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  1. So the loud ringing sound when you get killed/bleeding is simply too much. I've found myself getting headaches from it, to the point where I rather just give up instead of waiting for a medic. Maybe because I already have tinnitus in rl, it compounds the sound to make it absolutely horrible. It sounds cool yes, but bad it terms of enjoyment for the game, it's a flop. If the objective is to make it hard to hear for strategic value, why not just disable, or muffle it.
  2. Small update, I don't get the death tone anymore after changing audio to low! EDIT: Thanks for the help guys!
  3. That makes a lot more sense that it's not a feature added in v10. I just assumed it was as I didn't have that bug before v10. What's the best way to get one of the dev's attention to see the info in this thread? Maybe a way I can give them my info so they can look into it. I'm going to be upgrading my PC to a new build tomorrow, maybe that will fix it?
  4. I'm using Realtek on board sound card. The headset is a Hyper X with a 3.5mm jack. Is there a way to disable that sound completely? Also maybe I can copy your audio settings to see if it goes away?
  5. I've got all my sound settings on default. This has only started since the last patch.
  6. Hey so here's the sound I was talking about in the link
  7. Yeah I think the best bet is for me to record what I'm hearing!
  8. Yeah that's what I used to hear, just a muffled sound. But with the latest patch I thought they had added this ringing sound as a feature. Maybe it's a bug?
  9. So when you get shot, and you're waiting for a medic, there's a loud ringing sound. It goes away once you're picked up or you click give up.