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  1. Doubling the ticket cost of death would also double the effect of kills. Without changing the underlying capabilities of the infantry that leads to these meatgrinders starting in the first place it's completely pointless
  2. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Getting whiplash from those posts. Squad explicitly prioritizes competitive design. 'Git gud' tryharding is completely the wrong attitude to approach PR from.
  3. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    The underlying issue is the failure of squads to be the backbone of the infantry Squads themselves aren't totally blameless. There's only 4 infantry squads on a team who have to split their strength over two objectives, spreading your team very thin. Given that, you can see how team spawns like FOBs become more necessary for filling in the gaps. The other side of it is more or less what zombie's been saying, FOBs are OP. They're only good because they suck up the infantry for their own strength. The FOB is the meta, and any squad tactics have to contort themselves around them to be viable. I've really got nothing but contempt for FOB strategy as long as it has such an obvious zero-sum effect on squad tactics.
  4. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Medic trains usually come from a FOB. Without the numbers, it's rare to be able to sustain casualties and sustain an attack at the same time before being mobbed by respawns.
  5. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    PS's population swelled by 1000% after chapter 2 dropped, judge the quality of play accordingly. What keeps the weapons balanced is that you can't run and gun with the bolt actions. The extra zoom might help you snipe, but you still can't take ground without an infantry section. Working together is the effective way to play the game, and that's what matters. Though mostly it has more tactical potential because it avoids Squad's awful arrangement of spawns (fobs are terrible in PS, as they should be) Still faster paced than I would like, but at least Periscope did a good job of simplifying tasks for everyone, by delegating responsibilities to different squads types, simplifying the gamemode, etc... which does help a lot to keep the game manageable. In contrast, Squad is faster paced than Project Reality and more complicated. Not so good.
  6. Commander in charge of rally

    I think the idea is to give the commanders the keys to command rather than be horizontal to other SLs. It's a good idea. The SL has to rely on the commander for spawns, just as the squad members have to rely on the SL for spawns. but given that FOBs are the baseline spawn points in Squad, any authority would be bypassed by default. So it'd effectively just another rally nerf unless the FOB side of it is dealt with.
  7. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    I don't think there's any fixing rally while FOBs stay the same. The relative power of spawns is a real thing, as long as the FOB is a better spawn than a rally then it will always be a redundant feature. Post Scriptum managed to salvage something out of Squad's rally only because they didn't have monster FOBs to contend with. Nothing natural about it, this an entirely self-inflicted issue.
  8. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    We all know how proud you are of your rally nerfs fuzzhead but how's that supposed to help the rally nobody likes it The purpose of the rally at this point is inscrutable. They started out flawed, and since then the constant nerfs have only drained them of any utility they might have once had. I'd be shocked if I saw anyone (or anyone else, I guess) defend them these days. Given that they hold the ire of both the lead designer and the entire community at large the smart move might be to scrap rallies and start over with something else. I nominate SL spawn, let's go. BF2 mode will surely bring us the golden age of squad
  9. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    I'd be shocked that so much of the community is coming to that conclusion, but given how mistreated the rally is in Squad I guess it shouldn't be a surprise The important thing to remember is no matter how weak the rally was in PR, it was always a better spawn than the FOB. That's what made it a reliable tool for squad cohesion. That's why it's called the 'rally', it gets everyone together. If people are choosing to spawn FOB instead, or the rally is far away from the rest of the squad, then it isn't working as originally intended. On the other hand removing rally and thereby making the SL into a pure UI construct with no actual power over their squad would finally fulfill the true meta of squad, whining endlessly that nobody plays the game right. Reddit guys would love it. Why not, we're already halfway there already.
  10. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    I'd feel bad for the dude and his paranoia that the great OWI 'casualization' is coming around the corner with every patch if it wasn't a product of his utter disdain for most people who play the game. If you are that concerned about new players you've already lost. He has no solutions, he's just living in a doomed world. Not a great outlook. My memory of v9 is that there was a different group of invaders who sneered at every suggestion of making the game more like PR. But they sure as hell didn't call themselves 'casual'.
  11. Aiming sucks in this game

    Squad could definitely use a second pass on that 'first iteration' of mouse scale zoom that's for sure. I don't think there's a way to set up mouse sens where it isn't either way too high with scopes or super inconsistent between different scopes.
  12. Commander is necessary I think. Gunner gets scarified since commander can take over gunner duties. For gameplay purposes PR's system was best, combining driver and commander and requiring gunner. Tanks were all 2-man but if always had all roles filled with both positions sharing equal amounts of responsibilities (and there's never any confusion over who is actually commanding the tank since driver/commander has both authority and the means). It would make sense for Squad to adopt this because of the reduced overall playercount. I liked Red Orchestra 2's ridiculous system where the unoccupied seats were operated by AI and the commander could set waypoints for them to awkwardly drive to / shoot at. The tanks were really cool, the combined arms gameplay just wasn't there though unfortunately.

    These rules serve PR well, but they aren't like a pillar of PR's design. PR wouldn't let you spawn directly into combat in the first place, so never dying was a realistic goal. I don't think it's a realistic goal for Squad, so this rule wouldn't hold the same significance. My concern with the spawn timer approach is that it I don't think it's as simple as longer respawn = slower pacing. When the 30m overrun was added, players responded by centralizing their FOBs so each FOB was better defended (and spawnable). Rather than pushing the FOBs away from the point, it only increased the amount of bodies FOBs required, which hurt squad tactics and made FOB strategy much more complicated. I don't see why you couldn't also further centralize your spawns more to make up for any reduction in manpower that longer respawn times would bring. So that's one way this wouldn't necessarily work as intended. Squad would be better served by nerfing the spawn points directly, at least to the level where infantry have to take a reinforcement route from somewhere after dying rather than spawn directly into the front. That's not even a PR thing really, most games already work like that.
  14. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    The FOBs are the major source of infantry trickling. The rally hardly even compares. Why is it meaningful to supply assets when the infantry respawn right into the front regardless? The best possible situation with heavy assets is when you can blast at the enemies trickling from the HAB til the end of time. There's no strategy to it whatsoever.
  15. Beta 18 Released

    Simply kicking the Rally every time tactics are lacking is just never going to work