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  1. Opinion on vaulting

    At the moment there is not mechanic that includes bodyarmor, also the whole armor mechanic of vehicels is quite simple. At the moment I also havent read something, that offworld will also includes a body armor system. I'm not sure if is just under development or it is stuck at the point of inbalance around Insurgents vs Regular Forces.
  2. British Armed Forces Maps

    Just some question: I have seen for the brits using the L85 or also called SA80 Series, whatever... ehm wasnt there something around the news that actually the britisch forces replace the SA80 already with the HK416 series? And if this so... wouldnt it be better to portray a more actual image of the british forces?
  3. PR is also at a finished state, and the result of the limitations made by the engine and the fact, its still a mod. To write an answer directly to the initial question about this topic: For myself, I do not want an serperation of a casual and a hardcore mode. Because I expect directly from Squad that the regular mode is already hardcore. At the moment Squad is still early access overall and stated itself as alpha state. If somebody want to create a more hardcore expierience like everything end up on a one hit kill and the same person calls this hardcore, ok, there is still the option to make a modification. Also I think the Mod way should not an excuse for everything maybe-feature. If I take a look to other games with seperated modes around ahrdcore or not, realistic or not, overall it ends everytime in the point, that the hardcore is just a bad cutted regular mode, messing up a huge amount of rules and balance and in the end only a very small community are playing it. And still there will be people complain around it isnt hardcore enougth or it isnt realistic and so on, but more important, it ends up in a weird discussion between "casuals" and "hardcore" player, both are confronted with the accusation that their mode is less "skillfull", just for "pussies" and other ugly and toxic arguments. For myself, just less hud and more damage are not a good hardcore mode, so to make a good hardcore mode there needs much more things to think about it and this also leads much more to just a full sceond game. So I prefer if we have just with Squad an overall tactical, deep, hardcore and nearly realistic gameplay expierience in just one regular mode. So we, the community, can enjoy together a great game. Like past the community was able to enjoy BF2 like it was, and later enjoy PR like it was.
  4. Please Fix the visibility.

    With 800m around MGs, do you realy mean accurate fire or you mean just supressive or simple support fire? And if you mean accurate fire, with or without scope or other help beside the sight itself? That the major combat distances is something dictated by the terrain is quite known for nearly everybody here At the moment the System that Squad used to make the euipment usable are maybe a bit to slow. At the moment every weapon seems to be carried in a bag like also any type of equipment. I cannot image that a soldier would carrie everything in a bag while he is suspecting every moment to get in contact. I'm sorry, I do not know the english word, but as far as I know its a common thing to carrie at least the weapon in a way were you can easiely just drop it out of your hands and grab to something else because there is a... leash? ... so your weapon will be haning around your front. The combination of security lock and a much slow animation overall making it a bit odd and like you say, its blow up the whole time you need to use what ever you want to use. I agree with you its a bit to slow and a bit to unintuitive to use. Even me as non soldier on walking trips and hunting help, I can draw my binos much faster and switch back to my signal flag. I think Squad is at the moment wuite good at portraying the whole problem of soldiers on the ground. It isnt realy easy to observe everything, while we have here mostly wide open fields where you can easiely watch everything on it moving, in other landscapes there is so much forest so your whole line of sight is just short, to short to be effective at observing. I think its just something where every modern soldier have also some issue with that, so the whole observing of a region is not only doing by some soldiers running around, they also use everything the can get, drones, binos, scopes, infrared sights, satelite pictures, maps and logical thinking. At the moment I would realy like to see that even a... is it called grunt in english? ... carries a monucular around with a less magnification compared to the binos of the scout, marksman and squad leader, but able to use it while holding a key like your zoom you suggested. Just while the palyer avatar is holding his weapon just with one hand he can just use a one the leash fixed monocular to get a quick peek on further distances. I would prefer it this way much more than just this *wosh* zoom *wush* thing. (Just a simple suggestion, it would be clear the usage of the weapon in this moment needs to be tweaked and so on... ) And before somebody comes with "hey thats maybe not official equipment for a US army member our what ever"... ehm.... If I would be a soldier who knows he is going somewhere while I'm suspection contact or even I know there is maybe whatever, I just would buy it by myself on of those monuculars or small binos and ask my squad leader or who is responsible there, if I can take it with me. And as Insurgent that would probaly appearing much more. Even the zoom will fix something or not, whatever, would it not be better to start on from the bad lods, renders, lighting, contrast, anti aliasing and so on before implement some zoom? Bad lods is still bad on higher magnification, bad lighting is also bad under zoom, bad render is stil bad under less FOV and so on. For myself I try it out today, there is plenty much space behind our house and over google maps I know that the range from our fence up to the next group of trees its ~300m. My dad was out in bright red clothes and if he would wear something like camouflage, I have sure trouble to even spot him just with my eyes even if he is moving. At least I have seen him but also I know on what I have to look to find him on this distance. At the moment I think Squad portrays this very well at the moment even if there is much more space above what we have now. But to get details, I'm honest, I would pick on this distances just my old Zeiss Optic to get a clue of whats going on. And no, I do not wear glasses. I'm not sure if a invisible crosshair is the solution. Basically, the croshair compensate the lack of body feeling, because it shows my (as long its a adaptive crosshair) if my avatar is already in the state of clear shots or not. This crosshair is a bridge between you as player on a screen and your avatar because you havent a whole "body feeling", you have only a audio visual feedback, not more, the crosshair ports the event in the game on a noticeable level for the player. Creating and than just making it invisible is a game mechanic that fits in PR due the technical limitatios of the engine. But now we play with the Unreal Engine, not as Mod, as native game executable. There are better ways. Also what you mean is mostly called in several games as "Deploy"-time and "Draw"-time together with calculations along a spread base level and there modifications around events in the game. Draw time is mostly used for the time between the insert of the weapon choosing key and the first time the weapon reached its base state. Deploytime is mostly used for the time between base state and ADS. Like Battlefield, it used the term "Deploytime" for weapon switching and do not have a timer between offset/hip and ADS. I think, at the moment, every weapon at Squad is highly accurate and you do not have at least a spread, while in real life there are many things they affect a accurate shot, some of those things are still leading to a common expection of how accurate a weapons is and its at least in a practical way just random. Squad can simulate as much as possible and will running over of informations while the whole practical effect even for the palyer is much more of a random even. I think Offworld should get here some better spread mechanics to involve "grouping" of shots on certain distances even if the shooter makes everything 100% right, there should be still some kind of spread. And with this spread there can by implement modifications under what circumstances this spreads goes up or down and combined with animatios along the weapon handling to give the player the need feedback to know how close his group would be if he starts shooting now. An invisible cross hair like you mentioned lacks of feedback and will lead at least much more just to couting down from ADS, the result will just be much more sniping because now everybody just wait a sec before he shoots and will stop moving with the goal to get a better situation so he can be sure his shoot will hit. If the player knows that even under best conditions he may be misslead his shoots, he will think twice if he starts an engagement on further distances by picking up headshots and maybe starts moving in a way that fit a way better to his own weapon or he will stop aiming for the head starts to aim for the biggest target he can engage, the whole body, so he can be sure his shoots will hit. And no, I do not mean that the whole spread goes up to the huge groups that you can see at BF, CoD or whatever. There is a other thread where already even real firearms shooter complain about the laserbeams with bulletdrop because it doesnt fit well creates a for less realistic behavior in firefights in a round of Squad. I do not like the zoom because it isnt intiutive, everytime you used, it would remember why in a very ugly way it is not just a game, its also not more than a workaround, its not a feature, its a work around, a hotfix, not a part of the game. This is the reason why I do not like it, its outstanding among other solutions to fit reality in gamerules in a very ugly and near also lazy way. The reason why I'm fine with ADS + Magnification is, because its much more near to reality, you have your front sight to focus on, you have your reflex to focus on, you have at least something where you can look at, you performing around a game an active action to get something what you want to intend to get, the zoom is just.... it just happens, there is nothing that comes close to this zoom in real life, everytime I sketchup up something and make my grids to copy things and bring them down in relation to another to create at least huge paintings on facade and walls I use different simple helps to helping me focus and get the details I want or may need. And I do not see why I should use free look to scan on further distances for enemy movement. If I'm in the situation that I need to use free look, than it isnt my task to observe my surroundings over that what I can clearly see, this is the task of the scout, marksman, SL and so on, this is the task of the guy on the roof and watches out. At the moment where I use free look its just, like in real life, to observer my closer surrounding. If I want to look further, and in the intention to get more details, I just use an optical device. Even in real, is there something beside my actual doing that get my attention, I stop whatever I do and take a closer look with everything I can use to take a closer look. Its one of those things newbies on buildingssite will at first learn: If someone want their attention, they have to stop whatever they did and coming along so you can clearly communicate. Like a soldier have to listen to his SL and than he can go back to what ever he have to do and so on. So in this case, free look should not be the reason to introduce some zoom or focus, because in real life you also do not focus on freelooking while performing a task you focus on your task and your free look is on a "smaller" level to perform. And I wouldnt say that a good tweaked ADS is a "stucked ultra zoom". There is a reason why most regular forces have more and more optical devices as standard on their rifles, maybe not home on the schooting range, but mostly more and more in the "hot zones". Since 1996 the G36 used as standard even home a magnified 3x scope in the first edition, now, with the G36A3 there is a picanntiny rail on the top on commonly equipped with a scope an reflex. Even with the old 3x scope, the intended range to engage targets is around a maximum of 500m. See even under the goal to bring up a realistic overall tactical movement of Player and Squads, a Zoom from nowhere wouldnt fit realy good to the game. So clearly, even official forces doesnt trust just in focussing around, the used a help and thats it. It isnt a standard game feature, its a work around in the ArmA Series and also in the old operation Flashpoint. And if you are close to the enemy, why should you get a disadvantage from a 1,25 or maximum of 2,0 magnification (yeah 2,00 is a bit much )? In Battlefield its works pretty fine, also in CoD or soemthing else, and those shooter are much more something around a fast paced shooter than squad wants ever to be. Also here is a reason why most modern troups using a scope and a reflex visor. Or at least a secondary Iron sight. And beside this, I'm also able to get very fast hits in CQB while using even a 6x or 8x magnification in Battlefield. The whole zoom doesnt limits me, the lack of realistic handling of magnified scopes makes it possible to doing well even on distances under 5m with a 6x scope. Its also a trade off for a magnified scope, you can look further and engage targets more easiely but you give up some comfortable usage on closer distances. Both of them leads at least to the point, that you shouldnt able to shoot with a iron sight like you have a magnified scope. There should still be a difference, a noticable difference And those simulation can only managed to give everybody a "magically" instand zoom of everything, with not restriction of draw and deploy times? It doesnt simulate the focus ability of the human, the human eye can only focus on something what it can see, there is no focus from the offset to nothing. At this point about the FOV: I'm running a bit out of time, so maybe I make later another post about the difference between magnification (or "zoom") and FOV, both are different and not just the same. Even on screens. Up to this point I'm in some way thankfully that we can still discuss.... sadly, in most other forums something like are always leading to hate on both sides, like the BF1 CTE Subreddit, we are already up to the point where people start to complain because a tripwire mine is able to kill somebody and isnt spotted with a huge Icon in the 3D View. Like also people starts to complain about the "nonsense of eisting on-shot-weapons", and they realy mean tank shells, headshots, shotguns, TNT and so on... this is so sad Thank you...
  5. Please Fix the visibility.

    Ok what you write sounds a bit better to understand, even I'm not with you for such a zoom....or that more abstraction leads to more realism.Gmaybe gaming is abstract, but that isnt a free pass to involve every mechanic to a game just because there some technical limitations so you can get even more abstract with some stuff. Like what you showed above... that isnt in any form intuitiv or feeling in a good way to fit the whole game. There is much more space than just give every player some zoom on button. There should be a more intuitive and organic way to solve this problem. Maybe an argument to thougth twice of some zoom and focus stuff is also.... every player is able to hit everything as long he can see it (around the handhold firearms, mortar etc. is something different) with enorm accuracy. While casual games like Battlefield involve a basic spread to every weapon, Squad have at least nothing of this or not in a way the result is affected by it in a sufficient extent. I'm pretty suprised by myself how easy it is to snipe around with the AK and ironsights and do also in this way. So mostly it even doesnt become a firefight because now we are already on the point where the result of engagements are more something like how sees whos first and is able to snipe them first, and this already on distances I'm not sure if this is a common thing in real situations to start sniping around with reflex or ironsights above 300 or 400m. At this point im total with you. And this is some point I'm not sure if it works quite well around that zoom feature. Would it realy end in a more realistic behavior of all participating player? All what I get from afghanistan and mali, syria and so is what I get trougth the web (Yeah at the moment I cant buy every day a newspaper ) . So I'm asking myself if realy a US Army member or an entire squad would start sniping with the M4 on distances over 200m. I'm pretty while you read this, you will maybe come on the idea, that it is not just about weapons handling but also, like you already mentioned, about the ability to look and spot enemy movement while using freelook. But here I want to ask you: is it in this situation maybe not better just to put out your binos or using your scope to go spotting on higher distances (or at least give this task the squaddy with the bino and scopes while you keeping on your own range) I do not question the supression system, more in the other way: Its not wuite effective enougth to compensate the lack of fear about deaths and injuries and also to simulate the whole body reflex for self-preservation (At this point: thats the army or civils with weapons we play "as avatar", no special forces....) Wait what... you mean they scaled the Air combat from 20 nautical miles to 6 nautical miles? Or did I get something? If this so (to be honest: I`m not realy sure if I understand you), than why its not also possible to scale theground combat a bit "smaller" to fit better to the technical limitations? At this point, I do not want to buy a 4k or 8k Setup just to play Squad, I want also to play it just on 1080p (or was it "i"? ) with an entire setup that can run it there with 60-120fps (As craftsman, I'm at the bottom of the income lists ...it would be sad if more deep games a restricted to people with big machines and all what I got is still running around in casual games like BF). Even on this point I'm with you, and even on this point I disagree to you, that the only way to fix the visibility is just a zoom. If you are not able to get a clear look on 100 or 200m, you get something to do so, and much more on 300m, 400m and so on. Maybe you get just closer, or you will using binos, scopes and so on. So for me, its more naturally just to have something in Squad that provide a good visibility on further distances than just add some zoom. At the moment I prefer the focus of Squad over the drastically zoom of Arma, but much more, I wish for my self just get rid of the focus and add better fitting sights, even iron sights, to the game. At the moment, say it simple (maybe I should create a image to explain it better), we are sitting mostly 60-70cm from the screen, up to 80cm like it is here by me, and than the 2D Illusion that shows the 3D Model of the Ironsight, is also portraying the view from the camera of the avatar up to the sights. Wich mean we have ~70cm from ourself, adding also the distance from cam to sight, and around what I see while using freelook, also the cam is ~5cm away from the position of the eyes. Ending up of nearly a illusionary distance of over 80, 90cm. Even the Iron sights of the M4 apears much more away than it maybe should be (I'm not a Firearms-shooter, I shoot with Bow without sights, I can only tell how I see it as somebody whos major job is it to display 3d things on 2d sufraces, and also eduaced in it... so if somebody know the truth, I want it to know! ) Ending up that at the moment the whole view is too far away, at least for the sights, and this is some reason why I think before we adding more and more zoom without gadgets, we should tweak the ADS view a far better into the game, maybe be with a basic magnification of 1,25 or 1,50 or around a less open FOV. While keeping a wide FOV for the "offset"-view. Kinky was maybe not realy well choosed. English isnt my native english, and most of what I know about english I havent get it in a educational way. I have also nobody to speak english, just writing and using the google translater for some words. I havent any feeling for language because I'm restricted to listen, reading and writing. I apologize for the circumstances, that I may not be able to express myself in english in a proper way. I hope you would forgive me about that
  6. Please Fix the visibility.

    Thats paradox, it is a contradiction.
  7. Please Fix the visibility.

    Right klick is already my ADS. And I wouldnt say you are blind without this kinky zoom.
  8. Please Fix the visibility.

    There are plenty games running very well even without some kind of zoom like above. I do not want to cycling around with some views.... it doesnt feels very intuitive overall, something thats realy important to make a game realistic and smooth. And I wouldnt say without the magic zoom you are blind....
  9. Please Fix the visibility.

    That looks so weird
  10. Please Fix the visibility.

    The issue with the zoom is, that its seperation is a far too abstract, its doesnt fit good to the idea to make it as real as possible. Focussing and "reallife zoom" occurs only as long you are able to focus on something, like your front sight of your weapon. It feels weird and woudlnt realy fix anything. Just a zoom doesnt work realy ergonomic or gives around the audio/visual restriction a good body feel and feedback of what happening. If you want going around and spotting something it fit much better just to use corresponding optical devices. You`re right here. Just one FOV is shit. A solution is here, to make a different FOV of ADS and Normal "offset" view. At this point, it doenst matter if you are going to aim down the sight with a Bino or with a Scope. I see this seperation important because it fits game comfortable controlls better, works better with the immersion and emphatic (or emphated?) better events in the game itself. At least, any solution works only if FOV, Render and Magnifaction works together. Its wrong because a seperated zoom, toggle, hold or whatever, doesnt fit the illusion of body feeling and is a "hard introduced help" on the side of the game and not a good embedded one. Maybe its in the Alpha a good hotfix, but above this some kind of bad, or better, lazy gamedesign and against the "organic" feeling thats one of the goals of squad. Beside this: Arma is a bad reference for me. Most realismen occurs only due the qestionable controls to trigger different events of what ever than fitting well together. At least that's my impression from what I have seen and was able to play along ...Demos or free weekend palys? Not sure. Maybe with some Mods and so on its good but it isnt a game I would by in my own intent.
  11. Please Fix the visibility.

    Maybe at the moment, the best way is to deal with what we can do now from the side of Squad before adressing a maybe-of-whatever-technical-standard. I'm not a fan about the Arma zoom and such stuff, like now the "focus". I would prefer if the Devs get more into the fact, that at the moment a video game is just an audio visual expierience and everything that happens in the game is also just only noted by sound or optical events. Not more, there isnt any real feedback, no force or weight or something else you can feel. And thats the point where the game helps out, with help like a HUD or GUI (or wich word is fitting it better), with some tweaks around things they do not occur in real life. And also adding here and there some limits. In other words, every game is even by trying to be realistic just a copy of the real world breaked down to mathematically possible gamerules. Instad of the Arma liek Zoom/Focus what ever, I would prefer to handle it much more comfortable, like having with everysight an basic magnification (Or less field of view) at the moment where I start aiming down the sight while I have a much high Field of View as long I do not aim down the sight to come close enougth to the real situiation of different awarness of you and your surrounding. I'm with you, but not about the Zoom. Like writed above, I think the zoom should be better implement together with using ADS to great a much smoother controll. A seperated zoom is not more than just another button. It makes something more complex and intentionally insteed to make it more reflexively where you do not need to think about it to happen (some people would it call muscle memory or subconscious). But thats just only the point around the palyers avatar and his setting up in the gamerules. The real visibility is much more something about a good rendering of entire all you will see in the game and here we should be honest: Squad sucks about this. I'm not sure why, but it is like it is. Maybe its not a good comparsion, but Battlefield 3, 4 Hardline and BF1 are able to render even great distances with much better result. But we also do not forget about the thing.... Scopes and Binoculars are intended to make it not just easier, but also just whole possible to spot and engage enemys on further distances. Likethe render limits the visibility, scopes can set those limit further on greater distances. Worldrender and FOV, Zoom/Magnifactions, drawing of Scopes and Binoculars should work together to bring the game expierience as near as possible to "real" expieriences. Staying on the point "In IRL you do not have a Zoom" isnt realy contructive to compensate the limits of technic. The Eye works different than a camera. The vision on Distance works different then the vision on a monitor, a monitor projects just a 2D Picture, everything we see on the monitor are 2D, not 3D, the "Picture" itselfs creats the illusion of depth and 3D. Like I as painter eduacted for "Trompe-l´œil", or in other words, painting objects on plain surfaces to create the illusion of of real objects with depth.
  12. M4 Acog

    Thats the modern warfare, scopes everywhere
  13. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Yeah. Official Forces with all those nice funny big bang ba da bumm toys At the moment the whole forum discusses like this wont happen ... or more to say it in this way: the whole impressions of the forum leads to it.... and its also the point because I cannot understand why is everybody sticking to the state of now and arguing around this state that would lead to imbalance
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Thats a good point, but I was more thingking about focussing on just the Ins vs Regular overhelming the whole game features up to the regular vs regular maps. I do not think the Ins vs Regulars Setting should affect this much the regular vs regular setting. Most good suggestions here are denied just because most people do not want them in the ins vs regular modes because balance, and this is ok, but that shouldnt mean that those feature should not be in the game. Maybe Offworld should make in the whole design Process as nearly as possible a much more noticeable difference between those two scenarios and settings. But to answer your question: I know it wouldnt be realy funny to play in this way if theres nothing to balance it out and you will look the most time on a black screen. Like I wrote above: Even its not fun, it shouldnt affect the possible game features around a regular vs regular scenario. Maybe it would be better to replace the regular forces with something like a privat para military faction or something like "Security Forces" to build up a more different expierience in details between both scenarios.