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  1. AK s Iron sights

    I think they opened up the notch mesh a bit when they removed the blur.
  2. New Revive ability

    A full squad can fill all limited kits with 2 medics, and that includes the scoped riflemen limited kits. You'd have to trade a medic for a basic rifleman to end up with a medic deficit. That's not an upgrade over the medic kit, so the strategy makes no sense. Even with two crewmen in the squad it's not hard to shuffle the roles to get at least one medic without losing all your force multiplier roles. The medic is a force multiplier too because they can heal, revive, etc in addition to being a decent combat role.
  3. New Revive ability

    kits are limited in such a way that this literally isn't possible as a strategy
  4. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Okay but your algorithm either it works or it doesn't. If they are getting the same amount of points and losing then it it's clearly flawed. In this situation, it sounds like a squad is getting points for making a really bad tactical decision as well. Running off alone into the woods is a player problem. Explain them that they need to follow the SL's orders, and if they don't, kick them from the squad. I've had to corral players into playing medic (I've been running with crewmen a lot so there tends to be more special kits available) but I'm not that picky about kits - would rather have a marksman than pressure someone to play Grenadier or MG who isn't comfortable in those roles.
  5. New mechanic for kits and team play

    ...just ask him politely to pick another kit? The community is the backbone of squad. It's better that kit / vehicle responsibilities are beholden to real people rather than to some algorithm.
  6. New Revive ability

    Figured the 'medic' role is supposed to represent a squad-level guy with a CLS bag in the first place, and not a true combat medic.
  7. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    Gotta be a better solution to balance than that The irons are really limited. The target becomes obscured by the post at around 150m. It has a similar problem to the Russian optic, where at 200m your bullets land dead center in the triangle reticle so it's impossible to see what you're shooting.
  8. June 2018 Recap

    Is the HAB overrun thing supposed to supplement the existing FOB capture rule or replace it?
  9. The meat grinder is awful

    Is the FOB capturing rule supposed to be based on the FOB or the HAB? Had a game on Kamdesh last night where we had an enemy HAB totally surrounded by two squads on and it still took over five minutes of complete nade-spam-cluster**** until our squad managed to dig it up for good. Still don't understand the purpose of HABs. Given the distance restrictions and the huge ticket loss for losing FOBs, who would ever build a FOB without a HAB? Seems like PR just got it right the first time, FOBs and HABs should be one in the same. This radio hide and seek meta is really dumb.
  10. TT33 should be swaped out to the Insurgent

    They use the Makarov and the Tokarev because they're cheap available guns. They were both produced and maintained in the millions by a government frantically prepping for WW3 The Tokarev is good. It really isn't the same story as the 1911. It was in front line service for only 20 years and after that many of them just sat in arsenals for decades. So they aren't all worn out like military 1911s or HPs, they still work fine.
  11. Fix Bullet Physics

    Your arms poke out further than your camera when you're prone, so he could have legitimately just shot you from off screen
  12. Bullet and Target Reaction

    Nah. If you want to reliably take on infantry, use a machine gun or a battery of rifles. Teamwork (the real kind, not just having SL run to put down respawn points) is extremely fragile in a game like this. The more powerful the individual rifleman, the more they'll chafe under SL orders: experienced players will find they will do better if just allowed to do their own thing. So it's crucially important that even the most basic tasks require coordination and teamwork, or else the game will quickly devolve.
  13. How to slow the gameplay

    From the Reddit AMA: Sounds to me like future HAB changes are in store. This all sounds great really.
  14. Seems like a leap to assume there is a huge crowd out there desperate for more 'broad shooters'. It took EA $100 million worth of marketing to push BF into the mainstream spotlight. Everything else is a niche game.
  15. Please Fix the visibility.

    The insurmountable obstacle is that the physical rendering that engines like UE4 specialize in have serious aliasing problems without multisampling due to the strong contrast produced. The 'AAA solution'? Blur the **** out of it through bloom, phony DOF and FXAA. Not great options for Squad where you actually need to see things at long distances.