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  1. Orbweaver support needed

    Ok oddly enough - I have managed to get it moving sideways and forwards but not backwards and I have one other issue...I will try again in the am am bushed now
  2. Orbweaver support needed

    Thanx I will try that and report back
  3. Orbweaver support needed

    Ok so we need to find a way to make it see it...I will keep trying
  4. Orbweaver support needed

    Ok good thought I will try that BUT it worked in BF games which is odd..
  5. Orbweaver support needed

    I tried that it didnt work in squad...
  6. Orbweaver support needed

    Hi @Major Trouble thank you so much for the feedback. I have installed it but its quite tricky...it has options like directional or Numbers....I tried to program it to the WASD keys....that didn't work...so I tried Joystick but then it asks for RX and RY or X and Y info and I dont know which to try...The funny thing is I plug it and started BF4 or Bf1 and it worked fine but Squad...boom the directional dpad is not sensing it...so I was thinking maybe somewhere in the app data files I need to put in some code...but what and where...or if thats even needed...I will try tomorrow again but would appreciate any advice.
  7. Map Loading Times?

    You need to look at the type of SSD...for example NVMe is super fast for loading
  8. Orbweaver support needed

    Hi there I have just got an orbweaver (Razer) - The only trouble I am having so far is getting the directional d pad to work for movement...Now I know its not ideal...but my fingers are bust. So please dont go on about whats better etc I just need help with the getting my directional pad to work...its dead at the moment. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and I can finally get in game...right now, I am staring at the shooting range and not able to move or straif...the mouse works perfectly of course I will key map a few things to my Log g502 but my orbweaver...she is not co-operating! Help?
  9. Yeah I have been really struggling coz the orbweaver I have works well in BF4 and Bf1 but when I try for squad just does not respond...I will keep trying
  10. Move right key binding

    Do you use the dpad for directional movement or something else?
  11. Wow...thats very kind of you all. I am still getting used to my new set up and as soon as I am ready I will do as suggested. I appreciate that feedback. Otec I havent forgotten about you(and your kind offer) I have had a few problems and now have my setup so I am just getting used to it and then I will take you up on your very kind offer - the other two have assimilated very well and are playing in squads and having a good time.
  12. Steam controller problems in Squad

    Cheers, yes he was kind enuf to give a link to his SC profile in steam so when I get he controller I can just use that and then starts the learning of his set up.
  13. Gosh! thats super kind of you. So far there about three of us that have bought the game in the last few days. I will most definitely add you right away. I am not sure when we will get together, I will ask them on discord but I think its for the weekend if we can get all together for a walk around. Thank you for the offer.
  14. Steam controller support?

    So how have you progressed? whats your set up like now...just getting my controller today
  15. Steam controller problems in Squad

    Any news on this? an update?