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  1. Could folding stocks be added as a cosmetic?

    Damn, I haven't seen that one in a while.
  2. Leek'ed?

    What's up with this spelling in the May recap?
  3. Battlefield V

    Trailer was pretty good, it captured the feel of playing BF online. I'll pass though.
  4. I know it's not the same thing, but don't forgetthat the AKs with grenade launchers can do indirect fire by setting the range to the max settings.
  5. Knife to See You

    Shanked some fools a minute ago'
  6. Changes to the crewman kit

    How much ammo does the rifle have at the moment?
  7. They're working on it. http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=273
  8. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Nah, Arma zoom is too much. If you're squinting you might need some glasses.

    I've seen someone make a squad called "High Command" with just him in it. Not sure if anyone was listening to him though.
  10. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    I'm pretty sure that's what you say when friendly artillery is landing close to your position, not when the bad guys are close to you.
  11. Things take time in real life.