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  1. Quick question about the Aiming in-game.

    well normal mouse-movement is smooth.. like turning and looking up and down and such.. its only when i go into ADS that it seems to 'jerk'-move rather than smoothly move.... i'll tinker with the settings a bit mroe and see.
  2. Hey folks. Just got a quick question about the current Aiming in the game. It seems like when im aiming down the sights, or through a scope, and i move my mouse, the movement of the sights/weapon seem to 'jump' as it moves, rather than being a smooth movement, which makes precise aiming quite hard as the movement of the sights seems to skip a few pixels (for lack of a better description). Is this simply due to the current state of development? does it happen to everyone? or is there some setting i may need to adjust to smooth it out a bit more? Simply curious is all. not a rant or nothin'