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  1. Fix Bullet Physics

    Your arms poke out further than your camera when you're prone, so he could have legitimately just shot you from off screen
  2. Bullet and Target Reaction

    Nah. If you want to reliably take on infantry, use a machine gun or a battery of rifles. Teamwork (the real kind, not just having SL run to put down respawn points) is extremely fragile in a game like this. The more powerful the individual rifleman, the more they'll chafe under SL orders: experienced players will find they will do better if just allowed to do their own thing. So it's crucially important that even the most basic tasks require coordination and teamwork, or else the game will quickly devolve.
  3. How to slow the gameplay

    From the Reddit AMA: Sounds to me like future HAB changes are in store. This all sounds great really.
  4. Seems like a leap to assume there is a huge crowd out there desperate for more 'broad shooters'. It took EA $100 million worth of marketing to push BF into the mainstream spotlight. Everything else is a niche game.
  5. Please Fix the visibility.

    The insurmountable obstacle is that the physical rendering that engines like UE4 specialize in have serious aliasing problems without multisampling due to the strong contrast produced. The 'AAA solution'? Blur the **** out of it through bloom, phony DOF and FXAA. Not great options for Squad where you actually need to see things at long distances.
  6. Please Fix the visibility.

    True that. The default 90 degrees total HFOV is relatively tight for 16:9, but it's not worth increasing if you're giving up zoom. Most PC games that assume you're playing at a desk use 106.26 HFOV for 16:9, Including PR with widescreenfixer. Realistically enemy infantry should be difficult to discern past 300m without optics though. Of course there's multiple factors to consider, like the lighting conditions and terrain, how silhouetted they are, etc. Here's a relevant page from a PKM manual about estimating distance: 'the soldier estimates distance by how he sees the objects or targets at various distances' and assumes 'favorable conditions (nice weather, strong light, etc)'. Notes that the contour of a person's silhouette breaks down past 200m for a person with normal eyesight.
  7. I agree and I definitely agree splitting up players would be a big mistake. There's room for improvement that both types of players would appreciate. For example, take the current issue of HAB meatgrinders (for example two habs built close to each other). Plenty of action, but it gets repetitive and boring quick and there's not much SLs can do in that situation other than just let squaddies play deathmatch to the best of their abilities until they get close enough to spawncamp the enemy. It's fast paced gameplay, but it's not good gameplay. On the other end, on the slower strategic level, there's a real lack of momentum or back-and-forth in AAS. Capturing the majority of points will gain you ticket bleed that will win you the game. As long as you don't lose the center point (or the next point if the flag count is even), you're essentially fighting over flags that don't matter, with no gameplay advantage in doing so, and basically just biding time before the tickets bleed out. AAS is a boring slog at the moment that could benefit from some real stakes. Maps with two different 'flag lanes' (Sumari) seem to work a lot better than maps with one clear flag path (First Light is the worst)
  8. Separate sensitivity settings?

    Keeping a consistent angle of movement across zoom makes sense to me. If it's wrong atm, Can that not be automatically corrected? Adding settings that 99% of players won't have any idea how to configure properly sounds like not a great solution.
  9. Make 7.62 Great Again!

    Yall need to use the AKM more, it's not bad at all. It's a reliable 2h-killer at <200m, It really is the middle ground between the G3 and the M4 / AK74. Keep the sights adjusted to 200m and you won't have issues at range either. All the rifles a really powerful
  10. M110 - Awfully weak

    There are games have replicated plate armor but it isn't fun. SMGs being worthless in Insurgency wasn't fun. Aiming for the crotch in PR was dumb. Center mass is the most reliable target, so armoring it up makes the game feel random. So yeah realistic bullet wounds... it's interesting (in a morbid way) but probably not worth painstakingly reproducing in a video game. Bullets tend to be pretty random. They may bounce, change direction, yaw, or fragment making it look like a bomb went off. Or they may do none of those things and put a neat, small hole. This is a flaw not just with m855, but also m193 and .30 cal FMJ bullets as well. Also It's a myth that the M855 was intentionally neutered to comply with international law
  11. M110 - Awfully weak

    The m110 has a 20 round mag and better glass Probably wise to give the SVD higher damage. It was a piece of crap in PR.
  12. M110 - Awfully weak

    It is! https://squad.gamepedia.com/File:Penetration.png
  13. M110 - Awfully weak

    You're assuming a direct correlation between muzzle energy and stopping power. Real world ballistics are not that simple. From the perspective of the military, they would say the full power round has longer effective range. Claims of stopping power are difficult to back up with hard science. Quicker answer: the devs are on record hating snipers
  14. V10 weapon muzzle control

    It's hard to figure out what you're saying here but it sounds like you think infantry are bad in v10? If anything rifles still too powerful at the moment. I think it's important to keep the average infantryman humble, or he'll get it in his head that, as long as he never misses, he can go anywhere and kill whatever he sees. And then teamwork starts to fall apart.
  15. V10 weapon muzzle control

    It's no different than aim assist. With full automatic fire, handling recoil is as important as aiming. Hell, I would argue the two are mutually exclusive - you can aim, you can mag dump, but you can't do both effectively at the same time. That's why short controlled bursts are important, so you can take time in between shots to adjust your aim. If you trivialize recoil, then 'spray n pray' strategies become really powerful due to the ease of aiming. I'm really trying not to quibble too much about 'realism' though, what's great about these kinds of game rules is that give the combat more depth. When a player gets surprised and starts dumping rounds recklessly, should they be shooting perfect groups because they're avatar's supposed to be some kind of unflappable badass? Or should they have to actually demonstrate that cool headedness and skill for themselves. I think the latter is a much more interesting way of doing it.