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  1. February 2019 Recap

    can't you just wait three more weeks? It's just three weeks dude...
  2. Alpha 12.2 Released

    @Dunish why not simply waiting for january recap on february??
  3. Is this a good pc for squad?

    This setup is really not worth 500€... I'd say max(!) 350€ but not 500€. Old 4th generation CPU, 8GB DDR3 RAM.... thats 2012 Hardware dude... but yes, should work on your PC. I have the i5 4570 (one step lower yours) CPU and can run its on around 60 FPS (depends on map). Gpu should also do it for medium to high settings.
  4. V12 Feedback

    thats the point. theres a big difference compared to public gameplay which is the majority this game is beeing played. if you guys play in a community you can just play with extra rules like only medic revive. But dont compare that to public games. maybe in the future there might be modded servers or server options with the old revive system.
  5. V12 Feedback

    something is telling me that you didnt play medic that much in V11 and dont know the issue with beeing one on public servers, right? The truth...
  6. 4k runs like poop.

    Your GPU is simply too weak for 4K, thats it. A 1080Ti is barely playing games on 30-60 FPS on 4K but your potato 1070 wont simply do it. Especially on maxed settings with super sampling on (lol). And yes it works great on Full HD but it simply doesn't have to render that many pixels as on 4K.
  7. What is really going on with Squad?

    I´ve also been defending this game but seriously 3+ years of development (people already started playing on dec 2015 on steam) and still early access alpha... thats just sad even tho its my favorite game. I know few guys stoped playing this game because of its poor perfomance and all those bugs (revive teleport etc.) and i dont think they will come back because after all this time they just moved on. After 700+ hours i also stoped playing it now for two months already... guess we all move on sometimes
  8. August 2018 Recap

    looking good, so v12 comin around october/november
  9. Price

    lol pls no. Think about what youre saying there! people who are interested in games like squad will buy it even for 30 bucks. Nobody wants kids and lonely wolfes running around on free weekends like it was happening before. More free weekends = more players without mics, kids, lonely wolfes, CoD-Style = more annoying and boring (bad game) = less experienced people playing (me inc)
  10. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I... I just came...
  11. July 2018 Recap

    Whats about the russian tank? We want all of this yet already, give us the v12 beta access
  12. BTR-82 Scope

    thx yea i´d like to have that one too, just like you switch distance on weapons you should be able to do the same with vehicles
  13. BTR-82 Scope

    Does anybody know why the scope of the BTR 82 is like that? I mean why are the distance lines on the top half of the scope instead of the bottom? How am I supposed to shoot the distance that way? greetz https://www.imagebanana.com/s/big/1130/qODtdAu5.JPG
  14. Textures loading

    Dude, your mobile gpu is from 2012... what do you expect? Of course it wont run this game without issues. Especially with 1GB of Vram