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  1. From what I am seeing, in the US the only 80 slot providers that are authorized as licensed server providers are ViLayer and Host Havoc. This is kind of disappointing since I was looking to create a more central U.S. server specifically Kansas City, MO since it has has the best latency balance for both costs. Our test were showing 80 ms and under latency for either cost if not less from Kansas City which is very playable. But the only provider that offers this is ViLayer which from all accounts appears to be a three person company with bad customer support. Host Havoc on the other hand has there most central location as Chicago, IL which gives a latency of around 100 ms to 120 ms for people on the west coast. Has anyone had any luck with standing up hardware in another hosting provider and getting it licensed as well? What kind of hardware has anyone here hosted a server on that would allow for an 80+ slot server with smooth game play? And before you try to get into why I need to have good latency from either cost it's because I will have admins/friends that will be located on both costs of the U.S. that will also want to play on the server.