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  1. 920/5000 good day to all ... I bring a test that I've seen how it solves ... the problem of the list of servers in my case originates or is caused by the modem of the ISP that is configured in no bridge and what details are in that configuration because I do not understand much except something that the support operator commented on the "Nat "and the modem WIFI Yesterday I was doing checkups ... change the connection of my internet provider to the cell phone via USB and I found that with the USB I listed the server list without problems but when I returned to the connection of my ISP no. Conclusion: although it is a problem of configuration of some ISP MODEM. The game lists the servers in some non-traditional way because it only happens in SQUAD and POST SCRIPTUM I ask you please to review this since I have found many people with the same problem and they did not pay the corresponding attention.
  2. Hola a todos, los invitamos a nuestras partidas de Squad los dias Domingo a partir de las 19hs. "Servidor 9na Brigada Sudamericana" No es necesario pertenecer a nuestra comunidad, o de alguna... pueden y estan invitados todos. Lo unico que pedimos es ganas de jugar, participar, y ser respetuosos de los demas jugadores. Saludos.