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  1. Vehicle Match-Up Problem

    You'd have to be AFK to lose a Bradley to a 30mm
  2. September 2018 Recap

    Do you have to wait 60 seconds every time you place rally for the first wave to come in?
  3. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    This isn't Overwatch, classes being distinct is not a virtue in itself. If riflemen are all rambo to you, it sounds you're speaking to a much wider problem.
  4. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Having vehicles spawned on demand was a good idea. It's better to have a plan with vehicles rather than use them out of a sense of obligation.
  5. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

  6. Commander in every APC / IFV

    You aren't commanding anything from that seat. No competent driver wants you to tell them where to go. No gunner needs your help.
  7. Commander in every APC / IFV

    Sure except it's a foregone conclusion that the only reason anyone is going to play commander is because they get machine guns. Nobody uses the command seats on the BTR or the BRDM for commanding because it's impractical, the driver slot is just more reasonable for that purpose.
  8. Commander in every APC / IFV

    For Stryker the commander doubles as the gunner at the 3 o'clock position. He has a bunch of periscopes but they're nonfunctional in game. I thought that's what the turret over turret limitation was? Can't have more than one perspective for a single seat. The BTR already has a command seat... everyone just forgets that it's there. Soviet procedure was commander dismounts with the infantry leaving just the driver and gunner inside.
  9. Weapons precision nerf

    OP is right
  10. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Your shots were disregarded because he killed you first
  11. August 2018 Recap

    Reducing seats is preferable to giving those seats cheater capabilities they don't have in real life. Like remote operated machine guns. It's a shame turret over turret has technical issues because combining commander and driver makes perfect sense as a compromise. The Stryker should work kind of like this by default too (gunner is also commander)
  12. Crewman Squad Leader rally points

    SL crewman is definitely for locked squads. The much more reasonable option for motorized rifles at the moment is to use squad members for crew, and the SL dismounts and fights with the infantry. If you want to command your squad from the driver or gunner seat you'll have to use the MTLB. Don't really understand why though. I see a lot of SLs get trapped by this because they were the only one who volunteered to drive the stryker. Absolute nightmare trying to place rallies with 4 compared to 2.
  13. Quick question about "Zoom Sensitivity Scaling"

    Probably some generic formula... Wish I could help more, tried to figure it out before but when I lowered the 8x zoom in GameUserSettings.ini and it made my 4x acog zoom _higher_ I realized I had no idea how it worked. I've got it close to where I want it but not exact... right now I'm using: SoldierZoomSensitivities=((1.000000, 0.928125),(4.000000, 0.689894),(8.000000, 0.577441)) With GlobalSensitivity set to my mouse sensitivity, but it's not 100% there. There's a dogmatic approach where the sensitivity comes out equal across the board. The idea is if there's an enemy at a certain pixel coordinate, the distance to move the crosshair to that enemy is the same at every zoom level. The default scaling is a little high iirc, but the math is trigonometric, so linear interpolation (which is what the flyover text says...) is not the right way to do it either.
  14. US/RU/GB vs irregular is also unrealistic. "Security Force"-type factions really are a glaring omission for both PR and Squad. Those are the folks who actually face any and all high casualty fighting, which would be completely unacceptable for the major world factions to take directly.
  15. Fun fact about that: the Russians use a 400m zero on their AKs. The idea being they can keep shots on target for the entire effective range of the rifle , aiming at "the belt buckle" of a soldier. Try that in squad and let me know how it goes lol
  16. Honestly it's the dumbest thing about squad. Nobody has ever liked the massive bullet drop but they go along with it because they figure it must be realistic.
  17. New Revive ability

    The idea is that this is supposed to reduce respawning along with the rally/fob changes. Although I don't see the proposed rally changes changing anything (50m stomp and wave respawning that, on average, is actually faster spawnrate than before, unlimited spawns as a bonus) The realism aspect isn't that simple. The medic is a platoon position that oversees the squad level first aid. It's a whole tiered system.
  18. AK s Iron sights

    I think they opened up the notch mesh a bit when they removed the blur.
  19. New Revive ability

    A full squad can fill all limited kits with 2 medics, and that includes the scoped riflemen limited kits. You'd have to trade a medic for a basic rifleman to end up with a medic deficit. That's not an upgrade over the medic kit, so the strategy makes no sense. Even with two crewmen in the squad it's not hard to shuffle the roles to get at least one medic without losing all your force multiplier roles. The medic is a force multiplier too because they can heal, revive, etc in addition to being a decent combat role.
  20. New Revive ability

    kits are limited in such a way that this literally isn't possible as a strategy
  21. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Okay but your algorithm either it works or it doesn't. If they are getting the same amount of points and losing then it it's clearly flawed. In this situation, it sounds like a squad is getting points for making a really bad tactical decision as well. Running off alone into the woods is a player problem. Explain them that they need to follow the SL's orders, and if they don't, kick them from the squad. I've had to corral players into playing medic (I've been running with crewmen a lot so there tends to be more special kits available) but I'm not that picky about kits - would rather have a marksman than pressure someone to play Grenadier or MG who isn't comfortable in those roles.
  22. New mechanic for kits and team play

    ...just ask him politely to pick another kit? The community is the backbone of squad. It's better that kit / vehicle responsibilities are beholden to real people rather than to some algorithm.
  23. New Revive ability

    Figured the 'medic' role is supposed to represent a squad-level guy with a CLS bag in the first place, and not a true combat medic.
  24. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    Gotta be a better solution to balance than that The irons are really limited. The target becomes obscured by the post at around 150m. It has a similar problem to the Russian optic, where at 200m your bullets land dead center in the triangle reticle so it's impossible to see what you're shooting.