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  1. I'm giving up on this game.

    Yeah true about the Rally being stretched beyond what it was originally designed for. On the other hand though a lot of people forget that PR's Rally is waaay better spawn point than a FOB. If you view the different spawn points relative to each other, then Squad's Rally is not overpowered, it's underpowered. I'm not trying to say that criticism of the specifics of Rally are invalid, but without dealing with the spawning on a broader level, how can you be sure that you aren't just recreating the situations that brought in the Buddy Rally in the first place?
  2. I'm giving up on this game.

    It it helps, I would never consider mass spawn death at FOBs to ever constitute 'squad tactics', whether those players happen to be in Squads or not. Squad tactics require squads fighting with at least some level of autonomy from the rest of the team. Squad tactics are not inherently effective - taking 9 people out of the fight can very quickly doom your team, especially if it leaves your FOBs vulnerable.
  3. I'm giving up on this game.

    All it takes is 2 people and a truck to make many fringe FOBs with all the supplies they will ever need, and if it contributes at all to winning the game then it will be worth the tickets if any of them die, which they probably won't anyway. I mean It's been buffed repeatedly. The problem isn't one individual lone wolf, it's an entire team of lone wolfs. With your main FOBs for example, massive amounts of constant respawns are a requirement for those FOBs to stay in the fighting. No SL condescension is going to change the reality. Effective tactics involve shaving off as few men as possible while the bulk of the team holds the line at FOBs. It's an intolerable state, and ironically it got so much worse in v12 when they made FOBs more vulnerable, because it increased the minimum amount of manpower you need to keep a FOB active and spawnable.
  4. I'm giving up on this game.

    The complete focus on buddy rally is tempting, why not - competitive players and other large voices in the community also hate buddy rally. The difference is they hate buddy rally because it disrupted their beloved Meta. Imagine how they would react to PR mechanics? Or ANY fundamental alterations to the game? It's game design poison. It's not productive. From OWI's perspective it stands to reason that they will stick with Buddy Rally, as much of a flawed band-aid fix that it is, than to start messing with more fundamental aspects of the spawning system which would be even more disruptive and controversial. They're scared puppies when it comes to this sort of thing. That's why they went with a band-aid in the first place. Strikes me as bargaining more than anything. v12 sucked just as hard as v13 did. I don't think the goal is that complicated: get everyone into squads, working together, fighting other Squads. That's where tactics flourish, and where the game is most fun. Weaken mass individual FOB spawns, because they are the biggest obstacle to squad tactics.
  5. I'm giving up on this game.

    But 2 people in a truck doing the same thing with FOBs is okay? At least with buddy rally you might actually see a Squad spawn together. *might*. FOBs are lone wolf factories. Something that almost never happens: a Squad spawning all together at a FOB.
  6. I'm giving up on this game.

    Squad tactics have always had issues in this game. Squad designers used to at least pay lip service to things like "Squad Cohesion" but all along they've been repeatedly nerfing Squad spawns and buffing Team spawns which has only made these issues worse. I don't like to see this attitude of treating the community as the cause of these issues rather than the product of them. It's unfortunately common. This sort of elitism is counter-productive because it excuses bad design and scapegoats the community for the lack of tactical and strategical gameplay. There's a reason why Squad Competitive and PR purism have always been polar opposites of each other - true PR heads know know you shouldn't have to isolate yourself from 98% the community to get any squad tactics going.
  7. Rally Point

    Realistically, There's no conceivable reason why you would ever attack a position like that. You're attacking into superior numbers, who magically reinforce themselves when they die with no resupply route. The best thing you can do is build your own FOB and try to match numbers, but the game really devolves at this point, you're no longer fighting squad-for-squad, you're fighting team-for-team in an indefinite battle. It just grinds the game to a halt.
  8. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    If your defense point is sparsely populated it could be because the other point has the full populations of both teams in locked horns. In that situation it's not always as dangerous as it seems because if the enemy team breaks off to attack they'll become vulnerable to double neutral, which will be advantageous if you are able to take down a FOB in the process There's no simple answer on how to play Squad's AAS. It's a weird game. edit: Or even if you don't get double neutral it's still a good position. This is where people freak out at you for fighting over "useless points" but the truth is if you play for FOBs, the caps will come naturally

    I think there might be a slight flaw with this plan

    Given that the vast majority of cover in Squad is hard cover, it's safely ignorable and you're very unlikely to kill anything with it. The best you can hope for is that you fool someone into thinking you have them zeroed, but that's not going to work on an experienced player if they notice that you're just spraying bullets everywhere.
  11. Optical Lens Power Marksman vs Rifleman Class

    US: 4x ACOG, 6x DMR GB: 2.8x ACOG, 2.8x SUSAT, 6x DMR RU: 2.8x 1p78, 4x DMR Mil: 4x 1p29, 3.5x PU (SKS), 4x DMR idk if 2.8x is the exact value, but it's something like that. Not sure about canada. The marksman optic is an amazing upgrade for GB, a moderate upgrade for US and RU, and mediocre for Militia/Rebel
  12. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I don't think this makes strategic sense. There are 3 infantry squads at any given time. If you take a full Squad to do this, no matter which side you are in this scenario, you will lose the game. I think choosing between tickets and denying a respawn is really weird and videogame-y any way you look at it. Rallies have have drifted away from their original purpose. They get a lot of scrutiny, not all undeserved, but they still have to be good. After v12 the rally is in many respects worse than it was in PR, can't use it to regroup your squad and there's too many scenarios where it's better to spawn FOB instead to the detriment of Squad cohesion. If Rallies get nerfed much further, (relative to FOBs) might as well drop the pretense and remove Squads all together.
  13. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Ticket bleed was gone for v11 and AAS still basically played the same. Losing a flag costs too many tickets, you can't really lose that many flags and expect to win just by defending. The current bleed system (the center point doesn't count for the purposes of bleed) is an okay compromise because the bigger turtling issue was when one team rushed the center point and then sat on it all game. The underlying rushing issues still remain, but that's a different issue. If both teams do this, don't they kind of cancel each other out? Chain capping all the flags is a lot easier if there's no enemies there
  14. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    I think it's pretty safe to say that PR could never play like Call of Duty. A dysfunctional Squad in PR would just be dead weight. On the other hand, a dysfunctional Squad in Squad, just spawning out of FOBs alone, might well be the highest killing Squad at the end of the match. If Squad tactics was truly the most powerful thing in the game, then I think the playerbase would adopt it very quickly. PR is proof of that. Back in like the v9 days we used to have a lot more PR veterans attemping to SL in the classic tight, cohesive PR fashion. It never really fit. They either gave up on that style of SLing in exchange for something more effective or maybe gave up on the game entirely.
  15. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    It shouldn't be lost on people that the a lot of teamwork comes from Squads with relatively new players, or players who haven't played in a long time, basically players who are more likely to appreciate a guiding hand. I've been playing the game too long to ever buy into the idea that Squad's playerbase simply hasn't "grown into" more tactical playstyles. SLing in Squad is definitely more "hands off" than PR, but really, one of the most stressful parts of SLing in Squad is having to cater to many different kinds of players with different needs.