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  1. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    I'll try to join on you're TeamSpeak tonight and get my application moving guys.
  2. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Well, with QFF gone and until then I hadn't really found a community large enough and with sufficient presense and decent servers that allowed me to pop in with confidence of finding welcoming team members. I'm not looking for the "Uber Multi-Game Clan!", my lifestyle doesn't really allow me to be part of a high-demand group anymore (been a clan leader before), I'm just a regular guy but who'll take and make the jokes but will still light-up and say "So, we ready then ya wanker?" when the time comes. I'm looking for an EU based server to call my home/regular digs, that's English speaking and with members who know the game. Name: Quinch Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/quinch/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 48 Timezone or Region: UK (EU) Nature of Interest: Milsim and Casual. Gaming Background: Ex-Infantry (LSW gunner) many, many years ago. Since then led a full life and done plenty but still enjoy getting into that "frame of mind" ... to be honest I kinda miss it sometimes. This is an experience I've found a few times in Squad, where I've just "clicked", whilst i'm still learning the game, the maps etc I'm really enjoying it. Additional Skills: I listen to orders given, carry them out to the best of my (limited) abilities. I have a good sense of humour but I'm also considerate and articulate. Status: "Unsigned"
  3. Map Loading Times?

    So where are map apk's stored? Are they still locally stored on your PC HDD or SSD? Issue I have is I get into a game ok but wait a considerable time for the map to preload before I can start selecting spawn etc. Once it's done this I'm golden...I'm running at 50-60fps, no noticeable lag etc. Lasts all match...then map change comes for the next match and it starts all over. I'm just trying to work out how to minimise that delay.
  4. Map Loading Times?

    The game runs just fine on my PC currently, the only issue I have is map loading times. I'm not familiar with how Squad software is set up/installed so asking the question on how to remedy this issue best. Which is more likely to speed up loading times? 1) Squad (the game) installed on an SSD? OR 2) Installing 16/32Gb of RAM? Obviously, at the moment, another SSD is a far cheaper option than even buying 8Gb of RAM! but I want to solve the issue the best way and not just take one option to find out I've not solve the problem. lol From my experience if the maps are loaded from locally stored data (HDD) then moving the game to an SSD will greatly help but if they're stored server side and loaded into cache I'll need RAM. Let me know, thanks. Current basic system specs: Intel Core i5-6400, 120Gb SSD, 1 TB WD HDD, 8Gb 2400Mhz RAM, Nivia GTX 1060 3Gb. (I currently keep the SSD for system OS and drivers etc)
  5. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Wise words. Liking how QFF have been running things so far on their servers for me as a lowly PuG player so I'll have a look to joining you guys on a more regular(ish) basis. Eventually I'll have sufficient time on server to be invited formally by yourselves. Only clan/group I'm in currently is Holdfast: Nations at War exclusive, and whilst a couple from the same group play the game, I don't foresee any issues.
  6. You've made a great start already. Making sure you've tried all the weapons, all the roles and used all the vehicles to learn some of the basics plus watching gameplay videos is a huge step in the right direction. I'm not experienced myself either but my suggestion is to just choose a server with a decently low ping for your region and jump in. Join a squad (never start one yourself at this stage) and the first thing to do is just say hello to the squad leader. Ask if he/she has any preferred role for you to play and go from there. Maybe medic to start? You can avoid combat but get plenty of experience with the flow of gameplay by chasing your squad about and trying to keep them all alive! Most importantly is communication. Asking where people are, giving directions of contacts, just making a joke as you patch someone up as a medic "Remember I need a receipt for that bandage" etc. Sometimes you get a squad who are wholly uncommunicative from Squad Leader to Infantryman...it happens...just move to a different squad next game and keep trying.
  7. "...worst gaming experiences in my entire life...." Quite new to the internet and MMO gaming in general are you? Hate to point out but load up something like World of Tanks and end up crying into your lap at the helplessness and uselessness of all existence within an hour due to how childish, self-fornicating and pathetic "teams" are in 85% of the matches in that game! haha! (and still wondering how I can get rid of my WG account in a worthwhile way)
  8. Got to admit I'd be pretty salty if a player looked me square in the face for a good handful of seconds and 1) I hadn't shot them 2) I'm wearing the same uniform as them And they then proceeded to hose me down! Squad is a semi-sim game and its helpful to have watched a few gameplay videos before diving in so you, at least, know friend from foe from within 10m lol! However the key to take away from this for the OP is: 1) YOU WEREN'T VERBALLY ABUSED (far worse could have happened than being kicked!!) 2) Being kicked was fitting punishment as you hadn't even introduced yourself on squad chat before proceeding to hose your SL down 3) Go watch some gameplay videos 4) Spend a good hour in the Shooting Range to practice weapons, vehicles & roles 5) Get back in and try again 6) SAY HELLO AND TELL THEM YOU'RE NEW SO THEY DON'T TAKE YOU FOR A RANDOM TROLL
  9. Squad Leader squad creation locks

    I imagine that's ok but its not really using your role or kit to its potential. In those situations its far more tactically flexible to move a rifleman to an AR role surely? Realise where you're coming from however so I won't try to second guess how you run a squad of course but there's a real issue with players "jumping ship" mid-match still. Maybe its server related, you're likely to get this on unlocked servers with higher proportion of PUG players and the ultimate answer to any of this is joining a locked server via an organised group but its not always an option....certainly not an option for newer players (less than 20hrs gameplay for example) or players who's timezone/ability to be online doesn't match the majority of clans. I'm just offering suggestions I guess and some form of lock at the pre-game stage would certainly be welcome as the biggest issue is players creating random/empty squads adhoc during the pregame phase.
  10. I see no reason not to have both in my library. They'll have a completely different game flow, pace and feel if only because of working with weapons that are naturally slower with a far more limited number of auto and even semi-automatic weapons. Of course, it will get an explosion of players when its initially put into open access (late Alpha?), so I'm unlikely to purchase it initially but after that first flush I'm sure I'll be looking to buy it. Yes, plenty of similarities in UI between Squad and PS but that's a good thing to me...and as the use of the game engine etc are all above board and legal I have no issues with this. They'll be DIFFERENT enough in game play (where it counts) that I'm sure they can live alongside each other and I'd be happy to alternate game evenings between them.
  11. One annoying issue currently are players creating squads only to either completely leave the game or leave the squad once a game goes live or creating squads and dumping SL role on another random player in the same squad. Virtually always this is done without any communication or notification to the poor sod suddenly finding out he was a medic and now a medic/SL!! I had a search if these suggestions had been put forward before but found nothing. I’ve thought of a couple of methods to help with this but there are some options that might not be ideal so let’s discuss this issue. 1) Obviously, we can’t police against players finding they’ve been logged off a server or have sudden internet issues so a suggestion to cover SL’s who drop from a server (either intentionally or accidental) would be that players in the unit have a pop-up notification “Squad Leader Disconnected” (nice and clear) and players from the squad are dropped back into the Team screen to either join another squad or create another. Currently I think the game randomly allocates an SL, catching players off guard and unprepared. 2) A mechanism to cover SL’s randomly leaving a squad: One SL is selected as a role, player is locked to that Squad until SL is accepted by another player (mechanism expanded in next suggestion) 3) Transferring of SL role within a squad: An SL wishing to drop his SL role MUST nominate another player in his squad as an SL, that player must accept the request “You are nominated as SL. Do you accept: Yes / No”. Answering No means the current SL must choose another player and continue to do so until either the role is taken or all players have declined. Universal declining leads to an option for the current SL “Remain SL or Disband squad”. Disbanding throws players into Team formation screen again. I think these simple mechanisms sound long winded but will be simple and reasonably fast to use. Not only that but the added layer of options may discourage players starting squads with the full intention of trolling by just leaving the squad high and dry.
  12. Newbie, UK Based - Hey

    Well I'm a UK based tired Dad so .... lol...have to let you know that there's just some things that aren't obvious in the game mechanics (in particular using vehicles, such as Logistics and rear mounted weaponry). So my BEST advice is make extensive use of the Shooting Range. You're on your own, so can't screw up, there are at least SOME pop up notes on how to enter and use vehicles, weapons etc. The one thing you can't do is learn how to do a Logi (Logistics) run. I'd just suggest joining an Insurgent side in a battle and just telling your Squad Leader (SL) you want to do a Logi run but don't know how...they'll talk it through. I could explain here but typing it out isn't easy to make it understandable and readable. Other hint, don't be an SL until you're more familiar with the game. Other than that, pick any English language server and dive in!
  13. Letting people know what potato you're using to play the game might be helpful. Have to say my pretty medium spec machine runs it fine, at 70-100fps, high default details, looks great and I only have an i5 and 1060 3Gb. Only issue I have is length of loading times for maps...which is soooooo loooonnnnnggg...but once in, no issues at all graphically except the occasional, and obvious "Alpha" glitch.
  14. [Solved] Squad Freezes

    I've noted that if I attempt to Alt+TAB whilst either a map is loading etc Squad will completely lock up, I can't even access task manager as Squad falls back into windowed mode but won't allow any windows to overlay it (so I can't even see the task manager window for example). Luckily all I have to do is Log Out of that profile on my PC and that shuts down any open software. Its a pain but ... game is Alpha still and it runs really well on my (what I feel) is only a mid-range machine (i5-6400, 1060 3Gb, 8Gb DDR4 2333mhz RAM). When I'm in game it defaults the the highest graphical and audio settings. Perhaps I'll get better overall performance and this issue won't happen if I downgrade my settings?
  15. Squad Operations - Hardcore One Life Events

    Thinking similar. I'm assuming the calendar on the website automatically adjust times of the event to match the location of your ISP (as most events show at 01:00hrs etc) so if that's correct I can, at least, attend an SOTT and I note some weekend events are held at reasonable UK times such as Hostile Flurry coming soon set at 20:30hrs as I see it on the calendar. If an Ops member/regular could advise that'll be great!