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  1. While Squad isn't a simulator, it does come across as a game that wants to convey an experience that is what I'm going to call “accessible simulation”. Because of this, I'm holding it to a higher standard in regards to things like vaulting. As of v10 Squad has a “vaulting” system. While some level of moving over obstacles can help a game and enhance the experience, where the system is right now hurts it in my opinion. Players are able to scale walls much higher than would almost certainly be physically possible in real life. I know this first hand as an Infantryman with two tours in Afghanistan. Anything higher than the shoulder shouldn't be “vaultable” unless using some sort of buddy system. You're just too heavy to physically do it. From a gameplay perspective you eliminate a lot of what walls provide in combat. They are no longer barriers that provide cover, concealment, and break up the battlefield. If a player can more or less just vault their way over everything that isn't 10 feet tall, it's going to ruin the aesthetic the game. It also encourages players to not stick together, as there could be more barriers obscuring visual contact with squadmates. A good example of what I believe should be avoided is this video: https://i.redd.it/h3eafmoo90f01.gif On foot patrols guys would often be carrying in the ballpark of 80 pounds of gear. If you're carrying a SAW or 240, you're going to be closer to 100. In the gif above the player runs up to a wall that is above head height, jumps, grabs the fence, pulls himself up and on top of the fence, and then drops down. What happens with the rifle? Are they slinging it behind their back? Just dropping it and letting the sling catch it? How do they recover from that climb and have their weapon at the ready so quickly? With everything in the game there should be risk/reward. You risk yourself to being shot by peaking a corner and you're rewarded with a view of the situation on the other side. With how the animation and length of time it takes to vault over something you can't see over, there is very little risk. You have the chance to surprise enemies and engage them extremely quickly after coming over a blind wall. I believe the system is going to be a great boon to the game, and it's a welcome addition, but I believe there is a lot of work to be done on it. I feel that lowering the vaultable height of an object, lengthening the duration of the animations, and doing mocap with actors actually wearing combat equipment, would go a long way to making this experience more authentic. On a less serious and personal note, I also think that it would be a lot of fun and much more realistic if there was a random chance that a player vaulting something would enter an animation where they fall down and end up in the prone. :-D