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  1. Steam name AssPaper69 Age 21 Place of origin* israel Why do you wish to join? wanna play with people and have good time nothing to competitive What is your preferred class to play?* medic/MG but play whatever is open What can you help 66th with?* killing, but seriously i can follow orders and play as a team player prefer to do what told and not call the shots, good listener What are your goals in 66th?* meet new people and play squad how it suppose to be with a competent team that knows what to do and how to play
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    Name: AssPaper69 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028302039/ Primary Language(s): English +russian+ hebrew Age (optional): 21 Timezone or Region: eu gmt+2 Nature of Interest: Casual, competitive basically whatever Gaming Background: arma 2+ao ,arma 3,insurgency,blackwake,siege,dayz rising storm pretty much every fps or military sim out there Additional Skills: dont talk to much just if needed, enjoy a good company, friendly, basically just a dude whos looking to enjoy his time and search for a group of people who enjoy what they do, right now unemployed so i got time to play Status: "Unsigned"