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  1. To do this, one needs to have more than one competent leader per squad. Fairly rare in pub play.
  2. True, but you know what's more common than AT mines IRL? Hand-held AT weapons. The whole point of LAW/RPG26 is to give two of them to every grunt the instant you hear rumors of enemy armor in theater. Yet in Squad, infantry AT is somehow a rare commodity, where a team often has fewer infantry HEAT rounds than armored vehicles.
  3. Lolno. Is that pediwikia numbers?
  4. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    The whole “if you can’t avoid being raped, try to relax and enjoy” arguments would be fine in a vacuum - after all, there’s nothing wrong with playing a glorified World of Tanks videogame, even if it’s boring for the majority who play as infantry. However, there is a major problem with the vehicle domination meta: it’s completely unrealistic. IRL trucks and keeps do not shrug off RPG shots. More importantly, IRL an infantry outfit expecting to engage enemy armor would at the very least issue a LAW/RPG26 to every soldier except machine gunners. And the dedicated AT gunners would be carrying more than one HEAT round apiece. And there would be artillery and aircraft and man-portable ATGMs and, most importantly, a whole lot more dudes with AT. So this meta is bad because it’s completely whacky and unrealistic, and I don’t like it for the same reason I wouldn’t like meta where pistols duels were the preferred method of infantry combat. If I wanted to play out fairytale scenarios, I’d boot up Dominions 5
  5. 29 has an insanely long arming range for some reason, about 100m. Maybe you fired it too close? Also that arming range should be reduced to 20m or so
  6. Map visible unbuilt emplacements

    Seconded. QoL improvement
  7. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Well, you do have a point that modern composite armor protects quite well against HEAT munitions, and there is more to it than simple thickness. Still, take a look at this pic of Abrams armor: Now keep in mind that even base PG7VL round of the RPG-7 has penetration of >500mm RHA. Therefore, from the side the base RPG7 should be able to penetrate all of the hull except the front. It can also pen the turret ring, and and decent chance to penetrate almost all of turret (guaranteed on ammo stowage in back, decent chance on middle with 520-570mm protection, front is protected). Moreover, Squad models this because LATs can pen Abrams from the side consistently, its just that penetrations do unrealistically low damage.
  8. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    1. In terms of internal damage: It's kinda arbitrary how the devs want to model HEAT penetrations because they're highly variable. Whatever/whoever is in the path of the jet definitely gets destroyed. The rest depends on the specific weapon/vehicle/penetration point/moon phase. Tanks can actually be hurt by HEAT penetrations more than APCs because there is much less internal space and all crewmen are quite likely to be injured by a single impact. On the other hand, APCs are have empty boxes inside and a jet may pass them harmlessly, but the explosion blastwave itself may "leak in" though the paper-thin armor and put the crew out of action. Etc. On top of all of this, crews often panic and abandon vehicles that suffered penetrations because waiting around for another one isn't a good idea. etc. Overall, I'd say that Squad currently errs too far on the durability side of things. Yeah it isn't unheard of for tanks or APCs to take multiple HEAT penetrations and remain operational, but that shouldn't be the default scenario. An interesting and more realistic damage model would be if an armored vehicle had a percentage chance of exploding when armor is penetrated: 40% for LAT, 60% for HAT, ATGM or tank APFDS or HEAT. 2. Modern MBTs have pretty much all the armor in the front half, because they're Cold War creations expected to slug it out with other MBTs face to face. he rear half or both Abrams and T72 (including the turrets) only has 50-80mm of armor (2-3 inches), which can be easily defeated by virtually any AT weapon designed after 1942. Squad faithfully models this BTW: you can pen both tanks in the rear half with a LAT. It just takes like 6-10 penetrations to kill em, which is way too much.
  9. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I posted on the same subject on Reddit and in GD here. I get that some people just say "adapt to the new meta, its fun in some ways", and that would be an OK answer if we were playing a WWI game. As it is, it's a little ridiculous that: A) Vehicles can take multiple LAT penetrations (we're talking 3 LATs to kill an MRAP and something around 6-8 for MBT - I mean ingame, vehicles are definitely less durable at shooting range) B) Many maps there are only maybe 20-30 active infantry and 2 MBTs + 2 IFVs + multiple APCs C) Only maybe 3-5 of those infantrymen carry any sort of AT weapon IRL a tank or IFV wouldn't dream of driving into the middle of an enemy-held objective held by near-peer adversaries because most infantrymen would probably have AT weapons at hand (the whole point of LAW/RPG26 is to give one to every single mook the moment you hear the enemy has armor in theater), and because it's cheaper to buy 1000 RPG-7s than to buy one MBT. Basically, "tanks can just drive up to infantrymen and bully them in close quarters" meta went out the window IRL when first handheld HEAT weapons were invented, and there is no reason to switch Squad vehicle/infantry balance to WW1 era simply because V12 appears to miscalculate vehicle damage.
  10. Vehicles are pretty damn powerful now. We just spent an invasion match where we would drive APCs into fortified capture points and basically park em there till dead (i.e. however long it took enemy LATs to reload 6-8 times). Cost us a few tickets but certainly far less than failed infantry assaults did, and prevented the enemy from stopping the infantry advance. Also, it only takes 2 tank HEAT rounds to disable a HAB, I think. And only 1 to take down a radio I believe. FRAG doesn't do much for some reason but HEAT and even AP work OK.
  11. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    I'd agree the M4 sound is a little weak. On the other hand, it serves nicely to differentiate different faction's weapons
  12. 1. It takes 2 LATs to mobility kill an MBT at the range, probably more on live server (vehicles on live servers appear to be 2x-3x more durable at the range). Mobility kills are inconsistent even when shooting HAT at an MRAP engine block. 2. On that note, it used to take 3 LATs to kill a Bradley in V11? It now takes 3 LATs to kill an MRAP (see end of original post). 3. Repaired engines work fine, the lose some power but aren't that much slower. 4. As you correctly pointed out, for now most tankers don't know how to use them efficiently. So the imbalance on tanks (and other vehicles) vs infantry will get much worse as tank crews learn, unless it is fixed at some point.
  13. IED's Are not placeable on teammates anymore

    IED/mine collision seems to have been updated to prevent placement on anything other than ground (sometimes refuses to place on that either). IED can still be placed on the techie cab roof, but placing on other vehicles is very problematic. Plus you now can't place IEDs/mines on grassy areas for example. Its harder to hide mines under trash, but you can still hide them under rocks. I think OWI threw out the baby with the bathwater on that one.
  14. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    M4 is far superior to the AK47 in lower recoil, higher rof, and better sights. It used to be superior to the AK74 as well, but now that most M4s are limited to 3-round burst and AKs got reflex sights it's not much of a difference. I'd say M4 is slightly better at range and AK74 is slightly better up close. Not a big deal either way because vehicles, MGs and UBGLs do more killing that rifles.
  15. Update: THREE LAT hits to kill an MRAP now. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/9xwvjw/next_step_reverse_the_trap/ I think you're right, devs probably just forgot to adjust vehicle HP after adding a new system for calculating damage based on location, or something. Still, I think we should be vocal about it before the problem gets too annoying and turns off too many players, especially V12 newcomers