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  1. [Solved] Game wont start

    ok managed to fix the issue in both games. Appearanlty i had to reinstall C++ 2013, despite the fact that neither game gave any error codes about it. Arma Forums suggested as one of the possible solutions and it worked.
  2. [Solved] Game wont start

    Windows 7 64bit FX8350 @4.7Ghz 8GB @1866 DDR3 RX470 4 GB SSD 250GB 850 Evo 1TB Black Caviar HDD I keep deleting the folder as you suggest, but the game still wont start. Going to download latest drivers and DIrect X. I am playing alot of other games but Squad and Arma 3 arent starting. Maybe this is correlated.
  3. [Solved] Game wont start

    i meant downloading from Steam. I did the instructions as you told me but nothign is happening.
  4. I just purchased SQUAD. Toorent finished downloading on steam. started it but nothing happens. Searched on the net about solutions. i ran -noeac didnt work. CAnt find this appdata file to delete it. wtf is going on ? why is this game bugged, that it wont even start. PLox halp