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  1. So... I have a really strange issue with audio, I was unable to find anything on it during my research. To start, I'm fairly new to the game, when I first started I went out to the edge of the map (just to do it, and because I heard enemy fire) The further out I got, the louder the gunfire was, but nothing was there not even an enemy spawn or base. This weird phenomena also happens to me in battle currently. When I hear a vehicle, and it sounds like it's coming from the N or NNW or wherever, it's usually the opposite or wayyy off of where I intended on looking. It is really confusing and makes it difficult to play the game, if there is small arms fire I have no idea where it's coming from which is fine, but I know if my audio was better I would at least be able to find out what general direction it's coming from instead of relying on muzzle flash, and bullet holes, or downed teammates. Can anyone help, is this a known problem or just me? My spec's are: (don't laugh..) Nvidia GT 1050 AMD A8-9600 On-board audio (Asus MOBO) I'm rocking a Jabra Evolve 65 headset until I can purchase a better one. I've also got other pairs of headphones which I've tested as well, also no audio effects in the system tray are on. I think the problem is purely the game, but who knows. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks!