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  1. Minigun

    I just think that the devs could really go to town on this thing. Just imagine the visual effects, (muzzle flash, barrel glowing), perhaps to be released in v11 with a night enviroment. What a trailer that would make
  2. Minigun

    yeah, i could definately see it on the blackhawk while i could see it on the blackhawk, this delivers a very unfair advantage to the us troops, and would have to be limited, like an a10 gun run
  3. Minigun

    yes, i completely understand, and the video only serves to support that, but I feel that a new game mode could be implemented, concerning 20 SOF units vs 60 insurgents. If this mode is not a reality, than i feel that one MRAP wiht a GAU-19 applied to a base squad wouldn't be too much of a stretch, when you look at it's overwhelming gameplay, and marketing value.
  4. Minigun

    I believe that the minigun should be implemented in squad because it would create an exciting model and experience for both the developers, while staying within the confines of realism. The minigun would be mounted on the MRAP, and would be effective, but realistically limited by barrel overheating, and simple ammunition supply to firing rate ratio.