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  1. I started up the game today and honestly my gameplay was smooth. I had the graphics turned down but decided to see what would happen if I switched them to epic. About 40 FPS. I’m going to continue playing diff maps etc and hopefully it stays this way.
  2. dropping to around 5 FPS when a firefight starts
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes unfortunately I’m my situation I can’t have a desktop ATM. In the next year I plan on getting one that will be dedicated to gaming. So since that that is a year from now this will need to do for now. im going to add another 8gb of ram for overall performance. I do play wow, arma 3,cs go all on ultra with no problem.
  4. I recently purchased a new laptop (cannot get a desktop bc of current living situation). i7 7700hq 8gb memory gtx 1050ti I haven’t had a pc in years and my FPS in this game is terrible. I keep my settings at medium only cinematic effects, no aa, and vsync on because of screen tearing. Now with most other games the settings are always on high as default and I don’t have any issues. If anyone could please give me some advice as to what I should do or change it would be greatly appreciated! I got a new gaming laptop for these games!!