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  1. Squad Zero

    We are a new community focused on teamwork and a chill environment for players to know they are welcome, hang out, but coordinate and win. Server Name: Squad Zero | Chicago | [0th] Server Location: Chicago, Illinois USA Link to the Discord Server Server Rules: Squad Leaders must have mics. Work together with your team and have fun! NO RACIST OR VULGAR SPEECH IN TEXT OR IN VOICE. No teamkilling or it will result in a kick/ban. Do not advertise clans. Ask in ALL chat if you need an admin. No Spamming of any kind. Any infringement of server rules will result in issued warnings and appropriate action after. High pings may result in a kick. Any questions or concerns can be talked through discord to any of the admins at any time.
  2. List of active clans and communities

    Squad Zero [0th] https://discord.gg/7BVhucU English A game intense experience with the leisure of being amongst friends rather than the structure of a clan. We take the newest of the new to the hardened veteran. Gameplay is intense and organized and down-time is laid back. 25 Siege, War Thunder, Arma, Anything really! 'Squad Zero | Central' Central US Based
  3. Squad Zero - Teamwork and Fun

    Squad Zero is for the most casual player or the squaddie looking for the most intense fight he can. The main goal of Squad Zero is to listen and help each other out. If you want a laid back experience with some serious game play, Squad Zero is for you. With a new server coming soon and a fun community, we welcome the newest player, to the most veteran. Hop in our discord and give it a try out! https://discord.gg/7BVhucU If you can't be 1st, be 0th.
  4. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: TheHeroicZ Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheHeroicZ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 22 Timezone or Region: Mountain Nature of Interest: Casual/Competitive Gaming Background: Play/played just about everything and have been gaming for a long time! Additional Skills: Very good team player. I consider myself a good squad lead. Willing to follow and lead and lead well. Status: Been playing squad for a many months and very familiar with the maps and strats of the game. Mostly squad lead and just looking for a fun chill team that wants to win. Hit me up. Thanks
  5. Lets start a new Team?

    Howdy folks, Thinking of starting a new clan called the "Tick Dicklers". Because... why not? We play to win but definitely laid back and casual while being serious and relying on each others. I am a decent squad lead and looking for others to play with. Hit me up if you're interested and if we get a few people we'll get a discord and go from there. Thanks -TheHeroicZ