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  1. Textures loading

    Dude, your mobile gpu is from 2012... what do you expect? Of course it wont run this game without issues. Especially with 1GB of Vram
  2. June 2018 Recap

    have you been enjoying playing as medic before, running around from one dead to another, patching them up with no end because they die like flies? I've been several times so I'm happy with that change. Thats the reason why so many refuse to play as medic because its all about running, bandaging and healing, and yes its boring af. The only thing i´d edit is that you need 2 players from your team to revive one guy, not a single one. only medics can do this alone. that would be much better so you dont get revive spams. Hope release is soon... edit: and daaaaamn i love that reload ready call from the loader guy "whop!!" <3
  3. High temp while playing

    The temp difference comes due the lower clock of the gpu with vsynch, but still almost 70 deC. if you google for 980ti temps youll find a lot of topics about this. I think its normal for your gpu. If your pc is crashing sometimes maybe your cpu runs hot due the heat of the gpu. I mean 75 deC is a good amount especially if you oc'ed your 7700k. I'd recommend you, place your front fans on the top so they drag the hot air out of the case instad cold air in. Maybe youll save few deC
  4. High temp while playing

    well i dont really think its normal, but i don't own a 980ti and looking at thermal statistic of different 980tis, your gpu should be under 80 deC. But also looking at your CPU running around 75 deC i just think maybe its too warm in your room? otherwise maybe cpu temp is your gpus fault?... i cant tell you from here. So just try "reset" at MSI Afterburner, then check temps again and if this doesn't work, check if they really added quality thermal paste instead of ketchup or toothpaste on it. also check the scews of the cooler, maybe they're not fixed.... otherwise i cant explain this issue
  5. High temp while playing

    well comparing to this klickme your GPU is fine. nothing modified. Also : i´d say your gpu is just running on 100% usage because of your own graphics configuration ingame (everything maxed out?). I see you're using MSI Afterburner, maybe monitor your GPU usage, if you're all time around 95-100% it's probably normal reaching these temps. If this doesn't confirm, maybe check if they really added some thermal paste on that thing -i also think you didn't touch the voltage in MSI Afterburner? maybe select "reset" once on this tool
  6. High temp while playing

    so yo bought it used? maybe your gpu got a bios flash from the other owner. Can you post a screenshot running GPU-Z? actually 35-40 degC in a room is quiet warm.... maybe try 25 degC?
  7. High temp while playing

    well.... weird. Whats your GPU model? Have you bought it from a store or used from ebay or something? Can you show a photo of your computer and inside the case? Can you post screenshots of your Nvidia settings (right mouse klick on desktop - nvidia settings)
  8. High temp while playing

    replace thermal paste, clean the (gpu)cooler and if this doesnt work, lower or reset the graphics settings - did you overclock that gpu?
  9. GPU Memory Issue

  10. Upgrade from gtx950 to 1060 6G?

    Your CPU should be fine with dropping playable FPS, so yes, your GPU is the issue and you´ll be fine with a GTX1060
  11. Field Bandage Glitching

    yea fix that damn self-bandaging bug... bled out few times already becaus this wont work...
  12. Updated GPU drivers?
  13. Keep in mind that laptops often have thermal issues so the CPU throttles anyway. I mean there is no sense in buying a 8750 if it cant really hold its boost because of a bad cooler. Would make no big difference to a well cooled 7700hq
  14. Optimization patch release date ?

    Well Sir, its not about your GTX1080 but your CPU. Your GPU is not working on those up to 80 people on the server. Sadly we cant do anything about that beside waiting for V11 (or maybe even longer?) which should be released soon (they said release in April but I kinda dont believe that). I actually just stopped after 500+ hours playing this game in a while now, waiting for bettet performace
  15. Squad disables bluetooth headphones on startup

    Tried windows sound configuration to disable other sound devices but your bluetooth headset? Check the right corner of your Taskbar - right klick on the sound and then audio devices