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  1. Alpha 11

    Been playing as much as i can since the update, Amazing work done by all involved !!!! May have had my man crisis soon as i saw Brits were operational, and the Warrior.... OMG
  2. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Sometimes after a long day at work, a 6 pack of Hoegarden goes wonders with a few good games of Squad. PERFECT!
  3. January 2018 Recap

    Been quietly and manically awaiting the arrival of the British Army as a faction. As a fellow Brit i must admit to getting a fuzzy feeling around my gentleman's area at the sight of their model progression.
  4. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    I dont think it would be detrimental to the game at all, so long as they keep it limited and controlled like PS has done. Also they could have certain requirements to be met before an airstrike too. For example the conventional forces would need a JTAC or a comm system that the opposing side can attempt to neutralize to stop it going through. (maybe too much but just my two cents) And for the INS forces it could be like a heavily armoured VBIED which have been used extensively. But as stated maybe only option for one per game if requirements are met and each side has the ability to counter it effectively. Granted i agree it would be frustrating to be all hyped up in a last stand in a Rorkes drift scenario with your FOB under relentless attack only to be wiped by a Frogfoot/A10/VBIED but would still be awesome. I get just as frustrated when a grenade lands at my feet from over a wall. But hey thats modern warfare for you. Either way, loving the game and hoping the Devs keep up there amazing work, what ever you guys decide, il be running behind your striker begging for a lift all the way!!!
  5. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Good Afternoon QFF !! ive enjoyed many a good game on your servers and would definitely like to throw my self in with you guys if you would have me. I'm a fellow Brit but now live in the Colonies that is Canada. Next time i'm on i shall hop on your discord
  6. Good afternoon all, been playing and loving Squad for a few months now and figured i should join up on here too! looking forward to some good discussions and cant wait to see all your names on the field, or after i've slotted you... or vice versa.. see i'm a realist