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  1. Most people in Tank vs Tank Combat doesn't know how to fight properly. BUT! The issue is that there very limited alternatives to killing Tanks. The best alternative is by using TOWs, but you can't use TOWs all over the map. What we need is to put more IFVs into the battlefield and attack Helis.

    1. MEC 2. MEC 3. MEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. New Map: Grozny

    I do agree that Grozny needs to be made in Squad. We got the Militia and the Russians faction in the game. Why not make it. I know the devs like to make new maps rather than the old, but a lot of tense moments happened in this map. Pls make it
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    Squad will die slowly like what happened to PR, but knowing the community. It will take years before that will happen. There is a lot of replayability, and mods haven't been properly implemented (Modding 2.0 Gatzby where IS IT!!!) for it to expand the life cycle of the game. Otherwise, the game will be here for years. By the way, you need to get your internet fix because my ping is fine and the net coding is good. Criticizing the pace of the game's development is worth to be criticized as the game should have been completed since last year. Now the game is almost done with adding features to the game. Polishing will be the next thing to do. V12 is the most optimized it has ever been in every version.
  5. I am not sure if I am seeing this right. One video of Squad has 10 million views and another has 8.9 million. https://search.bilibili.com/all?keyword=Squad&from_source=nav_search
  6. The Fate of Fallujah?

    It is a risk, but OWI is not like Take 2 interactive at all where they have a huge legal division. OWI is a small indie company that has smaller funds and a smaller legal division (I think).
  7. Any one seen something like this before!

    Yes only once in Belaya.
  8. Regarding V.12

    It is not saying that the V12 will be launch, but it indicates that OWI is planning to release a public test beta for V12 soon.
  9. The Fate of Fallujah?

    I noticed in the last few recaps how Fallujah has gone under the radar, and I can't find the reason why Fallujah has disappeared. Is it still in development. What happened to it?
  10. Recap = September

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIB V12 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  11. Yes, mine is up to date today and yet nothing changed.
  12. You are not the only one. When the new vehicles attack my fps goes from 45 to 5 fps. It is irritating me. I have a gtx 1050 with 8gb of ram, and intel core i7 7700 3.6. It is only worse when you join the match and spawn right in the middle of combat.