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  1. Remember to update the server, a fix was made 23/06 thanks for yr event
  2. Share mod

    ah and loading my mod, I get this from SDK v10 SCREEN: https://gyazo.com/e0d3a0c1026a4e680aedca3950d43c46 thx
  3. Share mod

    Hi all I look at the wiki <https://squad.gamepedia.com/Releasing_a_Mod>, for the packaging procedure, but I still have a build error, I check my mode, and I can not find any problem, is a map. I tried to make a package of an official map, and I also have a package error. I think that I do not give the right files in the mod, <name_mod_content> that I create with <create mood> I think I'm not moving the right file in <mods_content> can you tell me if I need to put the map/mymap directory or the / mymap content thx
  4. build v9 compatibility on v10 ?

    Hello, I would like to know if I put on steam my new map, it will be compatible with the v10, or I have to wait for the update of squad sdk also in V10? THX