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  1. "Put the controller down man, we have to save this guy's life!" "Hold on, I need to revive the squad leader!"
  2. On Behalf Of All Scouts - CHECK YOUR MAP

    Had about 3 guys hit friendly mines in one match the other day.
  3. Independence Day: Resurgence

    Dude, why?
  4. It's been 1 year next month

    Hey that looks cool
  5. New Class: Civilian

    Would be pretty cool. Some people may not like it, and if that were the case I wouldn't mind seeing it as it's own game mode.
  6. A revive kit that you place on the ground that charges up and zaps a guy back to life? Sounds too gamey to me. Medic is fine. I wouldn't mind the revives being a bit more interactive, kind of like Americas Army 2.
  7. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Yeah nah. Mines are cool.
  8. Quick Reload Feature

    Double tapping would be too easy. A Gears of War style reload system would be better. I do agree that reloads seem a bit slow, but I haven't been under the fatigue stress of combat before. Perhaps it could be stamina based too.
  9. Take a look at my channel guys!

    Wrong game, buddy.
  10. Dispatchers?

    You could create a one man squad called "Command" and ask if the other squads are cool with you leading things.
  11. AK s Iron sights

    I've got one and confirm it's realistic. Also:
  12. Logi truck lacks horse power

    For real?