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  1. v10 lag spikes, clean install... same problem

    Trying this.
  2. Squad V10 Constant Lag Spikes

    No gpu overclock here. Now we decide to stop playing the game or change everything about our setups. Hopefully devs fix the issue before people move on
  3. Since v10 I have been unable to have a single match without a series of intermittent lag spikes that ruin the game for me entirely. 60% of the gameplay for me is now cast into a stuttering mess of hell in which I cannot do anything. I simply throw my hands up and wait for the sound of loop gunfire to stop. Clean install of game resulted in no change Im running AMD FX-9590 oc and stabilized around 4ghz AMD R9 290x 8gb ddr3 Win10 no raptr no optimizer no background apps
  4. Squad V10 Constant Lag Spikes

    Same deal. Can’t even play the game anymore. AMD 9590FX AMD R9 290x 8gb ddr3 game ran 100% until now, clean install of squad did nothing