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  1. January 2019 Recap

    it was
  2. December Feedback Roundtable

    The spawn system is a holdover from a time when vehicles didn't exist and should have been overhauled several patches ago Goofy implementation aside, wave spawning was conceptually wrong for trying to sidestep necessary changes. If all viable squad tactics are contingent on respawn management, then there are no squad tactics.
  3. M3 MAAWS for US faction Heavy ANti Tank

    How about AT-4 or MAAWS vs Militia/Rebel, Javelin vs conventionals? Then add RPO for Russians :DD
  4. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    I think it's lazy to blame the community. Playing strategically with respawns is a legitimate and extremely strong strategy in Squad. Squad tactics worked so well in PR or BF2 because there was really no good alternative.
  5. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    Teamwork in the form of squad cohesion specifically. It can work for awhile but quickly falls apart when people start dying and respawning on the rally (or the FOB, you're right that there isn't a major difference in many cases). SLing in Squad is a lot more 'hands-off'. It's also a pacing concern. It's easy to point to PR for an example of 'hardcore' spawn rules, but PR's rallies were more or less adapted from BF2's system which had the same effect: the SL is the only reliable spawn and when the squad gets wiped there's no more forward respawns. From there the pacing pretty much falls into place, there's quiet moments of anticipation into super tense fights that are resolved decisively, and a moment breathe after a fight too. Squad's pacing has got problems, even getting fights that end feels rarer and rarer, and when fights do end it's often because some SL did a bad job setting up respawns.
  6. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    If you are bogged down in FOB wars over a flag and someone sets up a forward FOB half the team will spawn there. Every time. Nobody likes the current system. It's repetitive, boring, has leaves no opportunities for squad tactics. Can't remember which dev or designer said it but the game really is the most fun when you are working closely together with other people. Every OP spawn point on the map detracts from this.
  7. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    We'll burn that bridge when we come to it >:D
  8. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    You don't even have to move the Rally necessarily, you just have to place it on the flank and it has the same effect. It's tactically strong because it provides respawns from a direction that the enemy can't easily deal with. FOBs flanking other FOBs can have the same effect. I think it's unfair to call any of this tactical though. It's too macro-level, it's about respawns. Whoever has the better respawn points, (not just having more FOBs, but building them in better locations so they can out-pressure the enemy's respawns) will typically win. To me the biggest problem is that FOBs and rallies create these pressure cookers around capture points, for some really endless firefights. This is a major pacing issue, because the game just kind of stops for 20 minutes in firefight hell. It's also bad for strategy - when both teams are locked in fighting on a cap, there isn't much room to breathe. Building new FOBs, going on squad adventures, or anything else that lets off the pressure can swing the momentum against you. Even if you are at a disadvantageous position it makes sense to keep the pressure up in case the enemy screws up by doing something tricky like build a new deep FOB that will split their spawn points and weaken them. I hate the Rally changes in v12, they're not good for tactics. Managing squad respawn points is not tactical to me - but getting your squad together is the first step for all squad tactics. So keeping the former but nerfing the latter feels like a backwards change to me. Wider issue is the respawns on capture points. Lowering the pressure on these points to slow things down a bit and make the fights more decisive would be ideal. Respawns are the source of the problem for sure, but I don't really know what could be done. The FOB 30m overrun sounds good, but it has the unfortunate side effect of raising pressure in some situations. 30m is not very far, and FOBs on cap are still the strongest and most efficient spawn point. FOBs just need more constant respawns than before to keep them alive, so the 30m overrun don't necessarily slow down anything. IDK maybe it just needs bigger harder nerfs.
  9. Oh boy you haven't met me. I hate it and I can't shut up about it! Uh anyways, vehicle changes: The only positive change in vehicle's favor is the removed damage multipliers on the rear (also sometimes LATs do 0 damage which might be a bug, not sure). This means they can be more bold if the enemy is weak, you can sometimes drive through enemies like cavalry. On the negative, losing an engine to 1 LAT is obnoxious (it's usually a hit to the front or side!). Infantry has new advantages with ammo bags. You have more LATs than before, and you should be building more FOBs. If the Infantry are able to leverage resupply from a vehicle or FOB, they're in no danger at all unless a tank shows up. But no matter what, if the enemy is leveraging vehicles the best solution is to use your own. That was also true in v11 you just never figured it out MRAP engines are very easy to take out. You can even take them out with rifle rounds from a FAL Bradley/warrior took 5 from the front, 4 from the side, or 2 from the back. But it died in 1 HAT anywhere (it still does?). The major strength of these vehicles was never their anti-infantry performance, it's that there are simply no Russian vehicles that can damage them. Except on Belaya RAAS which matches 1xBradley up against a T-72 lol It works well enough that the vehicle isn't going anywhere. In some situations that's an effective kill, in others it will be weaker and force an eventual RTB. It's very annoying. Tanks are the most effective counter to tanks. Presumably, whoever exposes themselves to infantry first will be at a disadvantage in a tank fight. I like that they're scary but on the other hand they're sluggish, they have very little MG ammo, and their HE sucks. In my experience so far I would say they are the ultimate vehicle killers and not great at much else. They're the top of the vehicle food chain though, and that means they win games.
  10. Current spawntime for MBTs+APCs please

    Abrams: 25 minutes T-72: 20 minutes FV510: 10 -> 15 minutes BTR-82a: 10 -> 12 minutes MT-LB6MB: 8 -> 12 minutes Stryker: 8 -> 10 minutes BTR-80: 6 -> 10 minutes MT-LB 6MA: 6 -> 10 minutes FV432 10 minutes (10 tickets for killing it) BRDM-2 5 -> 6 minutes MT-LBM,MRAP Still 6 minutes Logis/Transports still 3 minutes
  11. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    I can't imagine having to walk a mile to get back to your squad out of 'punishment' for dying is what the designers had in mind for wave spawning! The point was to spawn with the rest of your squad. But in reality, that's so rare that you're far more likely to glitch and miss the wave completely. And I'm not saying that you should be able to spawn into combat easier either - that was never how it worked before (or in PR). The point was between engagements you can get your squad back together easily. Or when someone joins. Or after a failed attack or defense where your squad gets picked off. Don't tell me it doesn't happen because it does, all the time... and this is how you recover from your squad getting split up. To 'rally' them, you might even say.
  12. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Yeah when are together it's fine.... When you start to respawn it's a damn free for fall. Even in the best case scenarios sometimes you still have to walk for minutes to get back to your squad (because, surprisingly, squads don't just drop dead at the same time). As the SL it's crippling because rallies were your main tool for leading your squad and keeping them together. 'having a clear plan and communicating' is exactly the thing Rallies break... You can just hide them in the hills and the whole game becomes one long indecisive shooting match. That's the problem with them... still in v12. Seems to me they accidentally broke the only good part of rallies instead.
  13. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Wave spawning baffles me. In v12, RPs are just the lazy man's FOB. And if you build a real FOB nearby it always makes more sense to spawn there instead, squad cohesion be damned. It's pretty close to useless for getting your squad together. And the main issue is that people do get split up, it just happens... You need rallies to get your squad back together.
  14. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Someone's trying to force APCs to happen by removing transport trucks from RAAS maps All the issues with APCs in v11 are still valid in v12. Plus maybe some new ones, I don't think it's realistic to expect more than maybe two vehicle squads and those will undoubtedly be in tanks/IFVs. So crewman in squads is the order of the day, the worst way to do it tbh but it's all you can do if those are your only vehicles and the next flag is 2km away. I'd sooner use a Logi, but a lost logi can be a game loser.
  15. October 2018 Recap

    Things are very up in the air in the test servers as players experiment with new things. That's a nice way of saying everyone sucks hard at v12 right now. I predict It will settle down quickly once it's released. FOBs and rallies will be placed safer to protect them. Infantry will learn to manage their ammo better without reducing their effectiveness. And in the end none of these changes will turn the game on it's head. IMO the most substantial change in v12 is not ammo, not HAB overrun, none of that... It's the emphasis on huge maps. Not just Talil and Yeho, every new RAAS layer is humongous. This is the most contentious aspect of v12 to me because in v11 huge maps were generally disliked, to the point where they were removed from server rotations. We'll see if the changes can make a noticeable improvement. It'll take a miracle to change that attitude.