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  1. Tomorrow's Free-Weekend & Sale

    Yep, I tried for the video to "flow" and carry a logical structure from start to finish!
  2. Tomorrow's Free-Weekend & Sale

    The sooner people are made aware of the reality in Squad, the better!
  3. Spent half the day working on two videos. I would like a lot of feedback on the points made, giving that I intend to create several, in-depth tutorial-series later on, touching plenty of the game's aspects. Feel free to give w/e feedback you think of as being relevant!
  4. Decent-ish rig, massive FPS problems

    Someone I know downgraded his nvidia driver to 368.81 and it improved his FPS by an avg of 20+. I'm not yet willing to downgrade due to the potential effect that it might have on other games. Anyone willing to give it a go, let the rest of us know if it does do the trick!
  5. Decent-ish rig, massive FPS problems

    Yes, both by checking file integrity & manually deleting it. Did not help. Tried that, did not help. Nope. --- I have now done a complete wipe on the pc, reinstalled windows, manually picked the latest drivers, etc. Sadly, no change in FPS, at all. CPU usage is at about 40%-ish, GPU at 30-35% - temps are at 55-65 Can it be my gpu? (gtx 1060 6GB) I know of 2-3 other people who are struggling with their fps whilst running the game on a 1060.
  6. i7 6700 16gb ram gtx 1060 6gb Running the game at low-med quality Al Basrah = 25-28fps with occasional drops down to 15-18fps All other maps vary, but are generally better (30-45fps) Rarely do I go over 50, and usually if there's nothing around to be rendered Temperatures are ok (65ish both cpu and gpu), latest drivers are installed. Any clue as to what's causing the issue?