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  1. Hi everyone, somthing strange on this server, the player can not see my server in the game browser.


    I changed all the settings and tried some tips ... ipv6 disabled, ports changed ... and the stupid firewall is disabled.

    More funny is this... if you have install the certified of the RDP you will see my server in you game browser... WTF?


    My server is i7 4790k, 32GB DDR3 / Windows Server 2012 R2 64Bit


    I need some help guys, plz?



  2. I understand your position.In this case I just put my ideas from her.A merging of ideas, DEVS can enjoy a little of everything :)

    You have not understood my idea. I don't want a system where the team who does good, does better. Just a way to avoid the focus shifting from primarily infantry gameplay, to tanks vs apcs vs helicopters, with infantry players (The majority of each team) trying to dodge the bullets in the middle. I understand the concerns about restricting the team composition, but how is this really any different from the asset rules currently employed by most popular PR servers?

  3. Yeah!This really can not stay out :)But I like the positions arma3 however is very clumsy even ARMA and clear does not mean it can not be done masterfully by team

    Being able to independantly move your head (look around) and lean left and right is all i'll be looking for really. Simple Sprint or walk is fine.

  4. Would be very nice if you could plumb able to choose which weapon to use... since it fits the standard weapons of the faction.

    No need to embellish only be able to choose if I'm going with two smoke grenades or if I'm going with 3 frag and no smoke.

    If'll M4 or M16A4 and so is


    Traditionally with BF2: PR weapon and character customisation was limited.


    I wanted to suggest a system similar to the one they have in Insurgency, if of course any of this is possible (I do not know the limitations of the UE4 engine)



    Posted Image


    Each option adds to the overall weight of the soldier, thus changing performance (running speed, jump height etc), but maybe without the need for a supply point based system. Either ttachments can be earned (level up rewards ala old school CoD4).

  5. I believe that a blend of the medical system ACE2 + Medical System America Armys (Yes AA3) along with MEDEVAC would be something that can be done with UT4


    AA3 medic form:

    Shallow breathing = OPA

    Weak Pulse= Saline

    Labored movement = Splint

    Pale Skin = Smelling Salt

    I think was it

  6. EITHER you convert materiel into specific ammunition at the point of transfer, at which point it's a completely superfluous system as you can just request specific ammunition from a Supply Dump instead(Which solves the initial problem posed by Morbo).

    OR you have to convert materiel into specific ammunition at the point of extraction, which means that you will have to hang around at main base until you get a specific order, then you load that up, but OOPS, the guys who needed it are now dead and you are now in the middle of nowhere with a completely useless cargo that you can't do anything with.


    It just results in a ton of dead runs, which significantly increases the workload of logistics squads, resulting in the manpower dilution issue that I describe in the post Morbo links to in the OP. I use a single, universal resource in my system for a very good reason.

    But this does not imply anything 
    OK died Squad, Box supplies can be relocated to another squad. 
    That definitely would be no problem, but a dozen more immersion in the game.
    I liked :)

  7. Because they don't need the publicity. They don't need any publicity. They're not worthy of being made into a faction. Let them rot in the desert and disappear into the margins of the history books.


    There is no lack of middle eastern militia groups to pick from.


    I fully agree!