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  1. Website redesign exercise

    Thank you for your feedback @Psyrus. I appreciate you taking the time of answering on my post. Agree. The backgrounds are a bit misleading to me since they do not follow thru to the actual post. So I felt a stronger and unique image was maybe the right way to go. Something that is then later presented on the actual post page. I do feel the need of a strong "poster image" for a post. Since they can be used as a good communication tool when sharing a post on social networks or on chat apps. I also noticed that they are prefixing all of their updates to different things. Like "Announcement", "Release" and "Event" to name a few. So I went with some filter buttons so you could potentially filter thru all the posts. This to me adds better exploration value to a website. Yes, the simplistic and clean touch is something of a personal preference of mine. I was trying not to end up to close to the "bootstrappy" style. But since I use very similar buttons as they have in their styles and the 3 icons layout, might be getting too close. The layout is based on their 12 column layout model with 30px gaps and container margins. Maybe this is something that I need to look closer at. Maybe moving away from that layout could help reduce the "bootstrappy" style. Food for thought. I'm trying to understand the "gaming" feel you are mentioning. Could you elaborate on that? (What makes a website have more of a "gaming" feel to it?)
  2. Hello, First of all, Alpha 10 is great! Awesome work from the Squad dev team. Enjoying it a lot. I have made a redesign of the joinsquad.com website. I am a frontend developer by profession and recently started getting into visual/graphic design. This is only an exercise for me to learn more about layout, graphic design and information design. I have only redone the start-page of joinsquad.com but I wanted to get some constructive feedback already since I feel that is the best way to grow learn and proceed with the exercise. FYI. The exploration of visual identity is also something that is new ground for me. So I am trying to align it with that direction Squad already have. But still I'm exploring different options here as well. Desktop layout. https://i.imgur.com/x47uXQx.png Smartphone portrait layout. https://i.imgur.com/ivm2FS2.png So anyone feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I will probably not reply on un-constructive feedback. I also have an idea for a online tool for the community. But I will probably create another thread for that. FYI. Credits to the Icon designer Vincent Le Moign. (http://www.webalys.com) (found them on Smashing Magazine freebie section https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2017/05/free-geometric-ui-icons-ego/) Thanks for reading/viewing!