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  1. Alpha 12.1

    While the 5.45x39 is marginally less powerful (880-900 m/s for full rifle, compared to 905 m/s for the M4), how the M4 deals with that difference is absorbed by the rifle much better than the AK-74. Think about it like this, would you feel bumps more in a car that weighs 2000 lbs but doesn't have any shocks, or a car that weighs 2030 pounds but has shocks? Watch the videos and see what I'm talking about. I'm also a vet and have spent a lot of time around these weapon systems. That said I know that there are sacrifices made in game development to support good gameplay that doesn't follow things realistically sometimes. I just felt that the explanation of "it has a higher muzzle velocity so it has more recoil" wasn't great and illustrated why it is not in line with real life. I mean, the M2 .50 has a lower muzzle velocity than the M4, so should it have less recoil? ;-)
  2. Alpha 12.1

    What? If we were talking old school rifles like the M1 Garand or K98, then sure, the caliber and barrel lengths would have a lot more to do with recoil. But we aren't. The M4 series has a buffer spring and tube that absorbs almost all of the recoil, while the AK-74 has a single spring. The L85A2 is a bullpup and has virtually nowhere for the recoil to go besides your shoulder. Of the three, its the only one I haven't put rounds though, so I can anecdotally comment on it. Additionally, the M4 series recoil mechanisms are all in a line with the barrel and the shooter's shoulder, while the AK-74's recoil spring is above the barrel and stock. Here are some good visualizations of the differences. AK-74: M4: Hope this helps to correct this glaring departure from real-world applications.
  3. Explosion multiplied when indoors

    I'm unsure about that. There is overpressure, but it's not that crazy. Lots of guys have survived being near frags when they've gone off if they have cover, so I'm not sure that's a great step to take. How do you model that? Do we need internal organ damage modeled now? How about if they're around a corner? From a coding side, there is a lot that can go wrong with something like this. Keep it simple. If you daze a player to where they can't return fire for 3-5 seconds, you can effectively "kill them" with the overpressure because they won't be able to respond to threats entering the confined space.
  4. Explosion multiplied when indoors

    Escape from Tarkov does something like this, and it's devastating. I'm not sure I'd make them do more damage, as there is already a good chance some shrapnel is going to get you, but it would be nice if the daze effect was applied for much longer due to the overpressure.
  5. How to get the good kits

    Sounds like a real team player.
  6. Faction balance ideas

    So to be clear - your suggestion to combat one side having some optics and be able to engage with accurate fire at range, is to allow the other team to pick up weapons off the ground, and then give them a "severe accuracy" penalty? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the whole change?
  7. Medium Ruck model is too small

    @grunt imo the game uses assault bags and not actual rucks. @LaughingJack There is a difference between an "assault bag" and a ruck. The primary difference being mission length. With an assault bag, you're not planning to be resupplied for 1-2 days. You're carrying things like extra ammo, batteries, water, maybe some food for the duration of a patrol, etc. With a ruck, you're going to be out for longer, basically 3+ days, and you're carrying that much more food/water/batteries, maybe a sleeping bag, medical supplies, etc. For the purpose of the game, and most wartime situations right now, you could anticipate that people would be wearing assault bags. From my experience, you drop rucks on contact, assault bags you keep on. An assault bag is typically not heavy enough to warrant dropping and usually isn't equipped with the fast-disconnect type of connectors that at least US rucks have. Of course, this is all each solider's preference. I've done both with both depending on the circumstance, my role, and what was happening at the time.
  8. Opinion on vaulting

    US Army Automatic Rifleman Kit - * SAW with M145 and 7x 100 round bags (700 rounds) comes in at 35 pounds * M9a1 with 2 mags is 3.6 pounds * M67 frag and 2x M18 smokes is 2.7 pounds * 2x bandages we'll call negligible * E-tool is 2.6 pounds So 43.9 pounds, plus helmet and armor is another 19.7 puts us at... 63.6 It would seem that at least the US Army Automatic Rifleman Kit is more or less the weight I calculated, which really only furthers my argument.
  9. Opinion on vaulting

    That weight estimate isn't including a ruck. That's basic load. Stuff adds up faster than people realize. For example, a SAW gunner with a standard basic load: SAW - 16 pounds (iron sights) Ammo - 25 pounds (1000 linked 5.56) Helmet - 3.3 pounds IBA - 16.4 pounds So excluding the uniform and boots, water, grenades, radio, NVGs, batteries for both, IFAK, and miscellaneous stuff guys carry you're already over 60 pounds. Obviously a rifleman is going to be a little lighter due to the weapon and carrying a quarter of the rounds, but teams also crossload equipment. So the rifleman may be carrying the radio batteries for the SAW gunner, etc. Yes, and I completely agree. Well, a good example is you can currently climb onto the Hesco wall fortifications. That is 2 what look to be 4ft units stacked, so 8ft. In full kit without assistance? Good luck.
  10. While Squad isn't a simulator, it does come across as a game that wants to convey an experience that is what I'm going to call “accessible simulation”. Because of this, I'm holding it to a higher standard in regards to things like vaulting. As of v10 Squad has a “vaulting” system. While some level of moving over obstacles can help a game and enhance the experience, where the system is right now hurts it in my opinion. Players are able to scale walls much higher than would almost certainly be physically possible in real life. I know this first hand as an Infantryman with two tours in Afghanistan. Anything higher than the shoulder shouldn't be “vaultable” unless using some sort of buddy system. You're just too heavy to physically do it. From a gameplay perspective you eliminate a lot of what walls provide in combat. They are no longer barriers that provide cover, concealment, and break up the battlefield. If a player can more or less just vault their way over everything that isn't 10 feet tall, it's going to ruin the aesthetic the game. It also encourages players to not stick together, as there could be more barriers obscuring visual contact with squadmates. A good example of what I believe should be avoided is this video: https://i.redd.it/h3eafmoo90f01.gif On foot patrols guys would often be carrying in the ballpark of 80 pounds of gear. If you're carrying a SAW or 240, you're going to be closer to 100. In the gif above the player runs up to a wall that is above head height, jumps, grabs the fence, pulls himself up and on top of the fence, and then drops down. What happens with the rifle? Are they slinging it behind their back? Just dropping it and letting the sling catch it? How do they recover from that climb and have their weapon at the ready so quickly? With everything in the game there should be risk/reward. You risk yourself to being shot by peaking a corner and you're rewarded with a view of the situation on the other side. With how the animation and length of time it takes to vault over something you can't see over, there is very little risk. You have the chance to surprise enemies and engage them extremely quickly after coming over a blind wall. I believe the system is going to be a great boon to the game, and it's a welcome addition, but I believe there is a lot of work to be done on it. I feel that lowering the vaultable height of an object, lengthening the duration of the animations, and doing mocap with actors actually wearing combat equipment, would go a long way to making this experience more authentic. On a less serious and personal note, I also think that it would be a lot of fun and much more realistic if there was a random chance that a player vaulting something would enter an animation where they fall down and end up in the prone. :-D