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  1. Welcome to Duty Commander

    If nothing else, a commander role would be useful to moderate/reduce inter-SL chat. The commander could pass on relevant intel to the relevant squads. It would also save a lot of stupid arguments and squads actively ignoring each other and just following their own objectives without considering the impact on the team and match as a whole. Some of the best squads I have seen end up really letting the team down because they know best, which they often do, but they actually end up leaving other squads eating their dust and get surprised when their rush is broken down by other squads not being as on the ball as them. Commander would really help mitigate this disconnect between squads of different experience and skill levels. I am glad it is being included as a role. In PR a good commander could easily turn a loss into a win just by having a handle on the bigger picture. Can point out to the better squads that they are leaving a huge defensive weakness behind them by ignoring the lesser abilities of the other squads. I see this ruin a match so often. Would also help stop squads yelling at each other for doing their own thing and ignoring the rest of the team.
  2. Hi, My clan has tags that are slightly too long for us to use the in-game prefix/tag field. Right now we are manually changing our names in steam when playing Squad. Would it be possible to either get a slightly longer prefix character count or alternatively implement steam group tags into the game? Quite a few other games have done this and it means people can set up tags in steam which work specifically for Squad.
  3. A better tactical map

    This issue is actually starting to cause me some grief. I don't have an amazing memory but I am great at spatial visualisation. I've been getting criticised for not knowing all areas of the maps by heart and it does hinder my ability to SL as best I can. I also think it is a shame that the game requires remembering every inch of every map to get an edge. If I just had a topographical map for a new map/level, I would instantly be able to run circles around all the people who expect players to do this. It would be equivalent of instantly remembering every inch of the map for me. What is more realistic to a military scenario? A soldier being able to read a map, or a soldier walking around every square inch of an AO before the AO has even been decided? Why should players be penalised for knowing a practical skill that would always be used in the scenario's presented in the game but is not available to them in the game. In terms of effort put in to make the game more realistic, this has to be one of the lowest hanging fruit. I accept that we do not have dynamic maps so people who have superior memories/time on their hands will always eventually have an advantage over others but it would be nice to see players penalised for not knowing a practical real-world skill rather than being given an advantage on 'gaming' the game through memorising something by wrote. Topographical maps would just balance out the two types of players a lot.
  4. I'd love this too. Especially markers that can only be seen by your Squad, to avoid marker clutter for other SL's. I am often having to place obscure markers like skull and crossbones to indicate something important to my squad and tell other SL's to ignore my marker, not the best compromise at all. This idea would particularly be great for organising complex perimeters and ambushes etc. Actually drawing on the map could be tricky, but I don't see why the crudely drawn cocks by juvenile SL's couldn't be mitigated by a reasonably well-adminned server.
  5. I agree with Squid. In this case, less is more. We should be aiming to have fewer *** pics and more communication. Edit: Why TF is "Richard" censored, it is a name?! Testing: Todger, penis, cock, willy, purple headed warrior?
  6. A better tactical map

    Care to elaborate? Are you just being pessimistic or has it already been shot down by the devs?
  7. A better tactical map

    Oh my god! Yes! Yes, a thousand times. You have basically posted exactly what I came here to post but much better presented than I would have. I think I back every point made in the OP. My main thing though is contour lines. It would completely change the way I could play as an SL or any individual role. I think it would change the way battles unfold. Properly representing vegetation and structures would be the icing on the cake. It looks like the current maps are more or less a shaded screenshot, top-down on the terrain. It is very confusing. One of the worst offenders is Kohat, the topography is very hard to infer and the roads and river beds look almost identical. I find it astounding that Squad doesn't have contour lines and a more ordinance survey style of maps. Surely most people playing this seriously would be perfectly capable and familiar with using this kind of additional tactical data. Without it, it kind of kills the feeling that it is really milsim at all in terms of interface, if nothing else, but it would also really compliment the tactical approach to playing this game. The second thing I am keenest on is more markers for SL. Particularly placeable markers that only the squad can see, ideally either numbered or representing classes, for things like setting up complex perimeters, ambushes, and crossfires... or just herding newbies in a Squad. Regarding the suggestion about a dynamic vs static maps, I can see that this would be a pretty big undertaking, but I don't see why practically all of this couldn't be achieved with a static map. You could render it in layers so visualisations (like contour lines) could just be switched off for those that don't want them. A lot of height map generators let you quite easily denote contour lines or abstract the data for just that use (I thought there were a few plugins for doing this from within the Unreal engine) so hopefully, you could at least get contours generated automatically when exporting the map image. I realise I might be talking out of my arse about this bit. ;). Please consider Kiwik's suggestions, I think they are all in keeping with the design and feel of Squad and would very much enhance the experience.
  8. New Generations Custom Server Launch Night

    Noice. Will defo check this out.