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  1. Stack-Up Air Assault with Squad!

    I'm a vet who attended air assault in 2017 fort Benning. Some animations I could def see them doing are: rappelling off helicopters maybe even fast roping off Chinooks (which involves attaching yourself to the rope, like mountain climbing), air assault mostly deals with rigging supplies for flight, so my bet is hooking up chains for logistics choppers, boarding and disembarking helicopters, maybe even a door Gunner, possibly medevac wounded people.
  2. 10th Special Forces Group

    Hey I'm 25 just got squad two days ago. I have 7 years experience in a real world light infantry squad with the US military. I want to play as part of a team that truly utilizes the tactics and strategy to achieve victory. Btw that discord link is expired.
  3. The Other Guys

    Hey im a steam user looking to play with a team in Squad. Im a veteran too I was actually a squad leader, and still am, of a light infantry squad. Just want a group to have fun and practice tactics and strategy. How do I join or follow you guys? -TheReaper