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  1. Squad V10 game and system crash

    UUuups my dear friend Gonoreya.
  2. Squad V10 game and system crash

    Please can you suggest me a software for that?But why my CPU will overheat with v.10 and not with v.9?
  3. Yes AMD not working...they should make it work
  4. After updating from V.9 to V.10 i am experiencing game and system crashes at the same time.I never had this kind of issues with V.9 and i can't understand what is the problem.I have, CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor RAM: 16GB DDR3 4x4GB Corsair GPU: GTX 1060 TURBO 6GB ASUS OPERATING SYSTEM: WINDOWS 7 64bit I have reinstalled the game,reinstalled the GPU drivers,deleted the ingame cache,i have done almost everything but there is no change.While playing at 1080p i get from 40fps to 75-80fps and after one hour the pc will freeze the frames will drop to 0.10fps / 1000ms and i will have to restart the system again. http://textuploader.com/dhl37