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  1. Crash or BSOD during Squad Boot

    @samwiseOrigin may be able to sort it, or move it up the chain. Also, check out this post (click on it, the preview does not show the entire post): I would suggest contacting the email listed there, and linking this thread as a resource.
  2. Crash or BSOD during Squad Boot

    This is a little troubling: I know you've tried every single thing you can think of or find, but have you done the localappdata cache clear, then Steam validation with Steam running as administrator, with all forms of anti-virus turned off? I found one post from a user having a similar issue, and it took running Steam as admin to validate properly.
  3. Crash or BSOD during Squad Boot

    You can find the Squad logs in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Squad\Saved Try getting Squad to fail to launch/crash, and mark down the time. Check Windows Event Viewer for all kinds of logs. Software, System, etc. around that timestamp. We're looking for kernel, driver, etc. failures. Events that simply state the system shut down unexpectedly is usually just an indication that a bluescreen or forced shut down (ie flipping the power switch on the power supply) and don't always give any useful information. And lastly, can you verify the size of your pagefile please? (weird, it changed my font type. Musta been the copy paste of the address)
  4. [Solved] Game will not start

    Sorry to hear you are having these issues, but I will applaud you on troubleshooting and listing what you've done. It helps. I know it's frustrating. Can you answer the following for me please: Does a Windows Event occur when it fails to launch/seemingly does nothing? Can you launch the game manually from the executable in the game folder (it will launch without EAC)? Let's see if we can get this solved.
  5. Crash or BSOD during Squad Boot

    Can you post a windows event viewer log from the crash event, as well as a Squad log from it? And just making sure, you did the cache cleaning manually be deleting the Squad folder in %localappdata% correct?
  6. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    Have you taken any steps to attempt to fix it yet?
  7. Separate sensitivity settings?

    Devs have indicated this is a planned feature. Location of indication was on the Official Discord.
  8. What is your Default device set to in your Windows audio panel, under recording?
  9. [Solved] Squad won't launch

    How did you clean the cache? Using the function or the method using %localappdata% ? If you have not done it using the manual method do the following: Hit Windows Key + R > Type in the box: "%localappdata%" (without the ""'s) then hit enter > Find the folder "Squad" and delete it. Then perform the verification on steam: Before it crashes, what do you see? Does it immediately crash before you see black/white screens, or the loading bar, squad logo, etc. Can you pull up Windows Event Viewer and find an event from the crash? Could try launching it and note the time it crashed at, to find the Event easier. If it generates an event, can you please copy the event details to a post here, or if it's huge, post it to https://pastebin.com/ and paste the link here.
  10. help game bug T.T

    7 months ago is a long time. We've seen at least one major update since then. Just about anything you can imagine could have and likely HAS changed. Koschilein is asking you if you can use a sound jack device (3.5mm audio cable based) to try and figure out if there is a driver/device issue, or of it is your PC itself causing issues. When troubleshooting, the name of the game is ruling things out. It is the only way to narrow down what's going on. Help others help you!
  11. OBS + Squad = Won't hook. Help!

    For the interim I've gone back to my old method of using Dxtory to capture and use OBS to record a device output from Dxtory. It works rather well, with next to no performance hit on the game (approx 5-10 FPS) relative to my max FPS. Even still, I would like to try and solve the hook issue in case Dxtory ever stops working, as well as to help others who may run into the same issue.
  12. untrusted system file error

    I would suggest you run a verification through steam on your game files, and see if the issue improves. If not, I would manually delete the file, then RE-RUN the verification. Do you have any form of anti-virus running on your PC?
  13. Hello everyone. I'm trying to track down a solution to my OBS with Squad issue. It is similar to the issues many people have faced, where OBS needs to hook to Squad.exe. As a result, Game Capture will have an all black preview, indicating no output at all. Audio is captured just fine. Steps done: I've setup the option in Game Capture to use the anti-cheat hook. Also tried without it. OBS is running as Admin (32bit and 64bit) Have tried OBS Classic as Admin (32bit and 64bit) Attempted to get Squad to run as admin (Squad.exe and the launcher are set to run as admin, as well as Squad.exe in the 64 bit binary folder) Tried NV and CPU based. Ensured there is no duplicate Game Captures in OBS. Removed all scenes, created a new one for this express purpose. OBS log spits out the following: 22:18:00.439: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] attempting to hook process: Squad.exe 22:18:00.441: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] using helper (compatibility hook) 22:18:00.450: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] hook not loaded yet, retrying.. It will repeat this over and over, never ceasing. Window Capture of course will not work with this game, and I cannot use Display/Monitor Capture as it is very laggy when playing. Hardware: CPU: 6700k GPU: 1080ti RAM: 32GB 3200MHz PSU: 850W Squad and OBS both on SSDs (separate) Any help on this subject would be massively appreciated, as right now I cannot stream. Thanks
  14. [Solved] Squad won't launch

    @Panagiotis93 Can you try launching the game from the folder directly, instead of through Steam? It may spit an error out that is easier to chase down.
  15. Compass Missing After V10

    Perhaps it just needed a kick in the pants. Regardless, I'm happy we've got it figured out.