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  1. What makes a good SL

    One who communicates. Nothing I hate more in Squad than when I'm an SL and I'm trying to figure out what the other Squads are doing but they won't tell me. "Hey guys we just captured the objective, who is going to hold and who is pushing?" *crickets*
  2. New Website Launch

    Opened the page and wondered why everything was at an angle
  3. No to complicated startup. Yes to your training idea.
  4. Gun attachments

  5. Sights should go back when tanks are firing

    What are your thoughts on the no shaking comment? I was just watching some videos of Abrams firing and they do get kicked back a bit, but I haven't got Squad open right now so I can't compare the two.
  6. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Heard about it from my old Arma group.
  7. Problems with the in-game map

    You need to use the spawn menu, not the map. I think it's enter by default.
  8. Widened rear sights

    It mildly irritates me.
  9. Is something going to be done to make it easier to stab guys who are prone? Yesterday I came up behind 3 guys, stabbed one, then ran over to his prone buddies and took 3 or 4 swings while right on top of him and only one connected, then he shot me.
  10. Sorry but I think it looks awful. Please revert. New map sucks too, but I guess you could say it isn't realistic to be looking at a nice clear map as you're running around.
  11. The Worst Part of v12

    I'm quite disappointed that the militia guys are still so white.
  12. Being able to knock down small trees and fences with big vehicles
  13. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    I was playing with some guy and I was the only one in his Squad. We did some sneaky shit and took out a mortar pit.
  14. Weapon Variation

    SKS needs a working bayonet
  15. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Well hopefully they have more to show when it is.
  16. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Looks like BF3 with free look. Not sure why everyone is so hyped.
  17. Letter in Spam Can, what does it say?

    Niko, do you want to go bowling?
  18. What is the purpose of modding?

    I do fear that