to DDR4. Thats a shame on current memory prices. For now mainly Squad. Maybe Americas Army and Argo sometimes.
  15. Starting to update my 5 years old system. Current: AMD FX6300 3,9Mhz -> 4,2Mhz Radeon HD 7850 2Gb 1000Mhz mem 1315Mhz 8Gb Kingston HyperX 1866Mhz -> 2200Mhz I use 1080p via Sony 55" Tv.. For now, I first wanna get new GPU, but too many choices. So help me out. And yea, I know my CPU propably will scream help when I chance only GPU first. First of course: AMD Radeon RX5xx or Nvidia GTX1060? But second thing what I have been wondering is 6Gb vs 8Gb GPU memory? Any advancies on Squad? After that Im thinking rest of the system.. Gonna go still with AMD Ryzen 5 1600/1700 or change completely to Intel i5 latest? So tell me some thoughts of these? TY!