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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    Surprisingly, the game is starting to pick up a community of loyal fans. Along with gaining traction with newer squaddies. I'm sure once the game creators know how to introduce tournaments, it'll take off on Twitch.tv, thus bringing even more traffic to their game.
  2. Western European map.

    I wouldn't mind a tundra forest map. But, the map would have set induced fog in order to add to the playing experience. Imagine not being able to see if that's your teammate in the distance or the enemy. In a way, it would change the gaming dynamic just a little. I feel like the European maps and desert maps are being a bit overdone. Maybe going to a different region could spice up some play styles.
  3. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    From your experience with Squad, who was your favorite squad leader? What made them the top of your SL list?
  4. After playing Squads for a while, we all become adjusted to a certain position we love dearly. Some of us are natural born Squad Leaders, others are great at being lead assault, or rushing to a teammates side to give them medical attention. Whatever it may be, they all are important towards making the perfect team. What position are you most fond of and why? From my personal experience, though it has some downfalls, I enjoy being the medic. This is due to being able to help others and always being an important asset on the team. It's also nice to hear people scream your name when there's multiple mortars falling on your location.
  5. Flashlight addition

    Alright, so due to my first mistake of not looking to see if an idea has been spammed before. I have another, this time I did search and found no ideas of this yet. If this idea has been suggested before, please just remove this thread, I apologize. Anyway, on some of the night maps, it's a bit hard to see in general, I was thinking, why not add a flashlight attachment to guns. All you'd have to do is press a button to turn it on and off. Pretty generic, I know.
  6. Dragging your allies

    I'm usually a medic in Squad and it'd be a great addition to be able to drag your teammates behind cover. It'd add not only to the realism, but also be a great addition to abilities.