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  1. and where can you find this ?
  2. we are having some issues with our map rotation there are some maps that we don;t see at all. is there a way to set the map rotation so the maps are playing in a fixed order ?
  3. Alt-Tabbing on loading screen causes freeze?

    same here you are about to die and before you can get away you get a total frame freeze that doesn't allow you to get away it is bloody anoying
  4. List of active clans and communities

    Name: New Vengeance Gaming Tag: NVG Link: https://www.guilded.gg/teams/GjkKDLjD/games/186000/home https://discord.gg/BJpMMeu Language: Dutch Description: "Milsim roleplayers, with a strict command structure in the clan" Members: 30 We also play: Post Scriptum when it is released
  5. [IUG] International United Gaming

    You can contact us and find more info on our website: internationalunitedgaming.eu/
  6. [IUG] International United Gaming

    Hello people of Squad, here are our clan and server rules, it is a bit of a read but then you'll know what to expect and we can have a great time playing together. 1. Be respectful toward your fellow players, This includes no excessively offensive language deemed as socially un-acceptable, trolling, racism or hate speeches directed towards any other players in the game. You must respect new players and not be overly aggressive towards others. 2. No hacking or exploiting the game, Hacking will always get you a permanent ban. Exploiting will get you a ban if you have done the exploit intentionally. 3. No deliberate team-killing, You must not deliberately kill your team mates, or use any weaponry or vehicle in an offensive manner with the intention of killing the other player or provoking them into returning fire on you. You must apologise for accidental team-kills in the all-chat. 4. As Squad Leader your squad must make a reasonable effort to work as a team and contribute towards the objectives. All Squad Leaders must have a working Microphone and be able to speak English or Dutch Please do not go squad leader if you cannot speak English or Dutch or use your microphone. We will usually give you a warning, failure to comply with this will result in a kick of the squad leader. 5. No advertising or spam. We understand that you may wish to promote your clan, but our server is not the right place to do this, we recommend posting your clan information on the Squad forums. Spamming also refers to not spamming the microphone aka Singing or repeating annoying words etc, also no spamming the team or global chat. 6. No offensive squad names. Your squad name must be named appropriately and not be offensive towards others. 7.No offensive clan-tags or names. No Urls in the player name. this wil result in a kick. 8.No meta gaming. This means you are not allowed to switch team to find enemy objectives or information and report them back to your team, or switch back teams and use this information to succeed. 9. No impersonations. Please do not impersonate a staff members or IUG Member, doing this will get you a warning, kick or ban! 10. No player or vehicle blocking. Please do not stand in doorways or alleyways with the intention to block players from moving, this also applies to vehicles, doing this will get you a kick. 11. Be respectful to new players and help them out! If you see a new player, please be respectful and kind to them and help them out to the best of your ability. 12. Locked Squads. We like to encourage teamwork and do not wish to have have multiple locked squads for just your friends. 2 man BTR squads or 3 man mortar teams is acceptable, just remember to name your squads with this. We will ask you to unlock the squad if we see no valid reason for it. 13. English or Dutch speaking server. We have always said that Squad Leaders are to have a microphone and speak English or Dutch. 14. Communities or Clans. If we see multiple members team killing, disrupting and trolling from the same group, we retain the right to remove all members so not to further disrupt our servers. If you feel this to be unfair, you might want to speak to your members and advise them that their actions can and will affect the entire clan being removed. 15. Squad Leaders kicking players. The squad leader has the full right to kick anyone from their squad, however we would like you to be polite and inform that person that you're making space for a friend. Give the person a heads-up so they don't lose their kit whilst in the middle of a fight. That's all folks, Now have a good time on our clan or server and: GO GET SOME!
  7. List of active clans and communities

    Name: International United Gaming Tag: IUG Link:http://http://internationalunitedgaming.eu/oc/ Language: English, Dutch Description: we are a small group of combatants who each have their own role. currently we have a custom server but have applied for licensing. The server name is :[NL-ENG]InternationalUnitedGaming[IUG] Members: ~40 We also play: Rainbow six siege Call to Arms Ghost-Recon Wildlands PUBG Fortnite GTA5
  8. [IUG] International United Gaming has been founded in 2017. We are a starting community with players from several nationalities. We began as an Squad playing group with a discord channel. we have recruited some members and those are still playing with us today. we keep expanding and play several different games, however our main game is Squad. Currently we are playing with a group of 11 standard combatants. Each used to their own role and this way we play as efficient as possible. we are recruiting via discord on the following link: https://discord.gg/ugJM847