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  1. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    But is it possible to just get a simple "Actions have been taken", "Insufficient evidence, please supplement with more" or "Case have been closed due to lack of evidence"? I can appreciate the matter of privacy but i think admin reports needs to be handled as customer complaints. If a customer complain do you not respond to them? We bought this game and in accordance to the information you are providing here you are basically saying you will uphold the official servers to this standard as you will take their licenses if they aren't abiding. So this kinda becomes a part of the product? So in the end our admin reports is no different than a customer complaint and most companies at least replies if you complain to them. I love it that you have Game Server Administration Guidelines and that you have stated licenses will be revoked if server owners do not comply. I love that you have a Report Server Admin Abuse Form because a lot of gaming developers I seen in my time never have that and we customers/gamer's are left to our own devices. IMO if I were to promote this game to someone I would use this as a sales argument but it doesn't matter if us the customers don't feel our complaints are being taken serious. So at least give us the respect of replying to our reports and give us some feedback on how our matters is being handled?
  2. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ Can we get feedback on our reports so we know you care? is these only for the looks? just a placebo to make us think you care? We respect your wishes to not post these in the forum so we use the report form. is this because you don't want the critique to be discussed because you don't plan on doing anything about it? You can at least make one comment letting us know if you reviewed it, if its insufficient evidence or if the report is false or if its valid and that you will proceed with actions. anything.
  3. Missing HUD elements

    Description: Sometimes I cannot see my mags for any weapon nor vehicles. Steps to reproduce: Unknown Occurrence: Random, sometimes i see them and sometimes I don't. I think it may dispensary in between map changes. Since V11 Specs: OS: Win 10 64bit GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080 Ti RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB (2x8GB) CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K Actions taken to fix: 1. updated to the latest graphics drivers 2. cleared game cache 3. tried changing resolution Observe the lower right corner
  4. Missing HUD elements

    yepp... it seams to disappear from my hud if im getting into vehicles
  5. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    Is there anyone who have sent a report that know actions have been taken?
  6. Squad - Public Testing now available on Steam

    I don't recommend having the server messages and enemy chat text color in the same red.
  7. Squad - Public Testing now available on Steam

    Please bring back Walk Honestly why even remove it, was it hurting people, was it in the way for coding the new tanks, Have players complained that it was there?
  8. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    This is my argument here as well. We need feedback on our reports. We cannot otherwise get confidence in OWI that the matter is taken serious. Who knows if all our reports have been handled and there is no cause to get frustrated, except without feedback we don't know and we are left in the dark.
  9. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    This is another point that is being broken a lot There is plenty of servers missing their rules on the squad forum and in this point even clearly states that licenses will be removed if rules aren't in the squad forum. there is plenty of servers that violates this but we cannot speak about it here due to following text: found here http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/
  10. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    I agree but I'm not asking them to act blindly am I? I'm just asking them to give feedback. You don't know if you provided insufficient evidence, discarded the report as false or if they taken actions based on the evidence you provided. They aren't even asking questions back to you in case they needed clarification. Try the feature yourself and check if you get any response
  11. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    Very few games have systems like this but it means nothing if its just there for show, as a placebo. In the guidelines its starts with You would think the OWI is serious as they written "MUST" and capitalize it, also clearly stating below that it is "a condition of holding a license" If OWI were to actually take these thing seriously then this community could probably a really great community. But my first impression of this system is that they only have it as a placebo atm. Just Feel free to challenge my position on this, I hope I am wrong about it
  12. ~SRA~ Recruitment

    SRA is still looking for new members! We welcome experiences as well as green! We care about teamwork and our members feedback and if you appreciate such environment and have the desire to improve as a team-player Add me on steam or join us on our discord!
  13. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    I think that when you are developing a game and have a certain fan base that you need to consider not only your needs but also the fans. Without players supporting your product you may find it harder to make your budget go around. Even if a lot of us all ready own a copy of the game, if player feel the developer isn't really appreciating you then you may stop playing and the total player base lowers and server becomes less populated. The smaller the player base may be the harder it can be to market the game to new players. We live on earth and not everyone have the same time zones. It couldn't have harmed Offworld to at least have it available for 48h so all of its fans across the globe to had a chance to feel that their feedback in this test would matter too. Its all about PR/fan service as well as getting feedback. I'm in Europe so I also got the chance to test it out, but i'm not thinking about myself here.
  14. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Its kinda unfair towards some of the western time zones players of this game...
  15. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Many problem may be due to the game cache not being clearad Check this link for instructions https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache Also as previous posters try verifying integrity of game files. instructions here https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  16. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Try verifying integrity of game cache
  17. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    W+Shift = Sprint W = Run W + Push-to-walk (it may actually have been caps-lock by default) = Walk Check it out in the V11 version
  18. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    You could bind a key to hold down to slow your characters speed. in other words, walk. You could combine it with standing, crouching and proning. it allowed you to move slower than just holding W preventing players eye detecting you as it is easier to see a faster moving target than slower. Check it out in the V11
  19. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Don't take away the feature to hold to walk. Its really useful if you know when to use it! (While many player may not perhaps use it, it could be perhaps because people didn't realize it was there or people maybe didn't apprechiate how useful it can be if you require the extra finess during stealth. The walk is really useful when you wanna still move but get more time to scan your surrounding. ADS is not the same as it forces you to look through your optics and not get the wider perspective) Make the tabs: TEAM SELECTION, ROLE LOADOUT & DEPLOY remain when you are in the TEAM SELECTION (if you accidentally or intentionally click/flip through the tabs you have to move the mouse across the entire screen pretty much to move into role) Make the weapon icons when viewing your squad members in the squad list smaller/toggleable/scaleable (The info it provides vs the space it takes up its disproportional) Don't use exponential scrolling sensitivity for map zoom. if any make it an option to change it in settings to linear or exponential You cannot exit the spawn menu without it auto assigning spawn point in the start of the round thus preventing you from reading chat and server messages Why is there 4 dots around the order marker? its just adds clutter. (The more clutter around a symbol only makes the clarity of the symbol diminished) Its a lot harder to see how many of the support roles are taken. Can we get the summary back? (example 2/3) More feedback may come.
  20. Community Clan Fight Night

    SRA out
  21. Community Clan Fight Night

    SRA in
  22. June 2018 Recap

    I agree that this system they wanna introduce is adding more problems, but i do not think the area of effect should be centered around the HAB. I believe its good the way it is right now as it gives the SLs a challenging decision were they have to weigh the risk of the radio going down while being hidden outside the cap-zone and the HAB inside have better more reliable re-spawn ability or go for the more safer and easier to protect solution of joining the FOB and HAB at the same position to have greater security at the risk of not being able to reliable re-spawn. My issue with the new system is that I think its going to reduce the effort of destroying a actively used FOB. Right now if you for example know there is an attack FOB in an area that the enemy is actively spawning from and you wanna destroy it you today really need to it as a team effort. You would need people camping the FOB to prevent the enemy from spawning in and you would need someone to dig. if you have extra you could have them watching the surroundings (however most of the times you can effectively kill a FOB with 2 people one camping and one digging.). With the new update you would be able to do both digging and preventing people form spawning meaning you will see a lot more solo FOB hunters going about. Im not sure this is the direction you (Offworld) wanna go with this game. From my perception you been going towards the direction of stimulating teamwork and not stimulating lone-wolfing. Perhaps use the system you all-ready have in place with the spawn-timer for the spawn waves going up dependent on the amount of enemies in range of the FOB. You can rather make a more significant time increase over completely blocking the spawn ability. Also perhaps using a que/slot-based system with an certain amount of people that can be spawned in at once to not overcrowd the HAB and you can also use that system too when enemies are near that the more enemies are within range of the FOB the amount of slot to spawn in the way gets reduced too. If you gradually increases the time in between re-spawn waves on FOBs you will reduce the "meat grind" effect and stimulate more coordinated attack strategies to both take out FOBs used for deference aswell an FOBs used for attack. More coordination for attack -> more teamwork -> more "squad"
  23. Community Clan Fight Night

    SRA in
  24. Community Clan Fight Night

    SRA In Gorodok AAS v3