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  1. Game Crash During Fire Fight

    Just a slight update, I've been playing a bit more frequently, after pondering on the above, and decided to just give my PC hell and crank up clock speeds. Turned up CPU using AMD Overdrive from 3.1ghz to 4.0ghz for fun and I have been problem free since. The game runs like a champ, guess I was taxing the processor. Temps seem to be consistent, so I'm just gonna keep sending it until this thing pulls a fukushima.
  2. Game Crash During Fire Fight

    Thanks for the feedback, I never once considered CPU as a possibility but it seems like you may be correct. I went ahead and lowered audio quality and for extra fun, did a little basic overclocking. I have had once crash in the meantime UE4Minidump.dmp : http://s000.tinyupload.com/ ?file_id=92473824087500511496 Log:http://s000.tinyupload.com/ ?file_id=41368321287429252839 (You'll have to remove the spaces, it was trying to flag as spam) I did download the AMD utility last night and do some minor overclocking just to see how the game would respond and I've been able to complete 2 full rounds with only minor issues, so i'm going to go out on a limb and guess that CPU is the likely culprit. I guess it only seems right that this problem occurs during tax season. I guess it's not a bad time to splurge on a new MOBO and processor.
  3. How old are Squaddies? - Questionnaire

    26 years young here.
  4. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Honestly, I hope not. I like Squad because it literally relies on the individual members teamwork and tactics on the ground. I feel like if they were to add too much more in the way of fire support the game is going to become much more like Battlefield or Call of Duty, and attract the wrong crowds. Seems like so far, everyone I've encountered is on the same page and understands the importance of teamwork.
  5. The Military Media Thread

  6. Game Crash During Fire Fight

    Hey guys, I guess this is my introduction and plea for help. I picked up Squad on the steam sale a few days ago, but now I'm having a bit of an issue. The Problem: During gameplay the game literally freezes and stops responding. On most occasions I can predict when it's going to happen because just before it starts to lag just before the freeze. Recreating The Issue: So it seems like the problem occurs 90% of the time during a firefight, and probably half of the time it happens when returning fire at close combat. Otherwise the game seems stable. The downside is, you put in all of the work to get set up for an assault or defense and as soon as the fight begins, boom you're out. I cannot load task manager and force close the program, for some reason Squad dominates windows and will not let me tab switch to task manager. I have to CTRL-ALT-DLT and log off to force close Squad. System Specs: OS - Windows 7 64-Bit Processor - AMD FX 8120 Black Edition Video - GeForce GTX760 Ram - 16gb Crucial Ballistix Sport So far I've gone through the process of completely removing NVidia Drivers and reinstalling fresh, also logged GPU and CPU temps, they appear to be within normal range. Any input would be awesome, because this game kicks so much ass and I'd like to keep at it. So far I've only been able to complete 1 full round trouble free.