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  1. Hi everyone, somthing strange on this server, the player can not see my server in the game browser. I changed all the settings and tried some tips ... ipv6 disabled, ports changed ... and the stupid firewall is disabled. More funny is this... if you have install the certified of the RDP you will see my server in you game browser... WTF? My server is i7 4790k, 32GB DDR3 / Windows Server 2012 R2 64Bit I need some help guys, plz? https://playsquad.online/servers/
  2. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    Best ever!!!! @CodeRedFox take your time.. was a piece of cake!
  3. Wake Atoll

    Looks ****ing good! So.. u need change this foliage ...in rest amazing
  4. [solved] Founder Skin

    Nice.. " Game Settings and enable the skins you want to use "
  5. Normandy Map

    Woow I can not wait!
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Waiting for clan badge
  7. Future of Cheat Protection

    Punkbuster :] Wooow
  8. SQUAD 'Battle Recorder'

    Finally a fuck idea here! awesome Full agreement!
  9. Dirt Machines Dirt Platoon Dirt Major Ops Army2Squad
  10. Map Grids System

    I like ArmA map grid. Very simple and functional
  11. Interactive Layered Maps

    Nice, is a great idea