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  1. (GD) Goofy Devils

  2. (GD) Goofy Devils

    Hello and welcome to the Goofy Devils Forum Post! We are a small and newly formed group that come from a wide variety of other groups/clans/communities/organizations. Goofy Devils is a genuine democratic gaming group that governs itself instead of just one person in charge and the rest are selected to be the second, third and so on. The members themselves get to unanimously vote on who gets to be placed in a leadership position once the requirements have been met by that player. We are both hardcore and casual gamers of all walks of life who banded together to simply have an enhanced experience with one another and create great memories through gaming. For the moment Goofy Devils are primarily based on SQUAD and have plans of moving into Post Scriptum and maybe another game or two as more information comes out on games that we are interested in as a group. Although we are on squad specifically we do have interests in these games as a group: Insurgency Sandstorm, Hell Let Loose, Star Citizen, World War 3. We are not simply an exclusive group, friends/family of members, and friends of friends are always welcome to play games together or just hang out. This is a game after all, and we're all here to have a good time and escape the outside world! For the moment we are a North Murica specific group and go by Central Time Zone. Headset: Communication is very important, your words are your first weapons. Age of 18+ Maturity reasons, not everyone wants to go back to the COD days where 12-year-olds speak of...well..we all know. Exclusivity: You may not be apart of Goofy Devils and be apart of another group, this is in-place so that activity among the group remains high. Self-composed personality: Someone who is calm and collected, who has good control over his behavior and emotions. Have 6 hours of availability: So 3 hours a week, 3 hours a weekend but doesn't have to be that specific, excluding vacations, midterms, finals, new job, or funeral. Our main form of communication is in-game comms. Even though we do use discord as a means for alternative communication and structure Discord link: https://discord.gg/GRGn4xV Discord names: RussianJesus#2621, Manty#0310 For the moment we do not see a point in owning a website, all tools that are necessary are provided by Discord.
  3. (GD) Goofy Devils

  4. BFV Closed Alpha

    You know what you are 100% right, right there.
  5. (GD) Goofy Devils

  6. (GD) Goofy Devils

  7. GD Goofy Devils AAS

    Info Changed & Updated. Bump
  8. GD Goofy Devils AAS

    Welcome to the Goofy Devils server! You can find us at "GD Goofy Devils AAS" New players are always welcome. This is an NA server, thus you must at least understand English. Squad leaders must have mics. Server Restarts every 6 hours to maintain high performance. 3AM | 3PM | 9AM | 9PM (PST) Our goal To provide an immersive and fun virtual environment for the Squad community to escape the real world and jump into the battlefield and kick some ass! As Admins & Moderators, we do not want to impede on anyone's experience in our server unless of course we absolutely must. RULES N STUFFS! Any squad leader can kick you out of their squad for any reason. Teamkilling your squad lead in retaliation from a kick will result in a ban. Limited 2 Vehicles per squad! Don't lock your squad unless you have at least 4. (Excluding 2-man Tank Squads) Continued team killing will result in a ban! Disrespecting fellow players will result in a kick! - We are strong believers of mutual respect! Continuation in disrespecting fellow players will result in a banhammer! Any forms of cheating will result in a ban! Unassigned players will be considered to be Inactive and will be kicked! Having your friend on the opposite team giving out information is cheating, and will result in a ban, Stream Sniping also falls into this category! THIS DOES NOT EXCLUDE ANY ADMINS OR MODERATORS FROM THE RULES! Exceptions Strong believers in the Constitutional Amendments feel free to talk about whatever the F#@! you want! You may solo vehicles! You may camp main bases! it is a legitimate tactic! For any admin abuse/kick/ban inquiries, please leave a comment below in this specific format and we will further discuss it in private messages. Example Your Steam name: Johndoe69 Time: 4:30pm PST Map: Narva AAS v1 Admin/Moderator/GD Tag that was involved: GD RussianJesus Brief Description of the Situation Screenshot or Video link (optional)
  9. Fall Out 76

    All I'm going to say is if they use the same game engine I'm not picking it up.
  10. (GD) Goofy Devils

  11. (GD) Goofy Devils

  12. (GD) Goofy Devils

    humpty bumpty
  13. (GD) Goofy Devils

  14. (GD) Goofy Devils

    Pump n Dump
  15. (GD) Goofy Devils

  16. (GD) Goofy Devils

  17. (GD) Goofy Devils

    Sorry for such a late reply, Officially we started in January; however we have done about 3 months of planning ahead of going out and actually increasing our numbers.
  18. (GD) Goofy Devils

  19. (GD) Goofy Devils

  20. (GD) Goofy Devils

    14 members and growing!
  21. (GD) Goofy Devils

    Negative, for the moment we do not have a website but that may change as our numbers are increased and keeping things organized becomes more challenging. For the moment all the tools we need are provided by discord themselves.
  22. Looking for a fun /funny clan

    Hey there, pretty rare to see people who want to be specifically medics, we are a newly formed group and are looking for gamers of all walks of life either hardcore or casual, who enjoy having a good time on squad. Have a look at our forum post and let us know what you think! http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/31082-gd-goofy-devils/
  23. Looking for Clan (Chill)

    Hey man, nice to see someone actively looking for a group to game with on here, have a look at our forum post and let us know what you think or if you have any questions. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/31082-gd-goofy-devils/