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  1. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    It great that OWI recognizes how powerful a playerbase with modding interest and a game that is modable is (Considering Squad having its own roots in such environment with Project Reality) and finding ways to include/recognize mods/modders. My concern is that OWI might be forgetting it. You as mod creator should be recognized as the creator of your work, not OWI. If OWI makes it intentionally to seam like the content is created by them as content that we consumers have paid for in the game it could be false advertising and you as a mod creator might be taken for a ride (Which I hope is not the case). As I stated before every player i met on the servers i played on since release have been talking about the CAF DLC as if it was content made by OWI and not by a modder. I heard players compliment OWI in squad VOIP when they encounterd the CAF content. I myself thought it was OWI made content until I got curious why they would be releasing it as a DLC and not into the game directly, Thats when I started to read properly through the PR material and even then it was not clear that it was not OWI that made this content. Credit should go where credit is due.
  2. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    So far the reception on the mod you hear from the average players on the servers when playing is that they think this is actual content released by OWI. In many of the promo material it comes across as it was made by OWI. I don't think the majority of the playerbase realizes that this is not OWI that made it and that its original creators will not be receiving the credit they are due.
  3. Will the CAF DLC be integrated into the base game after some time or remain as a DLC? Will more mods become DLCs? Will the CAF DLC receive updates on content & maps/layers? Who will be responsible for the updates of the CAF DLC, OWI or the Modders? Is the CAF MOD developers hired now and will provide actual content to the actual game or was this a one-time-deal and will only continue making mod content? Whats the likelihood of actual planned/potential content being cut out from the game as modders content to becomes DLCs?
  4. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    There have been no answers for these questions. I can ask them in a different thread if those questions don't belong here as I asked but locking this thread feels like you are trying to silence criticism. I am asking for a dialog here. Is it that you don't have a system for it? Then lets talk about how to build one? Lets be constructive and work for improvement, not silence feedback you don't like
  5. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    I submitted multiple reports for the same server. multiple instances at different times of the same violation form different admins
  6. Alpha 12.2

    When will this bug be fixed that I reported in V12.0? You can see one of the enemy squads fire team markers. This allows the enemy to see where you intend to go. if you spotted the enemy and place en order on them to let your SL or fire team know their position, then if the enemy belong in the squad that your fire team orders are synced with they can see they been spotted. My theory is that the the code that prevents all squads on the same team from seeing each others FT orders is missing a condition to also check if its from the other faction team and that the markers you see is from your squads counter part in the other factions. basically if you are Squad 1 on US then you will see Squad 1 on RU FT orders. I base this theory on that many times the first squads created is tank squads and many times when i made a tank squad i noticed these extra FT orders popping up in relation to us. basically you are facing the opposite teams tank squad and they are marking you etc. Kinda ruins the benefit of being in the fire team and if it is to be used at the moment you have to be careful of how you use the markers not to give away the enemy too much intel. Many players don't know of this bug and therefor the players who do can exploit their lack of discretion and see if enemies are coming (with move orders) or if they are defending certain directions (with defend orders) or if you been spotted (with eye orders). As you OWI have not yet fixed this bug since I reported it after V12.0 was released I feel the right thing to do is instead to inform the public to make less people carelessly use it and have their experience ruined due to that their opponents exploit the bug served right infront of their face when opening the map. And you cannot blaim any that really exploit it as this is blatantly force fed to you when you are playing as well as it would be impossible for admins on servers to enforce rules to prevent this bug from being exploited.
  7. Alpha 12.1

    If i do any further testing ill submit my findings here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeeRiWcZAdAuHw4HJlYixvsfxPzUqMNkLskpsUO2eGa4T7MkQ/viewform?c=0&w=1 buts so far i tried toggling on/off stabilizer and I also asked another player to try it as well. Thank you for the quick reply
  8. Alpha 12.1

    The Bradley and T72 "hunter killer" option for the gunner (while pressing E) does not work. While the rotation stabilization seam to still work the cannon pitch does not anymore. Are these features or bugs? I cant see anything mention about it in the change loggs
  9. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    I don't think anyone knows of any examples of actions being taken, because sadly the guidelines is just a loose and empty threat. Its just a placebo. Of course OWI is not force by any law here (to my knowledge) to provide this service. I just got really exited when I saw a game company that I thought had integrity and cared more about the fans than other. I was hoping OWI was not gonna apply shady business practices to fool the consumer into that they provided a service they had no plans of delivering. They can't apparently be service minded enough to give you feedback to you after sending the reports and in my book that is a poor attitude for customer relations. Is it because we all-ready bought the product and that they don't have any micro transactions or subscription where this could harm their future revenue? It's hard for me to come to any other conclusion when no answers is given back when you ask questions and no feedback is provided when you report. It feels you are throwing glass on a brick wall. If anyone have any argument to prove my opinion wrong here then that would be great, feel free to share. I want to believe in OWI but without any real indicator they are doing anything about it. There is no actual proof that anything is done from OWI. So for all server owners out there you can follow OWI shady practices and be as shady as you can because there is no consequence. Ban SL's for kicking players from their squad and insult to your harts desire with derogatory terms, its complete open season and if they so do happen to pull your license (for what ever reason they would do that.) just the same day request a new one and you shall receive one. These may be harsh words but I am doing it because I love this game and that I want this game and community to grow and become stronger and that cannot happen without integrity. Feedback?
  10. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    I sen't another report. Is the evidence sufficient? Do you require me to add more?
  11. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    If you don't want me to ask any questions here in this topic, I don't mind making a new topic here http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/15-questions/ just communicate to me/us.
  12. ~SRA~ Recruitment

    We are still looking for members for our clan! Feel free to come and visit our discord and play with us on any of our weekend events to try us out!
  13. I got around +2000h in squad and i have not found any "Arcadish style" in squad. Granted it is not as liberal in what you can do in the game as Arma which in compared to arma may, make one feel Squad is "Arcadeish" but if you compare to other titles like BF and COD it is less it is less "Arcadeish". I think it is Squads strength tho, while other titles may focus more on realism and others focus more on mainstream Squad is in between with the focus of Teamwork. OWI seam to add more features meant to stimulate/assist cooperation and teamwork where other games leaves it completely in the players hands and this may affect realism and freedom as they somewhat creates a funnel towards working together as a team. I played also Post Scriptum and in that game I do not see the same type of teamwork as I see in Squad and my analysis is that they focus too much on historical accuracy/realism instead of balance and playabillity. I find far more passionate squad leaders in Squad that enjoys squad leading because they have enough tool/features/aid to help them work with other SL and their own Squad members where in Post Scriptum the SLs are rare and the vast majority do not lead with the passion of a squad SL because it requires too much effort. Personally I can also tell a difference from server to server in squad, usually depending on what timezone i'm playing in, the quality of teamwork may be significantly differ from one TZ to another and perhaps if you get a bad experience maybe you should try different servers at different time of day and perhaps find a clan that embraces teamwork? Ither way give the game more time is my suggestion
  14. Why turn off turret stabilization?

    I leave it off if I intentionally want the turret ready to engage targets expected in the front without constantly having to trim the gun to the front as the vehicle is moving left/right They may have both features also in to let the V11 players transition to the new stabilizer in their own time. Its not improbable that the Devs will change it so that stabilizers will be on by default.
  15. I believe its a simulation of that most turrets is operated by a human IRL controlling the turret through buttons or joystick which sends electrical inputs to servos/electrical/hydraulic engines that translates that input into movement. These engines may also be limited by a max speed which limits your turrets traverse speed. These engines may also lack the precision that a gamer would normally be used to by using a mouse for input. Im sure that players with IRL experience of these vehicles IRL may agree with this statement, else feel free to correct me.