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  1. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    New official Coop game mode Hardcore Checkpoint Movement speed is significantly reduced. Enemies are harder. Friendly teammate indicators only show when a teammate is nearby. Objective indicators are hidden in the HUD. If you die, you will respawn with a Mosin bolt-action rifle and Makarov pistol. You must resupply at a Supply Crate to get your Loadout. There are only two Supply Crates. One will spawn on a random objective, the other will always spawn on the final objective. You can only resupply once on a Supply Crate. Small Ammo Boxes will give some ammunition for the weapons you are carrying. It's simple, and it's quick, dirty, and experimental. And because it was successful, now they're expanding it, adding it to PVP modes, etc. Isn't it weirder that's in a released game and not an alpha?
  2. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    The medic system is essentially designed to punish reviving into combat, so you clear everything first deal with all the threats etc and then revive The issue in Squad is that one combat starts it doesn't really end very often. So aside from a few common scenarios where you can safely revive in combat, (mass death around FOBs, dead behind crests of hills, or in windows) or out of combat (some lone marksman gets one kill before being riddled with bullets) it's often better to let your buddies respawn and keep pushing enemy spawns hard. This has the side benefits of respawns setting up flanks in the ongoing battle and/or protecting the spawn point, and hey if they're lucky they'll catch a 10 second rally spawn, faster than a revive would be anyway. So I think it all comes back to FOBs and Rallies again. The revive system will never really work correctly if respawning is too generous. It has to be paced so a Squad can clear the enemy and then revive in safety, pretty rare in Squad. As for permadeath, while permadeath has an important function to stop some of the more abusive revives into combat, that's about the limits of it. More permadeath means less revives, but it also means more respawns, obviously not a miracle fix.
  3. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    People will generally applaud performance, content and UI polish. a13 plays basically the same as a12, the biggest design change was probably vehicle balance, which wasn't even included in the poll. I don't think you can pull anything substantial out of this, mostly because the designs themselves really aren't that substantial. From what I've seen I think a lot of people uspet by these changes are more upset about what they represent rather than what they actually are. People are all different though. It would be better for providing feedback if we knew 1. what this is trying to solve and 2. how this fits into larger overarching design goals. It's difficult to talk about Buddy Rallies because it feels like the continuation of a long line of small tweaks and compromises, reducing it to "this patch" vs "last patch" seems myopic. I hope putting the microscope on tweaks like this doesn't reflect some kind of design paralysis going on behind the scenes, because I do think the Buddy Rally concept is attempting to solve something substantial, even if I'm not 100% sure what exactly. For example, if the issue for buddy rallies is lack of spawns and new players spawning main and walking for 10 minutes (just guessing?) then maybe Rallies aren't the right tool to address that. In PR, FOBs were the only necessary respawn points outside of main - if that's not good enough for Squad, then maybe it's worth supplementing FOBs with new spawn features like global spawns or some form of mobile spawn points (one of the suggestions by an early PR dev, pro click. Early PR would be a good influence for Squad, a faster PR but still tactical). Squad's tweaks leading to FOBs and Rallies blurring so much that the two basically serve the same purpose, I don't think that's good for overarching design, at least in the PR sense of design, because you're retooling a major feature for squad cohesion into basically another teamwide respawn. It's not great. And let's be real, Project Reality's ruleset will always be weird, complicated and generally difficult for new players to grasp. Can't "tweak" your way out of that one. If there's going to be these big community-wide dustups over design changes it would be nice if they were more bold than this Buddy Rally thing and some movement changes.
  4. SLing in Squad is hands-off by design. You can tyrannically kick people or deny vehicles but you ultimately have no leverage over anyone else as SL. Take a truck, place a FOB, place rallies. place marks. That's all you can be reasonably asked to do. Like we were saying for years, Rallies should never have been permanent spawns. Rallies were what kept Squads cohesion more than anything, because the best spawn point also got everyone together in one place. Repurposing them to band-aid fix lack of spawn points has been a huge blow to squad tactics. If anyone out there in 2019 is still trying to SL in Squad the way they would in PR I'm amazed at their perseverance.
  5. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    How'd that work out for World War 3 Aside from the obvious reasons why trying to compete directly with CoD and BF directly is a really bad idea, (comparatively tiny production values, marketing money, QA etc) those franchises are at their lowest points of relevance in like 8 years. You can knock Apex/Fortnight/Pubg/whatever all you want but as large scale shooters go they're fantastically paced and a rebuke to the idea that maximum appeal = stuffing as many players into as small an area as possible. I know everyone says this but there's never been any proof that it's true. You won't find a piece of coverage of Squad that doesn't mention it's hardcore notoriety (though perhaps it's debatable how deserved that reputation is). It's a selling point, it always has been.
  6. Female soldier models

    The SDF do far more front line fighting in the middle east than the US military does
  7. Buddy rally poll

    If you're so enamored with FOB strategy you should SL more and participate in it yourself, the sheen falls off pretty damn quickly in my experience.
  8. Buddy rally poll

    This is basically an expansion of how FOBs work already, because let's be real, meatgrinder FOBs are the only ones that ever run out of ammo. I'd rather not see the resupply system exist to prop up meatgrinder FOBs in any way.
  9. Double Neutral and Ticket Bleed

    This doesn't make any sense. Why would you get ticket bleed for a flag you don't have? If you aren't able to secure enough caps to start ticket bleed without losing your own maybe you aren't on the "winning side" you think you are.
  10. Maybe we need more Mil vs Rebel layers, I guess they don't want to pit it against the T-72 or Abrams. Seems like a difficult vehicle to balance. T-62 vs 4x Warriors on Al Basrah Invasion reminds me a lot of 3x 30mms on Kohat to counter the Bradley, it's not a great situation when you are expected to field tons more vehicles to counter some really powerful one.
  11. Al Basrah RAAS @ 01:30:00 w/ delayed Spandrels as well Al Basrah Invasion @ 01:40:00 Gorodok AAS v1 Gorodok Invasion v2 Talil Outskirts Invasion v2 There might be more on delayed spawns I was primarily looking for rocket truck spawns
  12. Rocket Truck Feedback and Bugs

    Also we need an armored version for full Twisted Metal effect
  13. Quick Overview of this vehicle The rocket truck is a speedy and versatile artillery unit for Militia and Rebels. It delivers devastating bursts of high volume of fire over a large area. On the receiving end it's like having dozens of grenades detonate all around you with no warning. However, it can only fire off one barrage of rockets (+1 more after a reload in a13) before having to retreat and rearm. It only has a fraction of the sustained firepower of mortars, but makes up for it for it's ability to hit just about anywhere on the map at a moment's notice. It's currently only available on some Invasion and Insurgency maps. Current rocket truck layers are: Gorodok invasion (v3 only), Kohat Invasion, Mestia Invasion, Talil Invasion (v3 only), Kamdesh/Gorodok/Kohat Insurgency, Fool's Road Destruction. In a13 it was given an extra reload of rockets, a few degrees of gun traverse, and an elevation indicator. The cost of reloading rockets at FOBs was increased. Feedback 1. The range has been insane since a12. I don't know if the range is a problem in itself, but it does limit their indirect fire ability. Max range on Mortars may be 1500m, but with rockets, any range below 1500m is essentially direct fire due to the flat angle of the rockets. Because of this, Fool's Road and Mestia aren't ideal rocket maps - 2k maps are too small for indirect fire to work correctly. Good Rocket Truck Maps would be Al Basrah, Belaya, Gorodok, Kamdesh, Kohat, Talil Also it goes without saying but the lack of any in-game range table makes it pretty useless without out-of-game tools 2. The Layers. Rocket trucks are always restricted to the defense team, what is the reason for this? On the defensive artillery is all about guessing infantry movement and blasting them for ez kills. If you're purely reacting to the enemy, there's not much potential for coordination with the rest of your team. I want to use this vehicle offensively. they could be really devastating with the initiative on your side, using the quick setup and short flight time to support a surprise attack. It's possible that invasion isn't a good fit for this vehicle, since mortars bring just better sustained firepower. I would love to see these pop up in AAS again. To sum up, suggestions: Place them on larger maps, or reduce range so they are reasonable as artillery on smaller maps Add a range table Experiment with AAS layers again where they have a chance to be used in offensives Bugs / Exploits Rockets can be fired out of Main. You can park the truck at the repair station and fire rockets from complete safety. You can shell the enemy main. Main base protection isn't destroying the rockets for some reason.
  14. Marksman Changes.

    Test for yourself
  15. Marksman Changes.

    It's not as good as the US and GB DMR optics but it does have like double the magnification of the 1p78. 1p78, GB ACOG and SUSAT have the same (weak) magnification, the only true 4x optics are the SVD, US m150 and 1p29 SVD is the best DMR for most maps because of damage. For the other DMRs the optic is the only thing going for them.
  16. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    It's a pretty safe assumption that they didn't mean to pick the unscoped rifleman class in the first place
  17. Buddy rally poll

    But it was still a meatgrinder? And my wider point is if the team was a little better coordinated and didn't end up mass spawning elsewhere, then it could have lasted all round. It often does! The key Word is coordination. Let´s say there are 4 SLs on squad channel. You talk it out. 3 squads are just going to hold the stalemate and fight PROBING ENEMIES DEFENSE, aka Putting pressure on one of the flanks of the enemy fob. While the other squad Not even the whole squad all u need is SL and 2 more men) sets up a fob on the other side of the pressure at around 400 mts from enemy. And that´s it, you have 2 fobs surrounding one of the enemy. These aren't solutions to the HAB war, these are suggestions on how to fight in them better. No amount of coordination or flanking changes the fact that there is no way to battle the sheer rate of respawns without massive amounts of respawns yourself. The only way out is through. Even if one team is rolling the other in skill level, opposing HABs that maintain equal infantry strength are more likely to turn into just a one-sided slaughter than the the FOB war actually ending conclusively. Absolutely not. The defining aspect of tactical shooters is that they don't have respawning at all! PR went a long way to ensure respawning into combat would not be possible under any circumstances. That's where squad needs to be.
  18. Buddy rally poll

    It's a common situation, wherever there are two opposing FOBs around a cap it's basically all the same. This was just particularly silly because both teams were spawning right across from each other. Flanking did resolve it in this case, but only because one of the teams was distracted elsewhere on the map and didn't have the numbers to hold back the pressure. Otherwise it's a sure stalemate. Re Vehicles: Any AFV driving into that mess would have to be suicidal, infantry may be able to get away with bashing their heads against enemy respawns but vehicles can't. It's smarter to play safe and try to rack up some insane killcounts from a distance instead. I think that's the best you can hope for when flanking as infantry as well if the FOBs are running at full strength. There's no shortage of guys to shoot at. In this case I think the vehicles were too busy fighting each other. The new AT cars were pretty much wrecking everything lol This can be risky. The FOB's greatest defense is numbers, by setting up more FOBs the enemy will have an easier time overrunning and destroying them. Same applies to doing really deep flanking tactics with rallies, if it involves pulling 9 infantry out of the battle then it's a risk to the FOB. "What is our team doing!" cries the genius SL as FOB and cap are lost while he takes 1/5th of the team on a nature hike. I don't like rallies, but I really hate FOBs. The epic battles are fun for like 5 minutes and then they get really repetitive and boring. If buddy rallies diminish spawns on FOB at all then they will be good for the game. Buddy rallies, combat engineers, and even removing permadeath (I've noticed there's more incapacitated bodies and less respawns when the FOB is getting pounded now) are all attacks on FOBs. Not exactly the way I'd like to see it done, but if that's the intention it's a good one.
  19. Buddy rally poll

    From a game today lol. Classic tactics and strategy only FOBs can provide, complete meatgrinder stalemate... goes without saying only pressure at the other cap peeling off infantry from bluefor broke the game out of this situation. Otherwise it likely would have lasted until the end of the match. You're nuts if you think this is the kind of gameplay worth protecting.
  20. Buddy rally poll

    FOBs are the main source of the endless firefights right now rather than rallies, if this ends up increasing squad cohesion to the detriment of FOBs it'll at least be an improvement. After a12 there's really nowhere to go but up.
  21. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Didn't play the alpha but isn't it kind of a secret FOB nerf? FOBs are OP because even with overrun they're very safe when the whole team is mass spawning out of it, with more alternative spawn points FOBs should become weaker and easier to overrun. More chaotic, but maybe an improvement if it can kill the bulwark FOB strategy that has been really stale forever.
  22. January 2019 Recap

    it was
  23. December Feedback Roundtable

    The spawn system is a holdover from a time when vehicles didn't exist and should have been overhauled several patches ago Goofy implementation aside, wave spawning was conceptually wrong for trying to sidestep necessary changes. If all viable squad tactics are contingent on respawn management, then there are no squad tactics.
  24. M3 MAAWS for US faction Heavy ANti Tank

    How about AT-4 or MAAWS vs Militia/Rebel, Javelin vs conventionals? Then add RPO for Russians :DD
  25. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    I think it's lazy to blame the community. Playing strategically with respawns is a legitimate and extremely strong strategy in Squad. Squad tactics worked so well in PR or BF2 because there was really no good alternative.