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  1. with fullscreen enabled the game freezes

    Until Friday I don't have access in my computer from where I play Squad, so I'll send everything you requested in Friday. I'm happy you are willing to help and I hope we can find a solution for my problem. Thank you!
  2. with fullscreen enabled the game freezes

    Hello, In main menu the temps go 60C with 78% usage and in game the usage sometimes stays that much and the temps go over 70C. The CPU stays a bit more low in usage but the temps go 65-70C. I wanted to attach some pictures of how the crash happens but as it seems I can't. I want to know why I have to be reviewed for my posts. Please help me in how to send you the pictures so you can see what exactly happens. Thank you!
  3. If I set the game at fullscreen, it crashes (black screen) and it freezes the computer. To make it function I have to restart the PC and delete the cache folder of Squad, so the settings go to default (windowed mode). I tried fresh reinstall and also all the other recommended tips which I found in internet but nothing seems to work. Also I've tried playing this game with everything set to low with borderless mode 1600x900 and it stutters a lot at 40-50 fps. Not to mention also super high temps because of high CPU and GPU usage (70-80% both) which goes up to +70C both components. I bought this game when it was on sale after the V10 alpha rolled out. If someone can help me would be nice because I tried asking the reddit Squad community but no one cared. I know I don't have a high-end rig but by looking the official system requirements this one that I have should be enough to run this game at 1080p with 60fps without problems. *My PC: I7 6700K @ 4.00 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GTX 960 2GB. *Is not my PC's fault because I play other more demanding games without any problems which have better graphics and it never crashes nor it freezes like this one. I don't understand why should I seek approval for support? Isn't this a forum?