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  1. Squad - Public Testing now available on Steam

    Strange, for me "Squad - Public Testing" was not in my library until I inserted the code. Well, I could be wrong.
  2. Squad - Public Testing now available on Steam

    The same method, go to your library in Steam > right click on SQUAD > Properties > Beta and insert the code. Now, a second game will show on your library that doesn't change the original files. -- Amazing. Now we can play both versions without uninstalling and installing over and over again!
  3. Low Server Count since 1.12

    Try to do something in your modem/router config mate. It worked for me. I was having the same problem. In my modem, was activated the option in Firewall/Security called "IP Flood Detection" that somehow got marked. Maybe if you search a little you gonna find something related. Maybe bridge mode, DHCP, this things... Good luck. sorry for my english.
  4. Sorted out It was a Firewall/Security config of my modem/router. "IP Flood Detection", that somehow got activated. Thanks for your help.
  5. I Tried, did not solve. It is wired. Aready tried to set bridge mode on router and nothing. Strange, 5 days ago it was normal.
  6. Can the gtx 750ti run this game ?

    I aready played with a A10-7850K with a 750Ti 2Gb. In full HD on low in tense moments/middle of a match (78players) in a optimazed map, it was getting 35/30fps. In Al Barash I was getting 25 or even less.
  7. please help. https://youtu.be/3HjktvpMTnA The wait to load the page isn't normal too. I live in Brazil, my modem is Technicolor and my ISP is NET. Pretty decent upload and download speed. Saying this because probaly is related. Just wanna play. sorry about the english.
  8. Awkward resolution problem.

    That is impossible right now. That's why I created this topic. But I will in the future. I got this PC because I really don't see the drastic change in games from Full HD native and the reschedule one. If exists, I do not care that much. Squad it is the only game that happens so glitched. I play in the Full HD reschedule resolution in all another games. Playing in HD it is horrible. It doesn't matter the config It is a bug from the game, and not my monitor at all.
  9. My monitor is not Full HD native. But in games I can force to 1920x1080 normally. Browser tasks and reading in this resolution in the desktop it is not pleasant but in games I I believe that there is no drastic loss of quality. Changing the Desktop resolution (1360x768) to Full HD in squad in startup and in the configs it is problematic as hell. I barely can write what happens. Green bars showing constantly, flicking, to the top of the bottom of the screen. Wrong screen escalation, full maximized and zoomed. Running in Full HD but with the escalation of 1360x768. And some other very stressful glitches. It is so hard to fix that? That happens since I bought squad. Sorry about the english. I7 7700 1070TI 16RAM