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  1. Down a Blackhawk with an M4

    Gas tank probably, but idk where that is located.
  2. Types of Squads?

    So I stumbled onto a guide that has a list of squads that people play. Is there a more comprehensive list or could you just name some more that isn't on this list? It also seems some squads don't need to be full. Logi support, or chopper transport for example. Grunt squad - A general squad Scout squad - Scouts out possible enemy positions Vanguard - "Tip of the Spear" a squad that puts the most pressure on the enemy objective Logi Support - Makes sure FOBS are supplied. Commanding squad - Defends our most forward flag and build structures, while commanding other squads. Quick Reaction force - Jumps to squads that are under fire and supports them until threat is neutralized and then goes onto the next battle. Squads I thought of while writing this FOB Seekers - Behind enemy lines disrupting enemy FOBs. Probably could be done as a Quick Reaction Force squad Chopper support - Works with other squads to move them around the battlefield swiftly. Also transports supplies I think a comprehensive list would help newer players or maybe even experience players takes steps to becoming a SL or just understanding what's going on within the squad you joined.
  3. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Dunnock Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DaClabe/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 25 Time zone: CST Nature of Interest: Recruiting Officer/Marksman Gaming Background: FPS gaming since 2004 Additional Skills: Interpersonal, psychology, and analytical, just to name a few. Status: "Unsigned"
  4. [ZAR] Zulu Alpha Romeo

    ZAR is looking to gather up disciplined individuals wanting to become better - skilled in the likes of the most bad-ass players around. Don't bother joining if you think a serious demeanor is required, because you will not last - only serious gameplay will prevail! The beginning goals for, Zulu Alpha Romeo: 1. Build lasting friendships. 2. Become well versed in tactics and leadership. 3. Everyone is able to squad leader competently. 4. Enough members to fill up 1 squad. This is a tight-knit group of people who spend their gaming time on Squad, because they LOVE this game. 18+ English clear sounding mic CST timezone (not required, just a reference of play time expectations, which is after 4pm weekdays) If you're interested join discord to proceed, https://discord.gg/76NaFjs