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  1. Optimization patch release date ?

    Well Sir, its not about your GTX1080 but your CPU. Your GPU is not working on those up to 80 people on the server. Sadly we cant do anything about that beside waiting for V11 (or maybe even longer?) which should be released soon (they said release in April but I kinda dont believe that). I actually just stopped after 500+ hours playing this game in a while now, waiting for bettet performace
  2. Squad disables bluetooth headphones on startup

    Tried windows sound configuration to disable other sound devices but your bluetooth headset? Check the right corner of your Taskbar - right klick on the sound and then audio devices
  3. Its the Unreal Engine. This thing is absolutly not a friend of GPU OC. I had the same experience with other Unreal Games like Killing floor 2, however you OC, even just a few Mhz, after some time game will crash. Just save your time wasting it on oc and play it like by default. With a 1060 theres anyway no need to OC with this game.
  4. CPU Under Utilized

    Dude keep in mind its an Alpha and Early Access. I'm sure the V1.0 will work much smoother in the future.
  5. OMG super solider cheat!!!

    Its a marksman with a rocket launcher on the back lol.
  6. Quick Chat like in PR

    Realism at its finest
  7. Quick Chat like in PR

    then i'll hope they read this and give some feedback on it
  8. Quick Chat like in PR

    youre right with that, people could use that as an excuse for not using a mic, but it also has its advantages like in PR. But alright, probably this wont find its way in the game then
  9. Quick Chat like in PR

    right this
  10. Hello squad community and devs, after playing cute 400+ hours of squad there's something i kinda miss, like its available in project reality. The quick chat (Key "Q"). Ofc i'm using a mic but sometimes its nicer to just quickly request a transport or supplies like this. Especially for medic requests this woud be nice. Are there any ideas to implement this game mechanic in Squad? greets.