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  1. Rally Point

    Realistically, There's no conceivable reason why you would ever attack a position like that. You're attacking into superior numbers, who magically reinforce themselves when they die with no resupply route. The best thing you can do is build your own FOB and try to match numbers, but the game really devolves at this point, you're no longer fighting squad-for-squad, you're fighting team-for-team in an indefinite battle. It just grinds the game to a halt.
  2. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    If your defense point is sparsely populated it could be because the other point has the full populations of both teams in locked horns. In that situation it's not always as dangerous as it seems because if the enemy team breaks off to attack they'll become vulnerable to double neutral, which will be advantageous if you are able to take down a FOB in the process There's no simple answer on how to play Squad's AAS. It's a weird game. edit: Or even if you don't get double neutral it's still a good position. This is where people freak out at you for fighting over "useless points" but the truth is if you play for FOBs, the caps will come naturally

    I think there might be a slight flaw with this plan

    Given that the vast majority of cover in Squad is hard cover, it's safely ignorable and you're very unlikely to kill anything with it. The best you can hope for is that you fool someone into thinking you have them zeroed, but that's not going to work on an experienced player if they notice that you're just spraying bullets everywhere.
  5. Optical Lens Power Marksman vs Rifleman Class

    US: 4x ACOG, 6x DMR GB: 2.8x ACOG, 2.8x SUSAT, 6x DMR RU: 2.8x 1p78, 4x DMR Mil: 4x 1p29, 3.5x PU (SKS), 4x DMR idk if 2.8x is the exact value, but it's something like that. Not sure about canada. The marksman optic is an amazing upgrade for GB, a moderate upgrade for US and RU, and mediocre for Militia/Rebel
  6. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I don't think this makes strategic sense. There are 3 infantry squads at any given time. If you take a full Squad to do this, no matter which side you are in this scenario, you will lose the game. I think choosing between tickets and denying a respawn is really weird and videogame-y any way you look at it. Rallies have have drifted away from their original purpose. They get a lot of scrutiny, not all undeserved, but they still have to be good. After v12 the rally is in many respects worse than it was in PR, can't use it to regroup your squad and there's too many scenarios where it's better to spawn FOB instead to the detriment of Squad cohesion. If Rallies get nerfed much further, (relative to FOBs) might as well drop the pretense and remove Squads all together.
  7. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Ticket bleed was gone for v11 and AAS still basically played the same. Losing a flag costs too many tickets, you can't really lose that many flags and expect to win just by defending. The current bleed system (the center point doesn't count for the purposes of bleed) is an okay compromise because the bigger turtling issue was when one team rushed the center point and then sat on it all game. The underlying rushing issues still remain, but that's a different issue. If both teams do this, don't they kind of cancel each other out? Chain capping all the flags is a lot easier if there's no enemies there
  8. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    I think it's pretty safe to say that PR could never play like Call of Duty. A dysfunctional Squad in PR would just be dead weight. On the other hand, a dysfunctional Squad in Squad, just spawning out of FOBs alone, might well be the highest killing Squad at the end of the match. If Squad tactics was truly the most powerful thing in the game, then I think the playerbase would adopt it very quickly. PR is proof of that. Back in like the v9 days we used to have a lot more PR veterans attemping to SL in the classic tight, cohesive PR fashion. It never really fit. They either gave up on that style of SLing in exchange for something more effective or maybe gave up on the game entirely.
  9. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    It shouldn't be lost on people that the a lot of teamwork comes from Squads with relatively new players, or players who haven't played in a long time, basically players who are more likely to appreciate a guiding hand. I've been playing the game too long to ever buy into the idea that Squad's playerbase simply hasn't "grown into" more tactical playstyles. SLing in Squad is definitely more "hands off" than PR, but really, one of the most stressful parts of SLing in Squad is having to cater to many different kinds of players with different needs.
  10. If it's feasible it would probably be a good idea to knock down the max size of infantry squads (PR was 8 but maybe even to like 7 or 6). Given the importance of squads, it's going to be tough going if you can only get like 2.5 infantry squads going on a full server.
  11. Feedback on current development.

    I wouldn't undercut how far things have come in the last few years. Arma influenced games are now mainstream, and Battlefield and Call of Duty are now tripping over each other trying to follow them. I mean, these are the same games that kick you to the main menu you when you die, right? These are tactical shooters.
  12. Feedback on current development.

    Squad's community will be fine, it's got all the support structures, servers, active players etc. The problem is forming an alternative community that's basically just everyone who's mad at the game's perceived "casual" direction, for whatever reason - again, not just PR fans - running on enough 100p servers to be viable while not just being a toxic shithole. Not saying it's impossible but it's not going to be easy. Also PR devs have straight up said they'll never be the ones to do it.
  13. Feedback on current development.

    I was never a big Red Orchestra 1 guy (maybe someone else could comment on this?) but I remember the classic RO folks I knew at the time being just as baffled about the additional game modes in the RO sequels as I was... To me they seemed like mostly symbolic gestures, adding or removing UI elements and such, it was never really capable of changing the game at it's core because that was already fixed during development. I can't say what exactly they were looking for, though. Looking at it now, I don't think Rising Storm 2 even bothered with these modes. Looks like some have been remade as community mods ("Mutators"), but as of now all the RS2 servers are running more or less the same game. I have concerns about segregating a hardcore community with modes and mods. Back in the day, total conversion mods were big enough to support strong communities that were independent from their base games, but I don't know if that's possible now. I definitely don't want to see PR design introduced just to contain the backwash of reactionaries who think Squad isn't "hardcore" enough for them... let's just say I don't like the vibe of that dumb "ProjectReality2" mod on the workshop. PR's design was about teamwork above all else, and that seems like a poison pill.
  14. Feedback on current development.

    Most of the posts that I've seen about permadeath and buddy rallies are just advocating for reverting them back to how they worked in v12, that isn't PR purism at all. It's evident that the idea of uncompromising realism a core appeal for Squad, even for folks who don't even know what PR is. It's unfortunate that this is one the thing that Squad designers have decided to dig their heels in on. I think it's too insubstantial increase appeal and most of the criticism is valid.
  15. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Oh BF2 was a technical mess don't get me wrong. I mean, I will basically defend BF2 to the death no matter what, but cmon, nobody designs a multi-tiered voip system with commanders and order confirmations and all that and doesn't have milsim ambitions. What the game actually ended up being was different, but it's the fact that BF2 actually Went For It in a way Battlefield has never done did before or since that PR was able to make something much better and rules-grounded out of it than ARMA. In particular, the SL spawn fundamentally worked. As long as the SL provides the absolute best spawn point in the game, the SL can direct the squad naturally even without communication. PR kept these ideas fundamentally intact (rally did put restrictions on spawning infantry into combat, but BF2's revive system was also less restrictive, so SLs really could still fight rather than just hide in a corner or whatever). The takeaway though is that squads, acting on the SLs initiative, were much more powerful than anything else in the game. So there's a natural squad cohesion and squad coordination that all stems from that. In Squad, Squads are no longer the most powerful thing in the game anymore, FOBs are, and they need constant reinforcement to keep them alive. The SL's main job is to play the strategic game and know where and when to place spawn points. Even if they want to play tactically, the rally can't even be used to get the squad all together anymore, it's just another type of FOB. It all unravels from there, SLing is very hands-off compared to PR (Or BF2!)