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  1. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Rallies are the backbone of the chain of command system, they're what give the SL authority over their squad, without rallies it's essentially just a UI construction. Removing rallies pushes the game far more hardcore than PR ever was, truly uncharted waters, good luck with that. Squad's playerbase aren't milsimmers, neither were PR's, at least at first. These things need to be cultivated. Accessible and powerful teamwork mechanics are a good way to cultivate teamwork, even if they are OP. Hell, especially if they are OP! It makes the most sense that respawning should be as invisible to the players as possible, out of sight, out of mind (All sane games do this). From that perspective, FOBs are far worse offenders than rallies, it's not even close - because with FOBs, fighting over respawn points becomes the major focus of the game. Also, when spawn points become objectives, it creates a messy meta strategy that makes no intuitive sense. Nobody is ever on the same page as far as FOB strategy is concerned, and again, FOB strategy is everything in Squad! There's something to be said for having common objectives that everyone on the team can work towards together, I think the benefits for teamwork are obvious.
  2. Rally Point Changes Needed

    HABs aren't difficult to set up at all, especially given how OP they are. The most powerful FOBs in PR are TOW positions - as spawns they are always inferior to rallies, leaving the rally a niche to fill, and a framework for squad cohesion to develop. Squad's rallies are redundant, and they always have been.
  3. Rally Point Changes Needed

    If a rally is available, or may shortly be available, then it should always be a better spawn than any FOB. This has always been major breakdown of squads in this game, because the FOB is a superior spawn point that also needs a constant supply of blueberries to survive.
  4. Rally Point Changes Needed

    It only lasts 60 seconds, but it also refreshes in 60 seconds. You can kind of see the lineage of the original SL spawn in it, squads can continue to use it to reinforce their numbers, as long as they are out of combat and have SL + 2 people.
  5. Rally Point Changes Needed

    v9 rallies were also spawn limited, but all that meant was you had to wait at 3 spawns for the SL to refresh. Removing the spawn limit was a practical decision, rallies had to contend with FOBs in the frontline from the very beginning and were inherently devalued from that, which made it more difficult to coordinate the use of them. Rallies have changed very little since then. OWI has basically been in maintenance and content mode ever since. Rounds in Squad are really long, what do you mean. Fuzzhead has talked about how important that is, along with every other idea from PR.
  6. Shoving medics into the rear has never been a practical solution. Winning the firefight is the #1 way to save lives. This is an ancient debate though. Maybe it changes with body dragging.
  7. Rally Point Changes Needed

    The craziest thing is, I don't think this is true. There's never been any indication that Squad's design goals are different than those of PR. Squad is too prideful to take notes from PR but too unambitious to have goals beyond it. It explains why Squad is so rudderless, there's no goals to work towards. You can see the way new features like helicopters are heavily modified to smoosh them into the existing meta. What kind of useful feedback is possible if there's no definable concept of what the game is trying to be? OP I think your priorities are a bit off. Rally is taken out of context a lot, it's for rallying your squad first and foremost so it falls apart if everyone spawns far away on FOBs instead. OWI nerfs rallies every patch, and it only serves to further the current FOB meta hell. Without overhauling the spawn system this would be a mostly negative change, except for removing the wave timer.
  8. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    If NWI changes anything the 3 people who play it competitively scream bloody murder. The 'casuals' don't have those stakes in how the game plays. It's almost like competitive is game design poison.
  9. Limiting the Range of the Communication Channels

    Early versions of squad played like that because the servers were full of PR players. The design was watered down then too. This idea could be really cool if the fundamental structure of Squad was better attuned to it. PR had physical radios as an inventory item, but they were only used for marking enemies. Given that most tactics are squad level rather than like platoon level, it wouldn't be a massive change for a theoretical game where tactics are already the norm. Who knows maybe the platoon would be more likely to stick to a plan if their communication isn't reliable once they're out of range of each other. As is though, I think it'd be a lot of losing the ability to talk to your squad when they inevitably get split up because they wandered off died then respawned god knows where. It'd be better to fix that problem at the root.
  10. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    It's cool I just don't want to argue for some other game's systems if it's not super relevant If the squad isn't together in the first place then the survivor issue is moot. So the best spawn has to be with the squad.
  11. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    it doesn't sound like you're disagreeing with my point so why?> I'm not trying to say that every game is PR, or that Squad should copy fortnite or whatever These kinds of stragglers are not a major issue unless it's just the SL who gets permakilled while the rest of the squad stays alive, (which is a legitimate issue, but rare). Once respawned at a FOB, the SL can steadily bring the squad back full strength with rallies. Numbers are always a benefit, but it's more powerful to use those numbers outside of squads. Squads are often a very inefficient use of manpower. Any squad that messes around and go on nature hikes and big flanks can be a significant drain your team. That stuff is fun though. I think each squad should be a smaller proportion of the team's manpower to allow for more tactics without hindering the team, but it can't happen while FOBs exist as a more efficient use of manpower. Yes squad cohesion isn't entirely about spawns but it is a major part of it. Actively spawning away from your squad because other spawns are preferable is a real problem.
  12. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    The way downtime works in both games is fundamentally different. Spawning really far away from your squad and trying to catch up to them is more of a Squad thing than a PR thing. Travel is usually done in squads in PR, which is exciting, and builds tension. It's clear from the differences in how the spawns work. Rallies in Squad are permanent and usually far away from your squad. Don't forget the dumb wave timer too. You're pretty much never going to spawn together in Squad, whereas that's the default behavior in PR. FOBs, trickling is a huge issue. It's complicated. I think it starts with there being too few infantry squads, scrambling over too many objectives to handle in any sort of tactical manner. So, FOBs were brought up in power basically to fill in the gaps. Big mistake. They're so powerful they supersede squad spawns, draining the manpower of squads even further. Even if the rally wasn't a mess, (reverted to v9 rules or whatever) it wouldn't fix much because the pressure the FOB brings with mass respawns is so undeniable. PR's FOBs were starting points for squad tactics. Squad's FOBs are the antithesis of squad cohesion because without blueberries, they're useless. Any case where people decide to spawn so far away from their squad should be considered a failure of the game design. It shouldn't be that hard to get players together. Games do it all the time.
  13. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    Squad Leading is the very opposite of individual skill. Squads must work together to succeed. Unless you only see SL as nothing more than a spawn point placer, which in that case is still false because that part of SLing takes no skill Mass respawns are not teamwork. Individual skill x 100 is still individual skill. Battlefield isn't tactical.
  14. Doubling the ticket cost of death would also double the effect of kills. Without changing the underlying capabilities of the infantry that leads to these meatgrinders starting in the first place it's completely pointless
  15. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Getting whiplash from those posts. Squad explicitly prioritizes competitive design. 'Git gud' tryharding is completely the wrong attitude to approach PR from.